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Watch: Liz Gunn explains Party List administrative error

The New Zealand Loyal leader released a video today explaining issues with it’s party list.

The list only contained the names of three candidates (now two) but was supposed to include the names of all current electorate candidates.

Gunn took full responsibility for the error and said her team were investigating telephone conversations staff had with the Electoral Commission which ‘added greatly to the confusion’. Gunn believed the Commission gave incorrect information and hoped recordings would be made available to allow a proper investigation to take place.

‘I personally am somewhat surprised by the Electoral Commission considering their complete dedication to detail, that we had seen earlier, and their dedication to ensuring everything matched up, which we saw when we went to register the party. I am personally surprised they did not at any point let our party Secretary know that the bulk nomination forms did not reflect the supporting documents which we had put in support of the individual nominees saying they wanted to be party and list candidates.’

High profile freedom candidate Brenton Faithfull, who is also a JP, removed himself from the list to certify documents filed by the party – an act Gunn characterised as selfless.

Reaction to the error was expected, but Gunn was especially disappointed by that of some fellow freedom movement leaders, who she said were ‘sinking the knives’ into her – some of whom she had given a public platform to in videos and podcasts during the COVID crisis.

‘As you continue to be nasty as you have been, you reveal to all New Zealanders the quality of you as human beings. I personally would not want you as my leaders going forward,’ said Gunn.

‘I know other parties are rubbing their hands… they seem to have some kind of brutal glee. They’re trumpeting their opinions anywhere they can get an audience to dissuade you from voting for New Zealand Loyal… they are laughing at me yes, but they are laughing at you… The way these miscreants take a gleeful pride in you being denied a full representation is to me a very ugly part of them…’

‘These trolls have never actually achieved anything substantial in their own lives. But what do they do? They litter the pages of as many groups as they can and they show us the darkness that is afoot in this country.’

Despite the problems Gunn asked NZ Loyal supporters to stick with the party.

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  1. This is proof that the Deep State New Zealand (Zionist-controlled) has control of the Electoral Commission in this country!
    I find it hard to believe that the EC ‘overlooked’ (by deliberate design???) the small errors that were allowed to remain by the EC with what I would interpret as government subversion of the NZ Loyal Party, since the EC did NOT inform the NZ Loyal Party of the errors.
    Despite this-
    My Party Vote; New Zealand Loyal.
    Candidate Vote; New Zealand Loyal.
    & no ‘Whale Oiler’ will stop me or those who are aware and awake of the Talmudic Modus!!!!!!

  2. The whole mechanism is designed to support the establishment, anyone challenging that notion is rejected. New Zealand is a sick little nation, I don’t know what can fix it, at this point.

  3. IF…IF everyone would for once stop ‘voting for the big two political parties’ and vote for the minor parties, that would send a message, BUT-
    “He who cast the vote decides nothing! He who counts the vote decides everything!” – Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili aka Joseph Stalin (a radical Bolshevik J3w from Georgia) demonstrating Talmudic and Noahide Law sabotage of the voting process (just like the Whale Oil J** who is subverting the NZ ‘Freedom Movement’…telling people not to waste their votes for minor parties!
    “J*** ran the camps.” – Aleksander Solzhenytsyn (author of ‘The Gulag Archipelago).


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