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Luxon’s 8-point manifesto for the 2023 election

The National Party launched it’s campaign for the 2023 General Election today in South Auckland.

Party leader Christopher Luxon announced an 8-point plan of the issues a National-led government would address if it came to power.

‘It is a simple 8-point manifesto that is going to be the bedrock commitments of a government I lead,’ said Luxon.

The 8 points

‘I’m very pleased to announce today my 8-point pledge and committment to the New Zealand people:

‘I personally guarantee that:

  1. A National-led government will lower inflation and grow the economy, so that we can ease the cost of living and create better paying jobs.
  2. National will let you keep more of what you earn. We will provide tax relief – up to $240 a fortnight for an average income household with young children, and up to $100 a fortnight for an average income household without kids, and a single median income earner will get $50 a fortnight too.
  3. We are going to build infrastructure. We’ll deliver the 13 new roads of national significance and the four major public transport upgrades that we announced recently. Why? Because a First World country needs modern and reliable infrastructure and we are the government that will deliver it, just like we did with the ultra-fast broadway and the Waikato Expressway.
  4. We are going to restore law and order in this country. We’re going to back our police to tackle gangs, establish boot camps for serious young offenders, and we will limit the amount judges can discount sentences so they better reflect the seriousness of the crime. I’m telling you offenders are going to know there’s been a change of government. And there is no wonder the gangs are out there today campaigning so openly for the other side. But change is on the way.
  5. We are going to lift school achievement, because right now it’s difficult to call ourselves an advanced country when fewer than half of our Year 8’s are ready for high school, and half of our 15-year-olds fail the most basic maths, reading and writing tests. And that’s a future social and economic crisis I am determined we will avoid. And therefore I am determined that we will teach our kids an hour of maths, of reading, of writing, in every classroom of every day, and they will have better lives because of it too.
  6. We will cut waiting times for health care and we will do that by training and retaining more doctors, more nurses and midwives, and we’ll also give kiwis access to 13 cancer treatments that they don’t have today as well.
  7. We’ll support seniors. We’ll increase New Zealand superannuation every year, and we’ll boost it with our tax relief plan which will see a superannuatant couple get an additional $26 a fortnight. And yes, we’ll keep the winter energy payment and we’ll deliver better access to health care too.
  8. We will deliver Net Zero by 2050 including doubling New Zealand’s renewable energy generation and by giving our farmers the tools and the technology that they need to reduce agricultural emissions.

‘Ladies and gentlemen that’s my pledge to you and my pledge to all New Zealanders. It is a simple 8-point manifesto that is going to be the bedrock commitments of a government I lead.’

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  1. What about repealing 3/10 Waters?
    What about getting rid of all co-governance?
    What about getting rid of apartheid?
    What about repealing all racist legislation including the revised RMA?
    What about an enquiry into all the coercion, mandates, lies and unlawful dismissal of employees in relation to the “Covid Pandemic”?
    What about a little integrity and honesty?
    I cannot believe that any party that believes in AGW is anything but a bunch of UN, WEF, WHO and IPCC sycophants and certainly should not be trusted to have the interests of the general population as their prime focus. Their pledge card is nothing more than a crock.

  2. Do these scammers think voters are stupid? YES they do!
    And sadly according to some polls they are. Who would want to fall for that $#!* and vote any of the current traitors back into parliament?
    Many Kiwis wake up:: Hippi offers free dental care, Luxon has a multi-point bribing list, Winni pleads for no pay rises for MPs, and smarmy seynomore offers cheap energy.
    How more obvious could vote bribes be?
    Government sold your children for the debt they bought your votes with.



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