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‘Broken election promise’: Labor votes against Australian COVID inquiry

A motion put forward by the United Australian Party (UAP) to hold an inquiry into COVID was narrowly defeated 28-29 in the Senate.

UAP Senator Gerard Rennick blamed the Labor Party and the Greens for the defeat. This was despite Prime Minister Anthony Albanese promising a Royal Commission or other inquiry into governmental actions during the COVID crisis in the lead up to last year’s Australian general election, when he was leader of the opposition.

In January 2022 Albanese told the National Press Club that it was, ‘beyond doubt we will need an assessment. When we get towards the end [of the pandemic], then you’d give consideration to that. Whether that would be a Royal Commission or some form of inquiry, it will need to happen.’

Rennick tweeted, ‘[w]hen the Coalition was in power there was an ongoing Senate inquiry into Covid that Labor pushed for, yet now they are in power they don’t want to analyse the government overreach.’

The UAP had called for a wide-ranging inquiry or Royal Commission into COVID, that would cover PCR testing, mRNA injection safety and efficacy, COVID origins, media fearmongering and WHO COVID case counting methods, among other things.

‘This just proves that Labor were more than happy to weaponise COVID to gain power and didn’t actually care about the people,’ said Rennick.

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  1. The information is coming out anyway, but that’s not the point.
    The point is, they said they would and they didn’t. That makes it an integrity issue, should they be trusted going forward?

    • NONE are to be trusted.

      Never ever again, under any circumstances.

      For DECADES now they’ve all done nothing to earn our trust or our respect. They barely even keep up the charade anymore, most of them gleefully and openly hate us now, sell us out every possible chance they get.

      Start from the position of assuming everything they say is a lie or a misdirection or some criminal scheme. That should be our default setting.

      • Exactly they more than openly hate us they get off on the power trip – why do they behave in this abhorrent way ? because they have been bribed they are corrupt they are self serving free loading losers. Moreover they have violated the Nuremburg Codes. You might ask how ? because the ‘Vaccines’ are not Vaccines but a Technological Bioweapon for mass depopulation. This is a whole different playing field this is a War Crime and makes the Govt. guilty of Crimes Against Humanity. The people need a shock wake up call here or end up under Totalitarian Communist control. It is time to get in the trenches – you cant comply your way out of Tyranny.

  2. It appears 153 NEWS has been taken down by the authorities in NZ
    The Ministry of Truth noose tightens
    Nothing to do with the botched crisis actor charade in CHCH one would hope?
    Could be a touchy subject in election year
    Especially if the WEF wants to keep the new lies for old brigade in power

  3. Labour and the Greens have firmly established themselves as THE fascist autocratic ideology in the West.
    “This just proves that Labor were more than happy to weaponise COVID to gain power and didn’t actually care about the people, ”
    As if we would need any more proof, how anti-human their politicking is.
    It really shows, how unproductive and unemployable but entitled ideologists turn into dictators. They’d even get physically violent, like we had to witness in an Auckland park recently, or they attack ad hominem, and if all fails, utilize the seething disdain of cancel culture.
    And neon hair.


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