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Wayne Brown tells Watercare and Council CEO to stop working on Three Waters

Three Waters news

The incoming Auckland Mayor made his views clear in a letter sent to Watercare Chairwoman Margaret Devlin and Auckland Council CEO Jim Stabback.

In a statement released late this afternoon, Brown stated, ‘In more than 300 campaign events, I detected no support for it at all among Aucklanders. I promised in the election campaign to stop it.’

He also said Auckland households were heading into an economic and fiscal storm and Watercare and Auckland Council must keep water charges and rates as low as possible.

‘The proposal has not been passed by Parliament and after last weekend’s local government elections throughout the country has no chance of proceeding this side of next year’s general election.

‘It is not in the best interests of Watercare, its shareholder or its customers for it to spend any more money on the doomed proposal – and that is also true of Auckland Council.’

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  1. Good. If the govt interferes with this Mayoralty, there will be big trouble. BIG.

    The people of this country DONT want 3 waters. If the politicians aren’t listening to and representing the people then WTF are they doing in the peoples house?

  2. 3 waters and 5 eyes have the same thing in common. Subservience to deep state that want full control of all essentials of life; water, food and housing. Satanist JabSinDa has to go.

    • If they do that there will be hell to pay. People around the country are extremely angry with this government. The latest news regarding them wanting to extend the emergency laws shows us EXACTLY what they are – TYRANTS

  3. That’s how its done, elect the right people and you get the outcome you want. Lets take this message forward into the next election and say NO to mainstream globalist party’s like Liebour and the nasty Nats.

    • Exactly. The only party to vote for is Democracy NZ.

      David Seymour has shown his true colours and Winnie has had his day.

      I hope Democracy NZ brings on some great people like Guarav Sharma and Elliot Ikilei and some new freedom warriors including business and primary industries experienced people. Time to get rid of all the political science graduates, the teachers and lawyers and career politicians. Let’s shake this place up and get some people who actually give a Sh1t about their fellow citizens. Shake the whole public service up and make those overpaid paper shufflers reapply for their jobs with LESS pay. Let’s really save this country some money.

      Whatever you do – party vote DEMOCRACY NZ. ????

  4. Hell hath no fury like mothers scorned!
    The pollitical shysters are just oblivious to that, because THEY have their crania stuck in their own personal colonoscopies.
    NEVER FORGET: ALL parties in Parliament have forced us to give up our freedom and health autonomy, ALL OF THEM !
    WE THE PEOPLE are coming for THEM !

    • I’ll say. They won’t be able to go out in public soon.

      And they act all surprised people don’t like them, give me a break. Are they brain dead?

      The whole lot of them, all 120 MPS have WRECKED at his country and they will get what’s coming to them. And yes, those who stayed silent are GUILTY for not speaking up.

  5. He doesn’t have the authority to do this as the mayor. He will need significant support from the other counsellors. A risk he faces is the staff revolting. Watch this space


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