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Watch: Dr. Bryan Ardis: ‘You’ve been lied to in relation to everything with COVID’

Dr. Bryan Ardis, a world renowned opponent of COVID treatment drug Remdesivir speaks to Ricardo Bosi, leader of the AustraliaOne Party about the ‘manufactured’ COVID crisis.

Based in Texas USA, Dr. Ardis, founder of Ardis Labs, is a retired chiropractor and nutritionist. He has been a vocal critic against mandates, hospital treatment protocols and vaccines during the COVID pandemic. To his followers he’s become known as ‘the Remdesivir Guy.’

Dr. Ardis lost all faith in the medical profession following the untimely death of his father-in-law in early 2020 as a result of what considered to be malpractice.

According to Ardis, Anthony Fauci, Chief Medical Advisor to the US President, lied to the world about the safety and effectiveness of Remdesivir. Trials for the drug in Africa were funded by Fauci and had a 50%+ mortality rate.

‘Fauci had selected a more toxic and deadly drug for COVID-19 treatment, and he was lying about his effectiveness.’

‘Don’t trust the medical profession. Don’t trust hospitals.’

‘I knew immediately that Anthony Fauci was using Remdesivir to be a death sentence in hosptials for a lot of people, so that he could say in the media that people were dying of the COVID-19 virus and sell the world on a lie that the virus was killing these people in hospitals when in fact they were being poisoned to death. But he was going to use those numbers and project into the world fear, so that they would sign up for a future vaccine agenda, which is what we’re living in right now. They’re going to try to convince you you’re going to die of a virus, a pathogen, and there’s nothing you can do but get a vaccine. That’s been the whole script the whole time.’

‘This is what the CDC, NIH and federal government and pharmaceutical companies have been doing for years – lying to you, to scare you to sign yourself up for a vaccine.’

‘You’ve been lied to in relation to everything with COVID.’

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  1. Why dont Bloomfield mandate Remdesivir to Jabcinda’s partner Clarke Gayford, who caught Covid again this week?

    Remdesivir is “safe and effective”, and isolating Jabcinda should “do the right thing” forcing many doses of Remdesivir on Gayford to protect the public from Covid.

  2. Totally agree! Give Clarke Gayford the same dose of Remdesivir that nurses gave the old people in the UK rest homes before leaving them alone in their rooms for 15 minutes to give them time to choke to death.

    These people are just nasty evil selfish human beings.

  3. Jabcinda just tested positive. Where are you Doomfield? Please mandate Remdesivir on Jabcinda. “Safe and effective” and so “Do the right thing” and save “the team of 5 million”. Hope it was not a Tinder Liason, and all the contact centre staff be put to investigate this spread to Jabcinda.


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