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Watch: Epstein was used by Mossad to ‘honey-trap’ the rich and powerful

With the imminent release of 180 previously secret names of persons linked to convicted peadophile Jeffrey Epstein, we take a look back at sensational claims made by former Mossad agent Ari Ben-Menashe.

In a 2020 interview with RT on Going Underground, Ben-Menashe told Afshin Rattansi that Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were both Mossad agents whose job was to entrap rich and powerful figures in order to secure favourable treatment for Israeli interests.

Epstein’s main targets were American politicians, hedge fund managers and bankers, although sports stars, high profile academics and celebrities were also caught up in his web.

Ben-Menashe confirmed it was Robert Maxwell who introduced his daughter Ghislaine to Epstein, and that ‘we [ie. Mossad] worked together with him [ie. Maxwell Snr]’.

When asked if the Epstein operation was a honey-trap to entrap politicians, policy makers, celebrities and ‘people in the media eye’ to become Israeli assets, Ben-Menashe replied, ‘correct’.

‘It became basically an intelligence operation to entrap different politicians.’

A list of alleged Epstein associates compiled by anti-corruption researcher Ryan Dawson (@RyLiberty – Twitter (x)) includes four former Israeli Prime Ministers, as well as former UK PM Tony Blair, and former US President Bill Clinton.

Other notables named by Dawson include Bill Gates, Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein.

(Note: The Ben-Menashe interview begins at 14.46).

Earlier this week, a federal judge in Manhattan ordered that sealed documents from Virginia Giuffre’s settled defamation lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell from 2015 could have names previously redacted made public.

The ruling from Judge Loretta Preska on December 18 determined that the names of dozens of associated Epstein associates who have been identified in court filings as John or Jane Doe will be identified when the documents are unsealed in the coming weeks. Those alleged associates will be given two weeks to appeal the decision.

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  1. And…sacrificing the ‘missing children’ who are never seen again via Blood Ritual Sacrifice’ / ‘Blood Libel’ as per the instructions of the Babylonian-based Talmud (sacrifices to Molech) and overseen by J***** Noahide Law!
    Honey-Trapping’ and ‘Honey-Potting’ are what the U.S. Alphabet Agencies also use when they target an individual.
    See Dinesh Sousa’s movie titled ‘Police State’…!

  2. “when the documents are unsealed in the coming weeks…”

    Uh huh 😒

    Why now, after all this time? How do we know these “sealed” documents haven’t been edited or tampered with over the many years we’ve all been waiting?

    How much we gonna bet the name “Clinton” won’t appear on the list, but the name “Trump” will?

    I’ll go make the popcorn so long 😒🍿

    • Funny! We’ll be eating the locusts in our 15-minute cities whilst we view the lists and then observe that NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING is done about it.

  3. The evil Zionist PTB will have adrenalchrome blood pudding for dessert- we’ll have chocolate covered cockroaches.
    F@#k Schwab, Soros and Gates!!!
    GYOF; Grow Your Own Food, or at least learn how to do just that, then cover and protect the same from insects and chem-trail fall-out.


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