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‘I am so ashamed’: Ex cop lists Long Service Medal on Trademe

An ex-police officer has listed his/her Long Service Medal on Trademe following the events of 2 March 2022, because he was ‘so ashamed.’

UPDATE: Ex-Cop medal auction – Trademe responds

The seller, whose username is Tatman, said in the item description:

After 17 years dedicated frontline service in the New Zealand Police, my employment was terminated on 8th February 2022 as I would not submit the vaccination mandate.

A successful judicial review has since found the mandate imposed was unlawful.

Today (Wednesday 2nd March 2022) I witnessed scenes at the WELLINGTON FREEDOM PROTEST via live feed.

What I saw disturbed me more than anything I have witnessed during my 17 years of service.

I am so ashamed.

This medal was awarded to me 3 years ago. It is has never been worn and no longer has any value to me, hence the $1 reserve.

Although my future is uncertain, I know my days of serving the community in this role are over.

At the time of writing the auction has reached $3,000 with 4 days to go before closing.

You can visit the auction page here.

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  1. Good on you for standing up and saying your piece.
    Dont be ashamed, be proud for having the guts to standup and say!!

  2. Strong men build strong communities weak men wither and die under some jackbooted tyrannical thug. Die on your feet or live on your knees, Which side of the fence are you on

  3. Totally obvious this person is stacked with integrity. That’s the spirit that will build this country once we’re out of this Marxist phase of this country’s history.
    With very best wishes as you design and live a great future.

        • Sure is. I know the difference between truth and lies and principles and principals. That’s two ways in which I am cooler than you.

          • Clearly you don’t know the difference between truth and lies!!!! You are kidding right ???????????? You are drowning in this platform of truth ???????? Maybe best for you to go to nz herald, stuff n nonsense msm etc suit your blind, dumb,
            deaf and lying narrative perfectly ????.

  4. This is amazing. Seems this person put their morals before anything else. These are just the sort of people that we NEED in the NZ Police. Big ups to them. I would say I hope they get their job back but they probably don’t want it now and who could blame them?

    The behaviour of the NZ Police over the last few weeks has shocked and disappointed me and I will be frank and say I have lost so much respect. Can it be regained? Do they care? We will judge them by their subsequent actions from this day forward.

    What happened to ‘serve your community’ ‘safer communities together’ and ‘protect and serve’? Well we all know who they protect at the moment and serve and it’s not us.

    Maybe NZ Police could have a new logo, something like ‘money before morals’? I would sooner quit and live with a free mind than treat my fellow citizens like that.

  5. Many lovely comments given to the policeman about his integrity and well wishing. Beautiful. Last time I checked the bidding was $5,500 with 1737 watchers. Trademe have now taken it down. Why?

    • I’m sure Trademe got contacted by someone abusing their authority, or maybe self-censored nervously because of the political climate. I have no doubt it’s political censorship anyway. I saw this story on this website last night then couldn’t find it this am, including with a search. Found it again with an external search, probably also hacked or pressured. Guys don’t forget the cop could be a woman.

  6. As of 1643 it has been removed. I wonder why? Did Ardern command it?

    “This listing has been withdrawn by an administrator.”

  7. I’ve complained to TradeMe on the basis that their own administrator acted inappropriately. We’ll see how they respond.

  8. who owns Trade Me? If it has taken that down, I am sure Teletubbie Command-her has ordered it….

    Cudo to the ex-copper, hope to meet more like him someday, not the thugs that are jackboot nazis….


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