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Ardern to attend UN General Assembly this month

UN news

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will travel to New York on 17 September to represent New Zealand at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), co-host a Christchurch Call to Action Leader’s Summit, and participate in events to promote trade, investment, and tourism.

“I look forward to visiting the United States to meet with counterparts, and taking the opportunity to further promote New Zealand’s reconnecting plan,” Jacinda Ardern said.

“It’s an important opportunity to set out New Zealand’s continued commitment to the multilateral system and international rules based order. As the world continues to grapple with COVID-19, climate change, the Ukraine and geopolitical tensions, international cooperation is more important than ever,” Jacinda Ardern said.

She will co-host the Christchurch Call to Action Leader’s Summit with President of France Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday 20 September.

“I look forward to meeting with heads of state and global tech leaders to continue our important work to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online,” Jacinda Ardern said.

While in New York, the Prime Minister will take part in a number of bilateral meetings with other world leaders, multilateral events and deliver New Zealand’s national statement at the General Assembly.

She will also use the opportunity to promote New Zealand trade and export interests including meeting with Motion Picture Association of America executives to promote New Zealand as a film destination and attend the launch of the Invest New Zealand campaign “Do Good, Do Well” alongside major US investment funds.

The Prime Minister will travel on Air New Zealand’s inaugural direct flight to New York on Saturday 17 September.

“The new direct flights to New York is an exciting step in reconnecting New Zealand with the world, and will bring a welcome boost for our tourism and other businesses,” Jacinda Ardern said.

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  1. Good Lord, she’s not even hiding it now..! She might as well take a full page add in the Herald to tell New Zealand, you’re stuffed and I did to you. This ‘woman’ has no shame. She is the worst visitation of evil to ever stalk the land. Janus Jabby makes Helen Clarke look average by comparison. I can fully understand why she needs the cops in her thrall, to silence those who see through her crap and deceit. And this wench even looked at putting mRNA in the water supply where vax uptake was slow. Bloody appalling behaviour from an elected Prime Minister. The sooner this Jezabel is gone the better, and quite frankly, I don’t care where she goes as long as it’s not here… ????

    • Listen to her language. This is written by her American handlers. Rule based order- you mean American rules for all the puppets to follow.

      ‘Reconnecting Nz’- what would that be? Implementation of next stage of WEF blueprint? Promotion of man made climate change hoax, letting Hollywood big wigs come to NZ without paying any tax. More tax payer money to advance the American agenda in Ukraine.

      Meeting tech companies like Fakebook to deplatform any truth about her vaccine agenda. Promotion of terrorist activity like the false flag that was the Christchurch mosque shootings, the stabbing in Auckland mall, etc, etc!

      Klaus’ and America’s little call girl in the South Pacific.

      • Yep, they replaced New World Order with rules based, as rules govern most things and therefore deemed more acceptable. These clowns must think we’re pretty thick not to see through that. But Jabby as a call girl has really stressed my brain. ????

      • And the fact that people have died and suffered with these false flags and vaccines and their ‘rules’ shows you exactly how evil our PM and her enablers are.

  2. She has zero respect for the UN Charter. She changed the NZ law so that we can join and intervene in other country matters without a UN resolution. “Rule based order” simply means Ultimate Scum (US) hegemony and always violated the UN charter. This drama is to fool NZ public when her influence rating is low.

  3. Manipulating the thoughts and behaviour of the masses seems to be an essential part of maintaining control by the western globalist elite. I found the following article insightful for explaining the quirks in our psychology that are used to manipulate us:


    The more people that understand the techniques of manipulation, the more resistant we can be to them. Which is going to be important for heading off attempts by the western elites to suppress justified criticism through censorship.

  4. After seeing the first post here, I have no need to comment, but will take the opportunity to thank Daily Telegraph for providing this excellent platform for articles and feedback.

    Malcom, your site not only delivers the stories we need to see, but also adds to the wellbeing of your readers. If not for the opportunity you provide, I suspect the mental health of a lot more people would be put under further strain. Having an outlet where like minded Kiwis can gather to express their views and share opinions is invaluable in this day and age. For this, and I suspect on behalf of the many regulars here, I thank you very much. ????????

    • I concur James!

      It’s great to have a bit of a vent with like minded people! ????????????❤️????????????

      Thanks Daily Telegraph! Good idea to field the posts before they are posted too – I may have even got a bit carried away myself on occasion! ????????????

  5. Only reason she is going is so she can get more instruction on what to do next to continue to push The Globalist Agenda 2030 / Great Reset.
    We can only hope that at some point she and all the other globalist puppets and The Globalists themselves will have to pay for their crimes against humanity. Even scum deserve their day in court. What she does not understand or care about is that agenda 2030 will affect her family also because whatever she has done for her masters they will not care once she is no longer of any use to them. This just makes her a horrible human being and a terrible parent.

  6. What a hypocrite. What about climate change? Oh yeah we know that’s BS don’t we? crashing our economy on purpose and driving people to suicide in the name of climate change while China and India build more coal fired power plants.

    There’s no words for what you have inflicted on this country. Not to mention the jabs which are killing people. Today as I read the figures from the MOH website, 2392 of the 2775 people who died are fully vaccinated or boostered. The remaining 383 are only labeled as not fully vaccinated so clearly the one jabbers are included possibly even the double jabbers as we have no definition of what fully vaccinated is. We do not know how many unjabbed people died – why? Because our MOH is clearly too ashamed to tell,us because that would prove the whole narrative of safe and effective is BULL. ???? and that they LIED.

    We know what you’re up to Jacinda. Meeting all your WEF mates to plot against your own people. We know the UN is the so called one world government of the new world order that your masters are trying to create.

    What a disgusting lot of traitors. ????????????????

  7. Who knows whether this trip has an agenda to complete some of the Satanistic rituals to climb the ladder. Lucifier Biden gave a show in PA recently calling half of americans as extremists. He is trying to climb the ladder to equal Obama. Not much time left for these evils & so they are rushing.

  8. PM Ardern away to be given orders from the UN: “It’s an important opportunity to set out New Zealand’s continued commitment to the multilateral system and international rules based order.” she said. Do people even know what the ‘multilateral system’ is? Human rights, migration, climate change, and especially your health are all going to be aligned with the ‘global community’ under the auspices of the UN ‘to keep you safe’ and to keep the world safe from you. The ‘international rules based order’ is a giveaway of everything which has previously protected us as the population of a nation. That means signing up to yet more UN international rules and regulations. That means we are being moved closer to the WEF plan for a one world rule. Your ‘human rights’ won’t mean zilch once the trap snaps shut. You will obey. Always.
    PM Ardern is going to leave a country which is descending into chaos to preach the righteousness of a one world government which will keep everyone safe. Who now remembers that we were quite safe until the WEF plans to ruin a country were set in motion?
    The world is not grappling with Covid. The Five Eyes nations and western Europe are grappling with government overreach and the effects of the experimental mRNA therapy so many citizens were injected with.
    Do you know what ‘health care’ for the future will be? A Vaccine Van constantly travelling your ‘community’ delivering an injection for everything and anything. You will get your appointment via your phone and if you don’t turn up, there will be no money in your account. You will never be able to afford the sort of care, surgery or even food that the wealthy can. Your life expectancy will be the end of your working life – which will be about 40 or 50 – if you live that long. You may possibly be the result of a UN Health breeding programme but you won’t have children because that sort of unrestricted breeding will be no longer permissible. You will be a mule, sterile and happy, living in a cupboard and kept compliant with whatever is put into the water or your monthly vaccine. By not having children you will be ‘doing your bit to protect the planet’ because the real problem as seen by the likes of Klaus Schwab is overpopulation. There are just too many people using up all the resources of the planet. So 7 billion people have to go.

  9. We need to do an OIA to find out who Jabcinda is meeting with, the topics of discussion, and what her instructions are / received from the Globalist Third Parties, as such affects us all!
    If she is found NOT to have acted in the best interests of New Zealand, then she will need to be removed by a vote of no confidence, and that vote result made known to the Governor-General and the Privy Council in London via a QC Lawyer.
    Snap elections can then be called, and hopefully, the minor parties can then come into office and form-up MMP Coalitions with no influence whatsoever from the Luciferian Globalist Dictates that currently run the Labour Party, National, ACT and the Greens.

  10. ‘Signing up to more UN International Rules and Regulations’…
    Here’s a UN Rule I’ll sign up for, and of which Jabcinda cannot exclude, wipe from the books or ignore;
    (NOTE: Firearms Lawyers will not argue this, as this supercedes NZ Firearms law(s) when New Zealand signed-on to the U.N. Charter!)
    DO NOT vote for the mainstream political parties!
    Jay Parker made a statement about those who are helping the NWO, WEF, IMF, etc; that they too will be thrown under the bus when the PTB / Luciferian minions are finished and done with their sub-servients;
    “Good luck to those of you who helped the DuPonts, the Rockefellers and the minions of the Luciferian New World
    You know what you’ve got? ….You’ve got NOTHING!” –
    Jay Parker – ‘Part lll Illuminati Sex Abuse’ on YouTube

  11. Adern, it’s not called ‘the Ukraine’ anymore. It is just ‘Ukraine’.
    Stick your “international rules based order” up your…


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