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Watch: Andrew Tate labels most people as ‘barely sentient’ and ‘slave-minded’

Former professional kickboxer Andrew Tate unloads on ‘slaves’ who don’t think for themselves.

Tate was referring to the tendency of most people to comply with restrictions during the COVID crisis. The influencer was astounded at how easy it is for the minds of people to be ‘programmed’.

Tate also took aim at the ‘COVIDIOTS’ who attacked those who refused to comply during the pandemic. Such people would never have the backbone to apologise for the wrongdoings.

‘These slave-minded individuals are so, they’re literally barely sentient individuals. If I was the kind of person, if I was walking around with a mask on, and screaming at my fellow man in supermarkets, and I’ve now realised I was wrong, because COVID is still here, and I’m not wearing a mask anymore, and neither is anyone else. I would feel deep shame, I would be apologetic. I would literally be saying to the world, I can’t believe they fooled me like that, I don’t know who you were, who I was yelling at in the supermarket, you were smarter than me. I made a mistake, I’m sorry, they fooled me, they tricked me.

‘These people don’t even feel shame. They don’t even feel sorry. They don’t even sit and go ‘wow, they made a fool outta me. It doesn’t even cross their minds. They’re onto the next thing now – ‘Slava Ukraine!’

‘They don’t give a shit. And it’s just truly amazing that they can destroy someone’s life for three years, and then recruit these people to go out there and push the agenda for them. And all the people who were tools of an agenda, no the agenda’s over, are not sentient enough to go ‘wow they fooled me, I need to think more carefully next time they try to fool me.

‘No. They just continue with the programming. These people are completely and utterly slave-minded, genuinely slaves. They live inside of a system, and the system they purport to defend is going to destroy them. They’re not fighting for a system that’s going to give them anything other than absolute slavery and tyranny.

‘It’s truly incredible to watch in real-time this kind of crap happening.’

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