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Calling out James Nokise’s COVID Wellington protest misinformation

Responding to James Nokise’s opinion piece published today on state-funded COVID propaganda unit Stuff.co.nz.

Like most legacy mainstream media hacks, Nokise has a poor understanding of history or the law, or of the reasons why there was a protest in the first place.

The problem with Nokise is that he hasn’t done basic, and I mean, basic research. He is quite happy to believe what the ‘1pm Cindy and Ashley Show’ tells him each day without deploying a modicum of critical thinking or analysis, or indeed common sense. He wants you to be like him, a brainless sheep.

Calling out Nikose news

He made a number of glaring factual errors, which is not surprising because he probably did that deliberately. For, his purpose is to denigrate the protesters, to create suspicion and misunderstanding of them, rather than understand them or investigate the concerns they raise.

First, there was way more than ‘a couple of thousand’ prostesters. There was easily over 10,000 people on that march, and footage and photos splashed all over social media clearly show a large throng of people stretching down Lambton Quay from Civic Square to Parliament Buildings. Some media outlets believe there could have been up to 20,000. We’ll never know the final number, but it was certainly somewhere between 10 and 20,000, maybe more, who knows?

And in comparing the protest v jab numbers, it’s hardly a fair contest. The government has the benefit of enormous financial and media resources which they have used every hour, of every day, on every radio station, TV channel and online news site to try convince kiwis to take an experimental mRNA medication. The protesters are by and large, concerned mums and dads already working full time jobs with zero funding. Even if they had just a fraction of the government’s propaganda spend, and there was freedom of movement from all parts of the country, a million outraged kiwis would have turned up to march. Not to mention the fact the protest took place on a work day when many people couldn’t make it.

Nokise then compares his fake number to the 22,000 who got jabbed on the day, and somehow draws the conclusion that getting the jab is the right choice, as if these decisions should be based on some kind of popularity contest.

What he fails to consider (again, probably deliberately) is that a large portion of those getting jabbed have absolutely no choice in the matter, if they want to keep their jobs and livelihoods. Tell me James, how is that not coercion? It’s disgusting, immoral and unethical, but hey, you probably find that state of affairs attractive and acceptable. Do you think mums and dads with kids to feed and a mortgage or rent to pay have real choice when their income is on the line?

Of the people I know most have taken the jab because they have no choice. In fact I only know two who have voluntarily taken it, my parents. The rest of the 80 or 90 or so people I’ve spoken to over the last few weeks have taken it because they are mandated to. Down to a tee, they would not do so, if they had a real, free choice.

Conversely, every person who marched was there of his/her own free will. They were not forced or coerced, bribed, ostracised or threatened to attend.

My son, aged almost 2, is fully immunised. A very good childhood friend of mine had a younger brother who was not vaccinated against polio and contracted the disease leading to a lifetime disability. I believe in vaccines, having been immunised with all the normal childhood vaccines myself, and happy to take a tetanus boost three years ago before travelling to South East Asia. When my son was due for a vaccine (about 20 needles already in his short life), I was there first thing in the morning to take him for his jabs.

If Nokise had done basic research, he would realise the mRNA technology used in the Pfizer jabs for COVID are not the ‘normal’ childhood vaccines. As Dr. Peter Doshi, the Senior Editor of the prestigious British Medical Journal recently said, the mRNA technology is ‘qualitatively different’ from normal vaccines and should not even be called a ‘vaccine’. But they have falsely labelled them vaccines because that term engenders trust. Pfizer, perhaps in the top three most evil companies in the history of western capitalism calls them a vaccine, and people like Nokise actually believe that they are.

Here’s the thing, New Zealand’s child immunisation rate is invariably around 90-95% each year. This level is achieved, year in, year out, without coercion, threats of loss of employment, ostrazisation and promises of free KFC combos. Why is this so, when, after tens of millions have been spent by the government on a ubiquitous, nasty and unethical media propaganda campaign for months (of which James’ bosses received a decent slice), the COVID jab has still only managed an 80% fully jabbed rate, just 68% of the total population according to Johns Hopkins University?

To find out why, this is where Nokise should be doing his research. For, within half an hour he will discover the following, from some of the world’s leading scientists and medical practitioners, some of whom have been nominated and awarded Nobel Prizes. These scientists are intellectual heavyweights whose scientific achievements and records tower over the likes of pharma-captured muppets like Bloomfield and Baker. They’re also independent, and have everything to lose from speaking out:

  • Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi who is a leading virus expert in microbiology in Germany, one of the most cited research scientists in German history, former professor at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz and head of the Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene, says:
    ‘Gene-based vaccines are an absolute danger to mankind and their use at present violates the Nuremberg codex, such that everyone who is propagating their use should be put before a tribunal. Especially the vaccination of children is something that is so criminal that I have no words to express my horror … We are horribly worried that there’s going to be an impact on fertility. And this will be seen in years or decades from now. And this is potentially one of the greatest crimes, simply one of the greatest crimes imaginable.’
  • Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, MPH, FACC, FACP, FAHA, FASN, FNKF, FNLA, FCSRA, Professor of Medicine with more than 1000 publications and more than 600 citations in the US National Library of medicine, a world-renowned expert and leader in cardio and renal medicine, who has cured many hundreds of COVID patients with more than a 99% success rate state:
    ‘The current code vaccines: AstraZeneca, J&J, Pfizer & Moderna right now are obsolete. They do not cover the new variance. Patients are failing on these vaccines, they’re being hospitalised and getting sick despite having the vaccines. The vaccines at this point in time have amounted to record mortality and percent injury, and should be considered unsafe and unfit for human use. The failed mass COVID-19 vaccination programme will go down as one of the most deadly in history.’
  • Nobel Laureate Dr. Luc Montagnier, expert virologist, awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2008 with a colleague for his discovery of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) says:
    ‘We’re in unknown territory and proclaim mandatory vaccines for everyone. It’s insanity. It’s vaccination insanity that I absolutely condemn.’
  • Dr. Zev Zelenko, a Nobel prize nominee and Presidential Medal of Freedom nominee who has successfully treated hundreds of Covid patients with a 100% survival rate, where his patients rarely require hospitalisation says:
    ‘COVID war criminals should face Nuremberg-style trials for crimes against humanity.’
  • Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, virologist and vaccine expert, who sits at the top of his field in what are probably the deepest and most insightful (non-Big Pharma funded) scientific articles that you will ever read on COVID makes the following claims:
    ‘The mass vaccination hype will undoubtedly enter history as the most reckless experiment in the history of medicine.’
    ‘Major outbreaks in countries with full vaccination rates … show that Herd Immunity is not improbable but impossible. Mass vaccination campaigns may have a beneficial short-time effect in that they reduce viral spread and protect vulnerable people from disease (e.g., elderly people and those with underlying disease), but will eventually drive the propagation of more infectious variants.’
  • Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (who was a lead lawyer in suing Volkswagen over Diesel-gate for $4.3 billion – the largest automotive fine in history) has assembled an associated team of more than 10,000 doctors and more than 100 lawyers to bring a Nuremberg 2.0 type trial in relation to the vaccine-pushers; he states:
    ‘The frauds committed by Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank pale in comparison to the damage wrought by those who sold the COVID-19 crisis as the worst viral outbreak to hit the world in more than a century and used it to cause media-driven panic, government overreach and human suffering on a scale still not fully quantified.’
  • Professor Nikolay Petrovsky, one of Australia’s most eminent vaccinologists states the mRNA technology used in COVID jabs is in its infancy, and any doctor who claims it is safe is lying, because the long-term effects of it are unknown.
  • Professor Robert Malone, a leading scientist in the development of mRNA technology says that mass vaccination using mRNA technology is wrong.
  • Professor Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test (for which he received the Nobel Prize) which is used by governments, including New Zealand, to determine COVID infection says the test should never be used to determine if someone has a COVID infection.

And these scientists are just the tip of the iceberg. Tens of thousands more around the world are raising the same questions. Just last week 10,000 doctors and scientists signed the ‘Rome Declaration’ calling for a halt to these mass mRNA roll-outs, although you will never find this in the censored Google search results. You can bet Stuff.co.nz won’t report about this momentous event. There is a sizeable group of doctors, medical professionals and academics in New Zealand voicing the same warnings, but they are never allowed to speak on mainstream media, and have been threatened with the loss of their jobs too.

Now, let’s turn to the influenza pandemic in Samoa of 1918-19, for this is really where Nokise’s misinformation reaches its nadir. A single New Zealand ship containing passengers infected with influenza docked in Apia. Within months 22% of the population had died of the disease. In New Zealand, about 9,000 people died within two months of it arriving in the country.

Contrast that with what we have here in New Zealand with COVID. The Delta virus, sold to us as ‘deadly and highly contagious’ has registered 100s of new cases each week. It has been in New Zealand for months, spreading in the community. We’ve had COVID itself for nearly two years. You would think, using the 1918 pandemic as a comparison (for that is what Nokise is comparing it to), that perhaps 100,000 people had died of COVID by now in New Zealand. If this was really the 1918 pandemic I would have expected to have known a couple people who’ve died of it, and perhaps seen a neighbour or two being carried out of their house in a body bag. Indeed, after the gathering of 20,000 in Wellington this week, I’d expect to see about 5,000 end up in ICU in the coming days if this was anything like the 1918 pandemic. But I bet we won’t. Not even one of them will end up in hospital. Some pandemic, eh James?

Only 33 people have ‘died’ of COVID in New Zealand, according to Johns Hopkins. And even of that 33, we know for sure many of them had co-morbitities and could have died of any one of a number of causes. For God’s sake they’re including people shot dead by guns in the COVID death statistics now. Any deceased with COVID is included as a ‘COVID’ death. That is an utterly ridiculous situation, and these false figures have been used by governments and media around the world to drive panic and fear.

Rational, intelligent people know this is nothing like the 1918 pandemic, and to know this they just have to use their common sense and trust what their own eyes are telling them. It’s called using the brain God gave you.

Now, I shall school Nokise on the law.

We have a Bill of Rights Act which codifies the right to refuse medical treatment. Most of the Bill of Rights is about procedural and public rights – in relation to search and seizure, rights to freedom of expression, freedom of movement and of association, religion and so forth, the normal things you would expect in a civilised modern, western democracy.

In my view the absolute supreme right is that contained in section 11, which is the right to refuse medical treatment. It is sacrosanct. The right to be the sole arbiter of what goes in your body is fundamental to being a free and autonomous human. It is, in my view, the ultimate right.

Section 11 right comes from the Nuremburg Code, which was an international agreement following the end of the Second World War and the revelation of Nazi war crimes, particularly in the fields of science and medicine. The Code was a promise that never again will humanity allow an individual to be subject to medical treatment without informed consent. And that’s where it should end. There should be no criticism of those exercising this fundamental right, because it is there for a very good reason.

But it doesn’t end there, for Nokise and the media want to denigrate those who choose to exercise it. A right which is in place to protect every human in situations exactly like this, when the full force of the state, its propaganda, working hand-in-hand with so-called ‘independent’ media and some of the most powerful companies in the world are trying to get you to take an experimental medication. The purpose of the right is to protect an individual’s choice precisely in these situations.

When dealing with pro-jabbers like Nokise, I am reminded of two salient points, which they never seem to understand:

  • If your ‘vaccine’ doesn’t protect you, how will mine protect you?
  • If your government has to threaten, coerce and bribe you into doing something, you can bet your last dollar that what they want you to do is not in your best interests.

It’s said that each jab at the recent ‘Super Saturday’ event cost the taxpayer $30,000 per person. With 120,000 turning up, that’s a huge amount in total. Now how many real health issues could the government have solved for that money?

des gorman list

The media is supposed to be independent, and hold those in power to account. They have a privileged position in society, and are indeed, the only ones who can hold power to account. But instead, they have taken millions of dollars in taxpayer money from the government to fund a relentless propaganda campaign to force you to give up your section 11 right. They have, sadly, become the government’s syphilis-infected whore.

No protest movement in modern history was ever on the wrong side of history, and indeed, history will not judge Nokise and his fellow propagandists kindly.

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  1. Great article. More schooling for Nikose and for anyone who actually wants to know. Nations such as NZ are technically bankrupt, therefore covid was the perfect excuse to borrow and borrow. As many are ‘liquidated’ by covid and the jab, their homes are sold to govt and corporations as few of the public can afford to buy a house. Govt and also at the mercy of Pfizer who decide what contracts for basic lifesaving medicines are on what novel meds and vaccines the govt is prepared to sign up for. The contract between govt and Pfizer is never released to public, although in at least one country it was but heavily redacted(mostly blacked out)

  2. Also, I am guessing it is not a coincidence that so many propaganda journos working for stuff and herald are so very young and naive, perhaps they are hired for these reasons and will be an easy target and scapegoat come judgement day. I have complained to Stuff editors about the lies printed and the editor always puts the young journo forward to reply. They hide behind their staff like the cowards they are. I wonder if when things come to a head will the senior editors dissappear in their big flash vehicles to their remote holiday homes

  3. I was at the protest. Minimum 20,000 were in attendance. Journalists who promote this propaganda should be jailed once this is over

  4. Great article. I agree Stuff is a joke. They have written their own death warrant. The people will never trust them or other msm again once this bulls**t is over, not that many do now anyway. Keep up the good work!

  5. If you look into who owns the like of discovery inc (tv3), NZ herald you will see they have the same shareholders as Pfizer. Can you really expect unbiased news.


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