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Spoon-bending psychic Uri Geller posts video of purported UFO

The video included a short close-up sequence showing the mystery object in detail.

‘Friends, was sent this today. If it’s fake please explain to me how it is done. If it’s real wow amazing.’ he tweeted.

Most of his followers were not convinced, believing the object to be fake.

‘Know a good way to tell? Most ET craft wouldn’t have sharp edges or things sticking out. Most are seamless and wouldn’t fully materialize anyway for thier own good. At least nowhere near the US. Lol.’

‘Well Uri, we have these things called computers and people use them to create all kinds of animations that are very real looking. Welcome to 2022 .’

‘Its a low grade fake. U can superimpose added layers on video editing software. Or green screen it. Genuine UFOs r probably demonic in nature & part of Satans delusion so people think of anything, but God. Wud explain why UFOs r not physical but that they act on the physical.’

The 76 year old Geller became famous during the 70s demonstrating on television what he claimed to be psychokinesis, dowsing, and telepathy. His performance included spoon bending, describing hidden drawings, and making watches stop or run faster. Geller said he performs these feats through willpower and the strength of his mind.


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  1. Could be a super-drone disguised as an AGV (Anti-Gravity Vehicle, aka UFO)….perhaps with a helium envelope for atmospheric bouyancy.
    The video never shows the object scooting-off at high speed…
    ‘Uri Geller and the Spoon Benders’ rank right up there with the ‘Men Who Stare At Goats’…
    Problem is, the goats were ‘fainting goats’ that were staged to show CIA mind-controlling telepathy.
    & BTW, where is Maria Orsic these days?


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