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Two ABC news producers ‘die suddenly’ in the same week

Erica Gonzalez and Dax Tejera news

Legacy US mainstream media outlet reeling from the unexpected deaths of two young staffers.

37 year old Dax Tejera died of a heart attack on 23 December. He was the executive producer of the Sunday morning politics programme This Week with George Stephanopolos. In a further twist Tejera’s wife Veronica has been charged with ‘acting in a manner injurious to a child’ for leaving her children unattended in a hotel room while she accompanied her husband in the ambulance.

USA Today reported that Veronica Tejera accepted she had made a ‘poor decision’ in leaving her children without adult supervision, but she explained, ‘When Dax collapsed on December 23rd, I accompanied him in an ambulance to the hospital. I asked both a close friend and my parents to rush to my children’s hotel room to attend to them as I monitored them by camera. The hotel would not allow my friend in and instead called the NYPD.’


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The second staffer, mother and US marines veteran Erica Gonzalez died two days later, in the early hours of the morning. The cause of her death has not yet been released.

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    • I assume by your comment you are not vaccinated. It is becoming more apparent that the social divide in New Zealand, and many other countries, is not because of government mandates and covid politics, but due to the self-righteous and their inane posts devoid of any sense of compassion for those, who for many and varied reasons, took the vaccine the most dominant being to feed, clothe and house their families.

      You are not special, just lucky. And while you may be safe from a vaccine related injury or death, it is only one of many reasons people die. You would be advised to remember that…

      • James,
        I assume by your comment you are fully vaccinated & boosted. The social divide in New Zealand, and many other countries, is not because covid, rather caused by covid politics. Divide and segregate, was the official policy.

        Many of those vaccinated being self-righteous and their insane posts, these last two years. Showing the least compassion
        of all, were the MS media. Devoid of any sense of compassion for those, who for many and varied reasons, did not want to take the vaccine. Vilification of those unvaccinated. Some, not being able to feed, clothe and house their families.
        Where is there compassion for them?

        After all, many of those vaccinated, now feel vindicated that they took one for the team (of 5m). Luckily most may be safe from a vaccine related injury. Though time will tell, if long term injury is sustained. The world is over populated. Any volunteers to “take one for the team”?

        Now, these two unfortunate, young, ABC producers who died suddenly. It’s sad. Unusual for someone that young to suffer a heart attack death.

        • I agree with you that the Government PR machine was and is merciless in its comments and alleged reporting. That they showed complete disregard for the truth or investigative journalism is not in question. What is in question is how we use language. You say sheep in a derogatory sense, it cannot be seen any other way, and now when they die they are unfortunate. This is of course true of any who took the vaccine out of care for loved ones and the community, the motivation for most people.

          There’s enough stress out there already, but for us not being in the media, and who should and do know better as to the state of play because our minds are open and we have listened to the right people, is it not part of our mission to be caring, which was my point.

          Peace to you of no name…

          • Anyone who blindly follows anyone IS a sheep.

            As for compassion, I saw absolutely NO compassion from people who discriminated against people who made a personal choice.

            Big ups to anyone who apologises and has the balls to admit they were wrong, but sadly this is not a trait that is common. Karma is going to be busy this year I guess. So many well known people could have said something but they didn’t want to risk their ‘reputation’ or their income. A few did speak up, and THEY are the people I trust the most. THEY are the ones with integrity, morals and ethics because they were willing to go against the majority and question the narrative.

            Do I sound mean and unsympathetic? You bet I do. I thought I could maybe move on or forgive and forget, but it turns out that the trauma I suffered from being ostracised from my family and fellow humans for being intelligent enough to question what was going.on, isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact I think I have PTSD from it. Why was I treated so poorly? Excluded from family gatherings? Made to stay outside while other people were allowed in? I did nothing wrong, I wasn’t ill or contagious. I was the same person I had always been.

            So yeah, if people were a mask hole, a vaxhole and they got their jab to go on holiday, to a cafe or get their hair done then I don’t have any sympathy for them.

            One thing I will never regret is not having that jab. I tried to tell people, once it’s in your system, you will never get it out, but no one listened except one of my kids and my husband. Every single other member of my family got duped. Now if they live every day with the anxiety of worrying about what they did to themselves I guess they are realising the few months of not being able to buy a coffee weren’t worth the lifetime of anxiety about their health.

            For once I am glad my first boyfriend and then my husband cheated on me. Why? Because I learnt to trust NO ONE. These two men are ‘pillars of society’, one a crown lawyer and the other holds an esteemed position in an international company, they should be honest and trustworthy- right? WRONG. Just liars and hypocrites and frankly representative of a large part of society that I now know I want nothing to do with. Oh and both got jabbed so I guess that says it all.

            If anyone wants to apologise then go ahead, I am all ears, otherwise they can wallow in their daily anxiety bought upon by their own arrogance, ignorance and the inability to stand for what’s right.

          • James,

            Keith makes no apologies.

            I distinctly remember saying to friends to the question: Have you had your vax yet?
            I’d reply:
            ‘Fools rush in where angels fear to tread’.That’s Alexander Pope y’know and a fitting quote for these times too.

            So no…. and I did wait and see. And as time went on I became more and more aware of how all untested and new it all was. It wasn’t science at all but just a horrible science experiment. People were facing serious illnesses post vaccination.
            Bugger that very much indeed!

            Personally I believe it is a great tragedy this is happening to all these people it is criminal and it is shocking.

            But you see the most thing was I just couldn’t trust anything that Jabby was saying, she has the mind of a 15 year old schoolgirl panning her next move for some popularity contest. Blagh!!! Sorry 15 year old schoolgirls, sorry women but that’s what you get for being fooled. More fool you.

            No I don’t feel smug I feel hurt and angry about all of this. Like so many people here I have gone to quite considerable lengths to avoid having to take a medical procedure which I am 100% against. For example I flew the coop. Facing changes in a new country where you don’t speak the language is a huge undertaking but here we are enjoying life and working out a way to support ourselves too. There is no social welfare here for us but we no longer live in a prison state.

            From the moment I heard the news that Labour had formed a coalition government with the Greens and NZ First I knew it was tlme to go. It just took a while. Leaving in the second lockdown was an eerie experience it felt like we were escaping from a nightmare chapter of our lives.
            I am very gratefull to be here.

            Also with no name.

      • lucky? LUCKY? Um NO a there is no amount of money that would have made me take that jab. Even with a mortgage to pay I would have found the money from somewhere. Sold stuff, found a job that didn’t require one, ANYTHING. Fortunately I was able to adjust my self employed work and still make a little income, despite the cruel mandates.

        My husband walked away from his job and now the company he walked away from are wondering why their sales have absolutely SLUMPED and their competitor who my husband now works for is pumping. WE TRIED TO TELL THEM. They even sent their National Sales Manager incognito to the competitor only to see ALL the staff they mandated out working there! Oh the karma. I wish I could name and shame them. We honestly should start a register of companies who did that to their staff so we can all actively avoid giving them ANY business on PRINCIPLE.

        Fortunately while it did cause us huge stress, because we haven’t been overindulging ourselves or buying new cars and going on holidays and eating out all the time for the last 15 years, our financial situation probably wasn’t as dire as some other people. I got laughed at when I tried to tell people to save and not splash out on overseas trips. When did that become something you do every year anyway????

        2023 is going to be a rough year that’s for sure.

  1. …waiting for David Muir to keel over on camera, unless he too had a placebo in the form of a saline injection…!
    Al-Jazeera has a few real ‘jewels’ who tout the narratives of Vaccines, Globalism, anti-Trump, Tribalism, Political Correctness and the New World Order dictates!
    2023 will be the year of keel-overs from the bio-weapon mRNA Covid-19 ‘Vaccines and Boosters’.
    See the British NHI report of expected life span(s) after Booster #3; about 90 days are forecast and projected post the last ‘Booster’!

  2. A lot of those in the MSM who criticised and ostracised those horrible ‘antivaxxers’ as they called us got on the blame game band wagon with a vengeance and believed in their own BS about the C19 shots being save and effective. They all got sucked into the vortex of the Govt. narrative. Now all their chickens are coming home to roost. Get ya BOOSTERS – yeah right !!!

  3. covid. Dont think it is over !! In the netherlands as in france there is still full vaccination ” campaingn” going on The ” media” – dont say msm – now most of them in private hands continue to misinform over covid and the ukraine war. They have become propaganda tools. No less.
    A lot of censure also. No access to Rumble.com in some european countries. RT not accessible in europe ( unless you have a vpn.)
    David Icke barred from EU countries for 2 years. And in the netherlands, you can go to prison if you spread ” fake news”. The government decides of course what is ” true”. What an horrible world have created the new politicians

  4. A tragic coincidence. Nothing to see here, move along.

    Now repeat after me…

    1. The ‘vaccines’ are safe and effective
    2. After I take the ‘vaccines’ I will get my freedom back
    3. I trust the government because they love me

    There that didn’t hurt now did it?

  5. I blame Donald Trump for this ‘vaccine’ rollout catastrophe.

    ‘Operation Warp Speed’ was his idea, and clearly the most insane, reckless and just plain stupid ‘operation’ ever devised.

    Orange man was indeed extremely bad as it turned out.


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