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NATO - Russia Conflict in Ukraine

Discover a different perspective on Russia's defense of the Donbass region where the People's Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk had been living under regular attacks from Ukrainian forces.

‘One in a million’ PHOTO shows bullet passing Trump

The Republican presidential hopeful was shot during a campaign rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday. The New York Times has published...

US must never be ‘a killing field’ – Biden

The president urged to “lower the temperature” of political rhetoric in the wake of the assassination attempt of Donald...

Trump rewrites Convention speech for unity following assassination attempt

In an exclusive interview with the Washington Examiner, former President Donald Trump revealed that he has completely rewritten his...

Le Pen rails against political violence

Marine Le Pen has condemned the attack on Donald Trump, warning France is not safe from such violence either. The...

Trump pledges ‘to fight evil’

In a post on Truth Social, the Republican presidential hopeful urged Americans to stand united following Saturday’s attempt on...

Wealthy French could emigrate en masse – Bloomberg

The left-wing alliance that took the most seats in the recent parliamentary elections has promised to raise taxes on...

Trump’s Facebook, Instagram restrictions rolled back

The decision is aimed at allowing Americans to hear from all presidential election nominees, Meta said. Meta, the parent company...

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Spain edges England in Euro 2024 final

England's quest to end 58 years of pain and disappointment ended in failure as...

Ukraine Crisis

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