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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Analysis: The Joyless Psychology of the Pandemic

Have you noticed how the pandemic has been essentially joyless?

Joy resides in consciousness. Although our sensory experiences can provide a trigger, joy is an inner experience that relies on our alertness. Much of pharmaceutical medicine is geared to reduce alertness and suppress experience. Sometimes painkillers are incorrectly prescribed as a means to hide symptoms rather than investigate the cause. You might be able to keep going, but your immune system will miss the necessary healing rest.

Psychology of the Pandemic news

Curiously, the side effects of many modern medicines are often similar to the problems they are designed to treat. Prolonged use of morphine-like painkillers not only leads to addiction, but ultimately causes more pain. Addiction is characterised by a loss of control or choice—our conscious capacity to choose is reduced. During 2021, deaths from opioid overdose ran at over an unprecedented 100,000 in the USA alone.

Impairment of consciousness is not limited to painkillers. A study by researchers in Massachusetts institutions including Harvard Medical School published a few days ago found that antibiotic use in mid life leads to cognitive impairment in later life.

Antidepressant use is associated with increased risk of suicide. Steroid use can lead to confusion and delirium. Blood pressure medication can be associated with depression and sleep disruption, and so on.

So have medical authorities earned the right to mandate pharmaceutical interventions and override personal medical choice?

mRNA vaccination exposes our physiology to the same toxic spike protein as Covid infection, in even greater quantities. No wonder that the vaccine has an alarming range of neurological adverse effects including some associated with the brain/physiology interface.

It is immediately obvious that our physiology is intimately connected to our consciousness—our sense of psychological well being and joy. The relationship between consciousness and physiology is delicately balanced and easily upset by medication. The common side effects of drugs result in a loss of control over everyday life.

Is greater control the hidden agenda of the pandemic?

Do you spend time like me wondering how it happened that the government, media, the pharmaceutical industry, big business, and the medical establishment took common cause during the pandemic? What binds them together so closely? All of the parties to the pandemic have a mission statement to control the public:

  • The government wants to sway public opinion in their favour.
  • Mainstream media are busy helping them to mould public opinion.
  • Take a masters in business education, and a major focus is how to influence customer choice by any and all means.
  • The pharmaceutical business relies on a PR machine that reaches into and greases the wheels of every corner of society. This year’s Oscars were proudly sponsored by Pfizer for example.
  • Medical practice is intimately linked with pharmaceutical companies. There are gold standard prescriptions which doctors must follow. If they deviate, they may lose their licence to practice.

There is a certain immorality in the massive business of persuasion this involves. Jockeying for position during the pandemic, strange bedfellows have imagined that they share a common cause and acted to maximise each other’s financial, political, and professional advantage. As we have found out, it is a short step from persuasion to fear, misinformation, coercion, and even tyranny.

The practice of deception is inherently devoid of kindness and also devoid of joy. The closure of rational debate and the removal of legal liability has brought out the worst in the protagonists, who are acting like playground bullies, leading to draconian legislation removing human rights, media misinformation, and obscene pharmaceutical profits.

When it comes to getting ahead, don’t rock the boat. A friend of ours is a radiologist, she was in the hospital canteen and overheard three doctors talking at the next table. They were telling each other that there was no way they would have their children vaccinated. They were worried about rates of myocarditis. So this is the joyless psychology of the pandemic: it’s OK to inject someone else’s children with an experimental gene therapy. If you speak up you might lose your job, so mums the word.

New Zealand Epidemiologists blow their own trumpet

The long term effects of mRNA vaccination are still unknown, but an article in the UK Guardian newspaper yesterday entitled “New Zealand’s Covid strategy was one of the world’s most successful – what can we learn from it?” by NZ epidemiologists Michael Baker and Nick Wilson spelled out how important it is to blow your own trumpet during the pandemic. They emphasised New Zealand’s achievements including:

  • leadership that listens to the science
  • use of the precautionary principle in the face of uncertainty
  • creating legacy benefits for our healthcare and public health systems
  • the team of five million building consensus
  • the role of government control, including better surveillance

I realise that the Guardian is a long way removed from New Zealand and may not be in position to evaluate articles submitted from the antipodes. I thought a small amount of translation may help them.

Leadership that listens to the science

The best approach is to fund science directly through Te Punaha Matatini so that they can tell the government what they want to hear such as: herd immunity and vaccine adverse effects are a conspiracy theory.

Use of the precautionary principle in the face of uncertainty

Ignore Pfizer’s safety guidelines, our government insisted that even if seriously injured by the first dose, you must still get the second jab.

Creating legacy benefits for our healthcare and public health systems

Where are these actually? The government spent $64 billion of borrowed money on its pandemic response but couldn’t spare any money to upgrade hospitals. It also sacked highly qualified unvaccinated staff.

The team of five million building consensus

If you didn’t want to be vaccinated, you faced loss of employment and social isolation.

The role of government control, including better surveillance

Need I say anything about this?

Baker and Wilson didn’t mention the 100’s of millions of dollars spent propping up uncritcal media, the unprecedented level of mRNA vaccine adverse effects running at 30-50 times higher than before, or the loss of small businesses and our tourism industry.

The psychology of the pandemic requires a lot of trumpet blowing all round, but not a lot of listening. Telling us that it has all been for the greater good, when actually it is an experiment with an unknown outcome, is nonsense. It has left us all shell shocked and facing an uncertain future. The government is still crudely stoking the fear factor full steam with saturation advertising promising dreadful variants and dire consequences for the unboosted. Not a single politician has called for rational debate.

So who will we vote for in 2023? Well we do not know, it will be Hobson’s Choice. All parties have worked together as the harbingers of doom and gloom helping blanket the nation with the joyless propaganda of fear. But we can change the narrative, we don’t have to follow blindly. It is up to us.

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a food testing and certification company (now known as FoodChain ID). Website: HatchardReport.com.

Guy is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of DTNZ.

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  1. Great piece of journalism, aligned with my thoughts on the use of antidepressants, the joylessness made me wonder if wasvpartcof the poke. Bring back some exuberance in life I reckon.

    • It does not matter whom we vote for. Pfizer is the winner whether labour wins or replaced by National. Both party leaders are agents of the globalists.

      • That’s why all the smaller parties should find common ground and band together. Our votes are wasted on Labour or National. And the Greens, whom I used to vote for along with Labour, seem to simply repeat whatever Labour wishes.

        • Greens and deep state connections are very subtle. German politics is controlled by the greens, who are the main war mongers there. Greens spread russophobia.

  2. MSM and jabcinda manufactured public consensus. Can they not manufacture “joy” to public? Pfizer is ready to help too.

  3. Thank you Dr Guy, your words are like freshness of air in a mask ridden time, I appreciate the amount of energy time and thought that goes into the daily diet of your nutritious words. The truth will out, and on a lighter note maybe Winston P might stand up, cheers Tony

  4. Brilliant journalism, Guy.

    At last, at last, an intelligent online newspaper that challenges us, makes us think and provides excellent science and opinion.

    New Zealand is incredibly fortunate to have DTNZ!

  5. My wife’s company, their vaccine mandate remains in place because Foodstuffs and Progressive (who are their customers) are keeping their mandates in place and are not still allowing unvaccinated to work on their sites. This should be called out. On top of this their duopoly continues to be unchallenged and they will do anything to avoid scrutiny. They have not changed their Vaccination policies. And vaccinations requirements of all of their suppliers. Sadly people are still being fired, as a result, those who managed to hold on to their jobs by taking unpaid leave etc. their employment is now being terminated.

    • Labour is in name only. Jabcinda is just an agent of the globalist. Luxon is the same. Unions are also corrupt. The subscription to them is not small and the union leaders do have a cushy life.

      It is a time to think alternatives, which may be hard in the beginning but will pay off later on. Starting a small home based business or moving out of big city etc are possibilities. This is not of course possible for everyone. Inflation is also on the rise, and supermarkets will start cutting staff even if they are vaccinated in the coming years. So getting prepared for the future is also important.

  6. We are entering a watershed moment for the future of, not only our country, but personal freedoms. The outcome will be determined in great part by our actions from here on. It is clear that the main political parties are two peas in a pod when it comes to choice, the result will be the same when it comes to the so called pandemic and its management.

    It is important therefore, that right thinking people come together with a common focus if change is to be realised. My fear is that good people, politically minded, with desire for real change, will, in setting up alternatives spit the vote allowing the status quo to remain.

    Time now for a united front and wise heads to come to the fore. Time also for compromise for the common good. For without it we have little hope of the meaningful change this country, we all love, so desperately needs.

    Good heart and peace to all.


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