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Watch: Aussie journo Rita Pahani accuses Jacinda Ardern of ‘performative caring’, NZ media ‘putrid fanboys’

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Australian journalist Rita Pahani has lashed out at Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, accusing her caring persona as ‘performative’, or fake.

Pahani also took a swipe at the New Zealand legacy mainstream media, who she accuses of being putrid ‘fanboys and fangirls’ of Ardern.

Pahani’s comments are likely to strike a chord with many Kiwis as Ardern’s ‘Be Kind’ message during the COVID crisis proved to be empty rhetoric, and implementation of other policies such as 3 Waters causes never-before-seen social polarisation.

The comments were made on ‘The Outsiders’ show on Sky News Australia yesterday:

‘You talk about Jacinda Ardern caring, but it’s not really caring, is it…it’s performative caring. It’s all about seeming to be good rather than doing good, and I think people, finally, in New Zealand, are starting to see through that.

It took them a while and they have got some of the most putrid media in the world in New Zealand, where they’re just fanboys and girls of the current Prime Minister, so there’s very little in the way of scrutiny and criticism. But the New Zealand people are living through those radical changes that Winston Peters mentioned this week, and a lot of them are feeling pain. She’s not delivering on her core promises and this is something that people in Australia don’t seem to realise.

She had these bold housing plans – nothing’s come of it, she’s got nowhere near what she said she was going to do. And, again, you can’t just keep making promises, not fulfilling them, and expect to get re-elected over and over again.’


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  1. Performative Caring = a kind methodology to Global Socialism…
    Global Socialism then rapidly degenerates into Zio/Noahide Communism with vicious, illegal dictates, mandates and WEF Policies!
    Wars, Plandemics and Natural Disasters provide the vehicles for such actions to be implemented into a nation’s government.
    Being kind = GHW Bush’s ‘Iron Fist wearing a Velvet Glove’…his policy in the Middle East vintage 1990.
    When the MSM in NZ gets mentioned outside of the country’s borders, the MSM then ramps-up their lying, mis-appropriation of facts, and their spin that derides and victimises others.
    Liz Gunn pointed this out in a video with Steve Oliver, and used bully-girl Hillary Barry as a prime example of what’s wrong with ‘media’ here!
    After Liz Gunn began to expose some duly-noted items and facts that the MSM deliberately ignores, Liz then came under malicious fire, so to speak.
    See her interviews on Utube Kiwi, and how the MSM viciously goes after those who go against the narrative!

  2. Some of the most disgusting evil individuals ever produced by this country. WEF agents “be kind Jacinda”, and let us not forget the crowd fav “Auntie Helen Schwab”. As the song went “killing you softly”. Spin doctors are hard at work. Caring, though wont change the out come.

  3. Really good to see Aussies see through the crap we have had to live through. But our media here refuse to be honest or tell the truth as they have been bought by Jabcinda and her cronies. They will all he judged when she is kicked out. But before she buggers off to the UN like her mentor Ms Clark, she needs to be arrested and shown up as the uncaring cow she is.

  4. Even though it came from Australia, we’ll take it. But I never thought I would see the day when kiwi media would be so totally castrated, which it has been. Puppets and ragdolls for Jabinda to play with during the day and put away with the other toys at bedtime.

    It is so important independent media has taken the reins to inform, educate, and encourage truthful discussion, dialogue and reporting. We are the better for it, without them we are lost.

    Thank you DT, onwards and upwards…

  5. I watch “outsiders” every Sunday at 11am. That’s where we get some honest reporting, and the programme is both entertaining and enlightening. Good job done on Ardern by Rita Panahi. It’s about time NZers we’re told the truth about Arderns intentions to bring NZ to the verge of bankruptcy and then hand us over to Klaus Schwab and his mob of criminals, including Bill Gates. She is being well paid by them too. The result is communist NZ. Maybe this is the wake up call these blind NZers need.

  6. As if low IQ Albanese is different from Jabcinda… LOL. Both are deep state agents and Jabcinda hand is actually strengthened with the election of low IQ Albanase.

  7. If anyone thinks Luxcum is going to be any different you are dreaming, culturally National just carries on from where labour left off, remember Luxcum worked as a CEO for a company that had Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street as their biggest shareholders so he will be well versed in ESG.

  8. […] She had these bold housing plans – nothing’s come of it, she’s got nowhere near what she said she was going to do. And, again, you can’t just keep making promises, not fulfilling them, and expect to get re-elected over and over again. – Rita Pahani […]


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