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City of Novaya Kakhovka flooded after dam destruction – mayor

Efforts to evacuate residents from some 300 riverside buildings are underway, Vladimir Leontyev has said.

The water level in the Dnieper river has soared by more than 10 meters in the area of Novaya Kakhovka in Russia’s Kherson Region after a Ukrainian strike seriously damaged the local major hydroelectric dam, local authorities said on Tuesday.

Speaking to reporters, Vladimir Leontyev, the head of the local administration, said the attack on Kakhovskaya hydroelectric dam could result in the water level rising by as much as 12 meters, but that it is projected to return to normal within three days. “However, we have to survive these 72 hours,” he said.

He also said that local authorities have started to evacuate residents from riverside settlements, including the towns of Korsunska and Dniepriany as well as adjacent territories, with some 300 buildings being vacated.

Andrey Alekseenko, the chair of Kherson Region’s administration, said that in total 14 settlements with a combined population of 22,000 people could be flooded.

According to local officials, the key infrastructure was “destroyed as a result of a strike” by Ukrainian forces, which was described by Leontyev as a major “terrorist act.” Local emergency services said that 14 out of 28 of the dam’s spans had already collapsed, with more expected to follow suit.

However, Ukrainian officials denied responsibility, with Mikhail Podoliak, a top adviser to President Vladimir Zelensky, placing the blame on Moscow and accusing it of creating “the biggest environmental disaster in Europe in decades.”

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Source:RT News

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  1. Was looking at this report on Zerohedge and embedded in it was a tweet from the clown Zelensky saying that Russia had done this. Scrolling down to the comments it is hilarious how people believe him and still condemn Putin. Putin has every right to claim back territory belonging to Russia, territory that has been terrorised by Nazi Ukrainians on civilians living there since 2014. Do your homework on this war although you will not not find answers from our misinformation news outlets that are controlled by Hipkins who is also a clown.

  2. The terrorists in the West are behind this, including the usual grovelling quisling states, led by weak, subservient leaders(not looking at anyone in particular). This kind of atrocity is a measure of how desperate they and their Ukraine puppet government, have become, slowly losing the war with Russia. Sadly, ordinary people living their lives pay the price. Just as we did here, under the authoritarian Labour govt’s ugly medical, CONVID regime.

    The current crop of Western, so called political leadership, belong in history’s dumpster.

  3. Russia bombed it’s own NordStream pipeline instead of just turning off the gas if they wanted to. Yeah Right!
    Russia blew up the dam they controlled, instead of just opening the flood gates if they wanted to flood. Yeah Right!
    Just how stupid does the international terrorist USA think the rest of the world is?

  4. I think it’s fair to say that the average American, and for that matter, much of the West has no idea what is happening in Ukraine and why it is happening. Not surprising really when MSM don’t tell them. To find out the truth of this war, and it is a war, one has to do some homework.

    There are some very good commentors, for example The Duran on YouTube and a host of excellent Russian Telegram channels, which of course are full of lies and deceit according to the Americans and Brits. And as these two are sending some serious weapons now in order to keep the conflict going they’re the last ones we should be paying attention to.

    The CIA and UK counterparts have been in the region for decades and set the stage for the Minsk Accords, which were doomed to failure from the outset even if Russia was keeping up its end of the agreement. It was recently confirmed by Merkel and Hollande that the Accords were a sham from the start to cover the arming of Ukraine.

    All the Russian Federation wants to do is to secure the historical homeland of Russian people first and foremost. All the West wants to do is to inflate it into a full-blown regional conflict involving Poland, Belarus, and Kosovo, which is the stepping stone to a bigger theatre.

    God help them all…


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