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OMG Puke! Stephen Colbert cringe jab dance remembered

Tacky COVID-19 jab propaganda scene remembered on Twitter.

US late night Talk Show host Stephen Colbert is being ridiculed on Twitter for a cringefest dance routine which encouraged people to get the jab.

The scene aired on an episode in late June 2021. It features Colbert, together with a troupe of male dancers dressed as syringes, dancing to latino beats tune ‘Tequila’. The song was made famous by The Champs in 1958 where it rocketed to Number 1 in the US. Except in Colbert’s version the signature lyric ‘Tequila’ is replaced by the word ‘vaxx-scene’.

Commenters were quick to point out the lunacy of the jab propaganda campaign during its height:

Is this really happened? Future kids will have a laugh for sure

Jesse this video convinced my mother to get her third booster. she’s had covid 7 times and is still alive thanks to this

The skit would have been more accurate if Colbert and two of the dancers stroked out.

Ill never forget the night i saw this clip,i always knew it was an evil agenda and it was a death shot but this video left no doubt in my mind

Omg puke

This will honestly go down like some of those 50’s propaganda ads they showed in movie theaters

Now that they see it’s causing health problems they’ll turn back around and blame trump. Hilarious

Ohh goodness is that nauseating… No different than when Nazi Germany controlled all media and entertainment

I don’t know how people saw this at the time and didn’t sense that something was very wrong.

When Colbert dies, God will greet him by playing this for him on repeat. Without end. Until he realizes where he is.

Not as pathetic as the free Krispy Cream donuts, fast food, alcohol, marijuana, Uber rides, retail store discounts, work bonuses, gift cards, sports/concert tickets, cars, vacations, public transportation, savings bonds, and billions of dollars they gave to people to get the jab.

This is Colbert’s legacy encapsulated in a single video. He can never separate himself from this!

It was so pathetic to watch. When people ask how I resisted the pressure, I always point out to them how completely pathetic and dorky the pressure was-from the tik Tok dancing nurses to this crap. P-a-t-h-e-t-I-c!

This was the moment that Colbert solidified his standing as the least funny late night host, over Kimmel. It was close, but this sealed the deal.

What? No masks? For shame! The science says wear them in crowds whether or not you’re vaccinated, triple boosted and have had Covid multiple times. All of those people are guilty of manslaughter. Somebody somewhere died because of them.


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  1. God only knows what kind of unspeakable black Mail material they must have on this guy to make him shill so hard for them…


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