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NZ First to limit Jobseeker benefit to two years

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Leader Winston Peters said the State would give people a ‘hand up’ during times of genuine financial hardship.

The two-year cap would apply to every person over their lifetime.

‘New Zealand is never going to fill employment vacancies, or work our way out of our country’s debt unless there is a seismic change in the attitude of particularly young people to engage in work,’ the party said in a statement.

‘New Zealand First has always believed that the state should give people a hand-up during times of genuine financial hardship, however, such help should not turn into a long-term hand-out that has the potential to become an intergenerational issue.

This policy will strike the balance between ensuring struggling kiwis get the financial safety net when they need it, with a set of expectations on contribution to our country working our way to a much better future.’

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  1. Nazional is saying the same thing, as is DS / ACT.
    Result- more burglaries, shoplifting and robberies, some with projected fatal results.
    And when EVERYTHING goes to hell as a result of a failed state and economy, check out the ‘cultural enrichment’ as it comes down your street, armed with illegal semi-auto ghost guns, bats, and crowbars.
    My vote is with the NZ Loyal Party and the 1% tax that will hopefully help the minimally-employed / working poor out of poverty (barring extreme Zionist Bankster / WEF / NWO hyper-inflation Weimar Republic-style…).
    ALL of the parties currently in Parliament need to go!
    We saw Chloe Swarbrick and the rest of the ‘fly my pretties’ debating against a single male candidate from NZ First- imagine those woke horror hags in Parliament, w/ Swarbrick as a PM…that is when those with insight, recollections of projected history, and are fully aware of the Karen-styled woke politics will plan to go to Russia on a permanent basis!

  2. The interesting facet here is that the mainline parties in coalition with each other (ACT, National,Greens, & Labour) ALL WANT TO NOT ONLY LIMIT YOUR DOLE TO 2 YEARS, BUT THEY WILL ALSO RAISE THE RETIREMENT AGE!!!
    In the U.S. you get unemployment for the first year (52 weeks) but you must try at least twice a week to find a job.
    Then, when that runs out, and you don’t have a job, you can extend your unemployment for nearly another year, or a total of 99 weeks. THAT is where the term ‘The 99ers’ comes from.
    After that, you take up residence in a cardboard box, tent, or a lean-to in the bush.
    Result; the PTB don’t give a flying f@#k, and you then drop off of the roles of the unemployed, and are no longer counted.
    The stats even lie, stating that the unemployment rate is 8%, but excluding the 99ers from that figure who are no longer on the rolls, and the TRUE unemployment rate in the U.S. and other ‘First World’ Nations is 38%.
    THAT is what they are going to try to do here!!!! Limit your bennies, 24 months max, and then CUT OUR ASSES OFF!!! despite the fact that there are no jobs that pay a living wage!!!
    The Two Chrissies, Suddenly Seymour, and Winnie do NOT grasp the end result of the 24th mmonth.
    This is where they will probably push Herr (Seig Heil) Klaus Schwab’s ‘Universal Income’ paid for and by with CBDCs.
    We’re ALL being steered here, and if you’re politically astute, you can tell that the National ‘leadership’ hasn’t had one original idea thru-out this campaigh, and Labour is still deluding itself with it’s own lies that nothing happened under Covid vaccines and illegal lock-downs!
    Vote for NZ Loyal, and change the mindset in Parliament, and enact the 1% tax that will life taxpayers odut of poverty!


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