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Watch: NZ Loyal to mount legal challenge over party list

New Zealand Loyal leader Liz Gunn makes announcement on party list situation.

A defiant Liz Gunn told supporters new facts appeared to show NZ Loyal staff were given different advice by different people in the Electoral Commission. At present the party’s list contains three names, though one of those had since dropped off, leaving in effect, two names on the list.

The administrative error would limit the number of list candidates the party could enter into parliament to two, regardless of how much of the party vote it won.

‘A re-examination has led… to the offers of legal help from others in the legal community, and some very fine legal minds are now stepping forward, from here and from around the world…’

‘I’ve had many messages from people saying ‘Liz hold the line. Keep the faith. This is the people’s movement. And believe us Liz, out here it is building and building, and they are scared of us.”

Gunn said the Electoral Commission did not fulfil its purpose of helping parties with the paperwork, but in the case of NZ Loyal that did not happen, leading Gunn to question whether the party had been ‘sabotaged’. The legal challenge would reveal if that was ‘in fact the case’.

Further details of the legal challenge could not be provided at this stage.

The party would continue to stand 32 electoral candidates. Even if the challenge was unsuccessful the party could still have up to 34 MPs in parliament, said Gunn.

‘This is a movement by the people, for the people of New Zealand, and definitely with the people of New Zealand. Together, thousands, and now potentially millions of kiwis are waking up. This New Zealand Loyal’s people movement is in fact part of that awakening.

‘If you protest party vote New Zealand Loyal, this would see the party in a position to heavily influence the future direction of our country.’

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  1. This is how rotten this country has become….I wonder how long before people have had enough and demand change….maybe never knowing how apathetic the majority are……..

  2. If parties are misled byt Electoral Commission, then it cannot be a free and fair election, as the very body that ensure that is already rigging the election. The result of this might be that NZLoyal becomes a Extra-Parliamentary movement instead of a party to the house of cards. In such case the rigging of elections can immediately be deployed as a way to deligitimise the the globalist order in NZ.

  3. To anyone who thinks by voting National to get rid of Labour, well, my advice to them would be to go get your Pfizer booster as it will probably put you out of your naïve misery. Labour and National are the same bird with a red wing and a blue wing.

  4. Also, check out ‘Operation Katipo’ and the fact that this particular military ‘exercise’ always occurs at election time.
    That way, when the elections are proven to be deliberately sabotaged by the Deep State and an uprising of the citizenry immediately follows, the NZDF is already poised to put down such a ‘rebellion’…!
    Note to NZDF members; it is YOUR responsibility to protect the citizens of this country, and IF such a fraud occurs, then the NZDF had the lawful right to go after those who caused fraud, and election interference and arrest the same for such treasonous actions that are co-exploited with subversion!
    This usually occurs under Martial Law and / or Emergency Declarations by Military Commanders when they note such activities in a corrupt government, or outside influences attempting to make inroads to subvert an election!
    Cases in point; many African nations, and South American countries.

  5. Um, what PROOF exists that the stuff- up isn’t NZ Loyals?
    Lots of other freedom parties filled in the forms properly.
    It’’s not a conspiracy when you screw up: it’s a screw up.


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