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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Goodbye 2022—The end of the impossible dream, in fact a technology nightmare

2023 news

Make 2023 your turning point.

Phew!! What a year. Aren’t we all glad to say sayonara. But what drove the events of 2022? What can we take home to help us rebuild in 2023?

During the last four weeks 197 people have died with Covid. 95% of these were fully vaccinated, far more than the proportion of the population who are fully vaccinated. Beyond that, excess all cause mortality is running at 15% above the long term average as it has for most of the year (currently about 100 extra deaths per week), with no credible explanation from the government or the Ministry of Health. Something has gone horribly wrong and everyone in authority is keeping mum. The public are being kept in the dark.

2022 was a technology fail—big time. Biotechnology, education, finance, food, politics, communication, trade, farming, justice, employment, globalisation, media and health all taught us that aspects of modern technology are tearing civilization to pieces. The inherent weakness of fast technological change was suddenly revealed by the pandemic. We had a glimpse of the miserable colourless future that much technology is promising. Some people gave up, some people didn’t notice, and some woke up.

Biotechnology—I don’t need to say much, it has almost all been said. mRNA, DNA vaccines revealed their roots and their fruits as risky, dangerous gene therapy. People died suddenly in unprecedented numbers. Human physiology, the culmination of years of evolutionary fine tuning, knows exactly what it is doing. Biotechnologists do not.

The promised biotechnology dream is truly impossible. Tens of thousands of highly paid biotechnologists struggle in their labs to cure even one disease or one person. An impossible doctor/patient ratio that could never be financed by any conceivable health system.

Yet politicians, investors, media, and the pharmaceutical lobby egged each other on to proclaim the benefits of biotech based on misinformation circulated by multinational databases, paid troll armies, social media platforms, misleading PR, biased think tanks, and international global agencies operating outside of protective national laws.

In any case, gene editing didn’t cure anyone, it escaped from a lab and killed millions and then the so-called cure left a trail of bodies and a myriad of depressed immune systems as it travelled around the world. This was all funded by governments and endorsed by highly paid scientists. Time to outlaw biotechnology experimentation.

Politics—the political class revealed their power hungry aspirations, their appalling ignorance, and their addiction to the funding of lobbyists. The technology of social manipulation was used to reach the apogee of propaganda. Reliant on social media, populations were guided to believe that two near-identical controlling viewpoints (left and right) represented a choice. Politicians spent big on media manipulation and rewarded their cronies with lucrative pandemic contracts for ineffective remedies and equipment. They bankrupted nations and cancelled voices of sanity. Time to rein in the power of big government and fix political funding issues. 

Justice—the law is ever the servant of the long purse, no more so than in 2022. With just one source of truth (the government), judges looked the other way, pontificated, jailed, and made up specious arguments to cancel the effect of human rights that had been won with great difficulty by oppressed people over past centuries. Time to reinstate human rights.

Farming—ignoring the fact that plants and animals have covered the earth throughout history, against all commonsense, farmers were blamed for climate change. Working from private jets, politicians and entrepreneurs used arguments derived from computer analysis to justify purchase of lands and taxation that will reduce food production. GE crops continued to fail and require higher and more toxic pesticide inputs. Meanwhile 10% of the world’s population is hungry. The number grew by 150 million in 2022. Organic agriculture is sustainable and healthy.

Food—the modern ultra processed diet full of chemicals finally served up its true desserts. Those suffering from diabetes, heart disease, smoking, and other conditions (which are largely preventable if you follow a healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle), were the first victims of the pandemic. This is just a precursor to the unhealthy effects of the promised biotechnology revolution in the food industry. Legislation for regulation is set to bring an end to natural products, herbs, and spices, all replaced with the fruits of giant energy hungry biotech vats laced with exotic genes, accelerants, and catalysts. Time to restore diets based on natural fresh foods.

Health—doctors forgot the hippocratic oath, medical ethics, and informed consent. They looked the other way when patients died and made up stories to cover their tracks. Remote consultations debased the doctor-patient relationship.

Medical administrators stopped publishing statistics and liaised with social media for them to do the same. They shamelessly accepted massive funding dependent on their adoption of particular medical interventions that didn’t work and caused harm.  

Experts proclaimed cures over the airways based on biased commercially motivated studies which had carefully concealed adverse effects. With the help of the media they closed the doors to debate. 

The end result—longevity declined, birth rates declined, while hospital admissions and death rates soared, but the public wouldn’t know it was happening. Time to base medical funding on the number of healthy outcomes.

Education—universities and schools received generous financial incentives to insist on vaccination and masking, and close their doors. Those hesitating or asking questions were excluded. Education based on remote learning technology failed miserably. Youth crime and suicide rose. Engagement and achievement fell among all age ranges. Development of the young was slowed. Face to face personal instruction is the lost gold standard. Government control of education should be reduced, interdisciplinary studies revived, and personal teaching time valued.

Finance and Trade—crypto currencies based on the memory banks of computers fell and fell in value. Mortgage rates rose to unaffordable heights. Stocks fell. Pharmaceutical giants, energy companies, and billionaires laughed all the way to the banks who laughed with them. Plans were pushed ahead to digitize money and require digital identities. The vulnerability of international supply chains based on offshore production was revealed. International trade based on computer controlled ‘just-in-time’ shipments collapsed. Inflation took off. Commodity monopolies profiteered. Renewed emphasis on national self-sufficiency and real values is required. 

Globalisation—the global reach of the internet spawned a special brand of dictator. The WHO and WEF were prime examples. Operating outside of democratic safeguards, unelected officials began to assume power over the entire population of the world, all to the delight of big pharma. Super powers poured sophisticated weaponry into regional and ethnic conflicts to the delight of arms manufacturers. The sums involved are many times the amounts needed to feed the world and promote solar energy adoption. Politicians should be stripped of the power to sign international treaties without local scrutiny and support.

Entertainment—Globalisation of entertainment has led to dull uniformity and suppressed cultural diversity. The Avatar sequel costing over $400 million to produce showed us that live theatre and actors beat digital programming. The expressive quality of the human face (often masked in 2022) wins every time. Local production and traditional culture can be revived.

Employment—remote working took off everywhere. Faced with a surfeit at work and at home we realised just how uninteresting computers and phones can become. Devoid of human contact, life can lose meaning and the spark of humanity. Employment law failed to protect employees from the dictates of fearful and coercive employers. Millions lost their jobs rather than submit to vaccine mandates. Workplace rights need to be restored.

Media—the collapse of a sustainable funding mechanism for print media has been seized upon by governments and commercial interests who now fund digital platforms but only do so in return for content control. This has blurred the distinction between advertising and reporting to the extent that the public is often unaware that the articles they are reading purporting to be truth or science are actually paid content designed to influence public behaviour for private profit or political gain. The independence of the media needs to be reasserted.

Communication—Social media closed the door on diversity of opinion. The entire world was fooled into believing a lie. This had been carefully curated by computer controlled systems of censorship designed and built up over years by commercial pharmaceutical interests. During the pandemic, the interests of governments, financial moguls, and big pharma coalesced into a perfect storm of deceit. Governments imposed censorship on free speech.  Suddenly hundreds of thousands of people found their voice of protest, they were instantly suppressed, but reappeared everywhere. We cannot be silenced. Truth will have out.

Best wishes for 2023. We can do this.
Guy Hatchard PhD

Image credit: Engin Akyurt

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a global food testing and safety company (now known as FoodChain ID). You can subscribe to his websites HatchardReport.com and GLOBE.GLOBAL for regular updates by email.

Guy is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

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  1. Remember when psychopath Bill gates held the mock scenario of what would happen if the world experienced a pandemic? A video on bitchute says he went to Brussels on the 23 October 2022 together with John Hopkins health security and WHO and others and to hold another practice run for what he has called the “Catastrophic Contagion “ We know that gates has an uncanny ability to predict these events. First pandemic, then monkey pox right down to the exact month!!! Don’t want to be a Debbie downer but I won’t be resting anytime soon. This genocidal maniac has got other plans for sure. Any time these goons meet in secret it’s never a good omen. History tells us that when they hold these mock scenarios they aren’t for nothing. I will wait… and watch.


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