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A small loud call to keep your eyes open

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The same people calling Russia imperialist were nowhere to be found when U.S and E.U imperialism destroyed Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria. They were nowhere to be found when they slaughtered millions of civilians, displaced even more millions, and placed their military bases at the throats of people. It’s beyond hypocrisy, it’s evil.

Say no to all war, and all warmongers – it is not a solution and has never been in all history. We can be against Russian imperialists and US and EU imperialists at the same time. We should be.

Ukraine news

Meanwhile this ghastly distraction keeps people away from crimes happening in our own country that erode our freedoms. By all means – feel deeply for the Ukraine as I do. But don’t take your eyes from the legislation coming into play of the second amendments to the Covid Act. Recently the government continued ‘no jab no job’ mandates for MOH staff – even though the mandates were found illegal with the Police and Defence Force winning their case in court. When April comes to pass, will the police be able to enter anyone’s home without a warrant? Will it be written into law? And that is just one shocking thing. Is this the kind of democracy you voted for? Keep watching. Don’t go to sleep. We must stand up and say no to so many things right now – or a society none of us wanted, none of us voted for, will come into being.

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  1. The president of USA could have avoided this awful loss of so many Lives. Thanks to the Daily Telegraph NZ getting to the truth why Biden didn’t want to sign for an agreement, Because then the world would know what a Hypocrite, Liar the USA and that he was allowing in Ukraine to work on biological and toxic chemicals to be used in any warfare. This president should be removed !!!!!

    • Started with Obama. Shouldn’t be surprised if Fauci was behind this too, as he was with Wuhan’s “gain of function” research.

  2. So the Ukrainians/Iraqis/Libyans/Syrians , have been developing “weapons of mass destruction”.
    This is somewhat verified from apparent evidence, from the experts.
    So, the Russians/US/EU have invaded, based on intelligence of such matters.

    Same game, different players, more arm sales and death.


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