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Kevin Spacey

Watch: Epstein was used by Mossad to ‘honey-trap’ the rich and powerful

With the imminent release of 180 previously secret names of persons linked to convicted peadophile Jeffrey Epstein, we take a look back at sensational...

Kevin Spacey acquitted of sexual assault charges

A London jury has found the actor not guilty in a case stemming from allegations by four men. Two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey has been...

Kevin Spacey calls sexual assault accusations ‘absolute b******s’

The Hollywood star said in court that he did not have a “power wand” to make people go to bed with him. Two-time Oscar winner...

Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey to appear in court on sex charges

Kevin Spacey will answer charges of sexual assault in a British court. Actor Kevin Spacey is expected to appear before a British court later this...

Kevin Spacey faces new charges

The disgraced actor has been accused of assaulting three men in the UK. Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey was accused of sexually assaulting three men...

Bill Clinton, Spacey, Prince Andrew: ‘Lolita Express’ pilot drops names on second day of Maxwell trial

The Ghislaine Maxwell trial entered day two on Tuesday, with Epstein's alleged madame being accused of procuring underage girls for the late American sex...

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