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US threatened WWII vets over Victory Day parade – envoy

Victory Day parade news
“Immortal Regiment” procession at the Russian Embassy in Washington, US, May 8, 2023 © Telegram / EmbUSA.

American veterans were reportedly told their passports would be canceled if they traveled to Russia.

The US government had intimidated some veterans of WWII who wanted to fly to Russia for the Victory Day parade in Moscow, Russian ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov said on Monday.

US officials blocked the dreams of US veterans to reunite with their Russian comrades in arms for the second year in a row, Antonov said, even threatening to cancel their passports if they flew to Russia.

“We want the American soldiers to know that Russia is proud of their contribution to the common victory. The hostile US policy will not undermine the spirit of camaraderie during the Great Patriotic War. We consider it our duty to defend the truth about these heroes,” the ambassador said.

Antonov also pointed out the rising Russophobia in the US, which he said was being encouraged by the government. He accused the US media of completely ignoring the anniversary of Nazi defeat, in order to avoid giving any credit to the USSR.

“Brazen attempts are being made to falsify the facts about WWII, the decisive contribution of the Red Army to the defeat of fascism is ignored, and the Soviet Union is excluded from the list of winners. At the same time, the role of the US and the UK is undeservedly advertised,” the ambassador said.

He also called a “disgrace” and “mockery of history and common sense” that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is being celebrated around Europe even as the government in Kiev glorifies the Nazi collaborators such as Stepan Bandera and his movement.

“We call on the American authorities to change their minds and stop indulging the Nazis,” Antonov said. “We must be honest with the fallen heroes. Stop distorting history. Encouraging neo-Nazism and Russophobia is unacceptable.”

The ambassador also noted that over the weekend, unknown vandals attacked Orthodox headstones at the Rock Creek cemetery in Washington. According to the local Russian parish priest, the attackers also desecrated the chapel, defacing the icon of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco.

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Source:RT News

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  1. Britain would have been defeated in both wars if America didnt come to the rescue,they were lucky in WW2 that that moron Hitler stopped the German Army from wasting them completely at Dunkirk like their generals wanted them to do

  2. It must be remembered that Hitler did NOT want a war with Great Britain, the population of which he considered to be Germanic based on the Anglo-Saxon histories going back to Rollo the Great and Ethelfleda.
    It was Great Britain and the old Zio-Masonic Powers left over from World War One and the Zio-Communist International Banksters who re-united to declare war on Germany, and NOT the other way around.
    Hitler did not slaughter the Brits on the beaches of Dunkirk, hoping that showing restraint would encourage an open dialogue with Great Britain in his hesitation to slaughter those whom he considered to be his ‘Aryan Brothers’.
    Great Britain would have fallen had it not been for the Lend-Lease Agreement to pipe weapons and supplies via the Merchant Marine Convoys to the U.K., This was a contract between two Freemasons, 32nd Degree U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and 32nd Degree *Sir Winston Spencer Churchill (*who had an American mother…).
    Churchill knew about the Japanese closing-in on Pearl Harbour, but with-held this hoping that an attack would lure the U.S. into World War Two, and garner full support for the U.K. at U.S. expense! He was successful in this tactic of covert hidden-hand planning.
    The U.K. staved-off an invasion and held the Germans at bay for 26 months. The Russians engaged the Germans when Hitler invaded Russia in the summer of 1941, hence openly engaging the Germans for 8 months until Allied Air Power arrived in the U.K. and opened a Second Front in Europe.
    Hitler also knew that Stalin (a Georgian Khazarian J3w) was planning on invading the West in late 1942 or early 1943, as Hitler had a deeply entrenched intel network in the Kremlin, and only had to wait anywhere from ;20 seconds to 2 minutes to know what was planned.
    Hitler invaded pre-emptively to prevent what Kruschev later threatened the West in 1962; with “We will bury you!”


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