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Computer modeller says get jabbed as ‘new wave’ of COVID-19 ‘predicted’

Michael Plank news

New Zealand is potentially facing a significant new wave of COVID-19, as indicated by sharp increases in hospital admissions and reported cases, according to Professor Michael Plank of ‘Covid-19 Modelling Aotearoa’.

The rise in cases, which includes the emergence of the ‘more transmissible’ FLiRT variants of Omicron, mirrors previous patterns but coincides with the winter flu season, exacerbating the strain on an already stretched healthcare system. Hospitalisations have risen from 152 to 242 in a week, with ‘confirmed cases’ nearly doubling from 3,922 to 6,146, according to a report in legacy media.

Plank warns that the simultaneous spike in COVID-19 and the flu could lead to delayed medical procedures and increased pressure on hospitals. Despite no current evidence that the new Omicron strains cause more severe illness, the overlap with flu season is particularly troubling, he claims. Plank said ‘vaccinations’ were an important tool against both viruses, allegedly to mitigate their impact and protect public health during the challenging period.

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  1. I wouldn’t flirt with the idea. I’m in Mexico and there’s quite a few people here. No covid drama though. Not sure but seems the more you get vaccinated the more you’re gonna get ill. Actually pretty damn sure.

  2. Can someone ask the OIA if the exemption for thousands of NZ medial staff and politicians covers this new jab or will they need another exemption? If so, I would have thought medical staff would be at high risk jabbing the flu carrying public. It’s a tangled web we weave when we first being to deceive.

  3. FFFFF off !
    If your ilk wouldn’t have become hypocrites instead of honouring your Hippocratic oath, your crime syndicate would maybe have had a chance with this new bullshit.
    Kiwis maybe sheeple, but even a sheep learns fast when dogs bite it.

  4. I think this warning has come a little late….the surge is definitely here. Four in my family tested positive on Sunday and Monday of this week. Another 3 close contacts also positive which equates to 7 so far.
    Interestingly, 6 of the 7 had received recent boosters.
    When will these Health officials face up to the fact these vaccines just simply do not work effectively, albeit Covid inevitably appears to be here to stay. Surely after years of this, our Health officials should be looking at superior ways to mitigate or look for more effective ways to treat rather than playing the same old tape month after month.

      • I have just come out from under the rock…I did not get vaccinated for Covid but have tested positive for the 1st time on Monday. The others (mentioned) are all boosted upon boosted and alas they all have it. Not sure what to expect but it all started out rather mild. Sneezing non stop but by day 3 positive I could feel burning session badly from throat to chest and today a chesty cough. Nothing Robitussin and vitamin C can’t fix. Still able to read the news and function. No worse than the common cold when I was young..so far…ok!

          • I gargle with “molkosan”. This is a natural lactic acid made of concetrated wei. Works a treat against sore throat and cold.
            Otherwise 1/2 appel vinegar 1/2 water is also an excellent desinfectant for mouth and nose

        • Omg who is even testing for it? Just STOP already 😂😂😂😂😂

          I have never done a test and I never will. These scaremongers can k155 my ar$e! 🤣🤣🤣

        • Common cold and flu is a corons virus. PCR tests don’t really specify as virus not really isolated. All made up shit. Might not even have anything. Honestly it’s flu season in NZ what gives? What a con. Your symptoms are going to be different to others and similar to others. There’s no science just smoke and mirrors. People aren’t sick where I am.

        • Tested positve for what ? a virus that does not exist ? a so called virus that has never been isolated ? it never will be isolated you **** **** ***** fool – it is a man made lie. What tests are being used ? the PCR test ? another man made lie all the tests are a total scam fraud lie. You have been totally brain washed – best you crawl back under thats crap covered rock you will be much safer there. Oh and make sure you are wearing your mask so everybody else can tell what a total imbecile you are because all the masks are also a total fraud scam lie as well. I dont mean to sound demented crazy but if thats what it takes to awake humanity so be it. You have to wake up to the fact that you have been totally totaly deceived as we all have been, except that I smelt a rat in the cheese factory..I knew straight up first thing when the Govt. stated the jab. was not mandated for Politicians. That info and what David Ike said about anything your Govt. want to mandate or coerset you into will not be in anyones best interest but their own. That steered me well away from any jabs thank God, as it is he who will have final say on Judgement day.

    • Maaaaaate… Maaaaaaate…
      PCR tests are rubbish don’t you know? My cat’s s*** tested positive about ten times.. during all the bruhhahahaaa of the past 4 years of lies and deception and the PCR test is part of the scam… why don’t you test that theory out…try your dog’s shit next maybe as my dog’s shit did the same… not joking…

      • PCR’s have been deemed to be 97% UNEFFECTIVE as per reports coming out of the U.S., and the MSM is NOT reporting on this..
        Can’t imagine why,..!
        During the Spanish Flu of 1917-1922, those who had a level teaspoon of Arm & Hammer baking soda / powder never got the flu, as the baking soda / powder changes the Ph of the blood, and viruses cannot survive in such an enhanced liquid environment.
        Taking Bio-Zinc also helps, as the zinc forms an electrical pathogenic field around the red blood cells, and when a virus attempts to enter the red blood cell, it gets zapped by the electrical zinc coating on the cell itself. Absolutely fascinating to see under the microscope.
        THIS IS WHY THE GOVERNMENT & PTB GLOBALLY WANT TO OUTLAW HOME REMEDIES AND NATURALPATHIC / HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL PRACTICES; such actually work without the need of Moderna (a CIA group), Pfizer, GSK, and the whole host of those who paid-off politicians to push their poisons onto the populations.

  5. Okay, so why not roll out Ivermectin? Funny how the safest, proven option, Nobel prize winning no less, is not on offer…..why is that?? Worked like a charm in India.

  6. How can anyone really expect to ward off flus and colds with a killshot bioweapon inside their bodies
    stuffing up their immune system..
    Set up for it by govt and media propaganda and now wonder why they are either chronically ill or catching
    every bug that goes around.
    Not to mention all those who have already died as a result of the poison covid shots.

    When are people going to realize natural treatments, preventative measures and diet are how you stay healthy and alive.
    Bioweapons designed to depopulate the world do not stop colds.
    Us and many friends are unjabbed and unafraid, we never had covid, and most unjabbed friends either have not had it or very mild..

    As for testing, waste of time, a kiwifruit can test positive..
    Watching the sheep poop themselves as they get sick yet again and run off to store for more muzzles and shots to finish themselves off with.
    How is it, so many people have learnt nothing in the last four years? Eyes wide shut.

  7. Maybe that foreign eeediot should model how people behave when facing fascism.
    He watched TV ‘news’ showing the fake hospital pictures while spouting his forecasts.

  8. Computer Modelling is just speculation at best or making stuff up at worst.
    I did not before and I will not ever consent to taking an experimental untried, untested gene therapy.

  9. Prof Michael Plank is a mathematician who since the plandemic has become a health care expert and paid stooge of big Pharma. Would you go to the doctor to solve your math questions? Just shows how corrupt the whole convid scam has been. Never trust the experts when they are taking bribes

  10. He’s saying get the jab, is he qualified to give medical advice? Does his comments to the media constitute discharge of the duty of informed consent?

  11. I got conned/pressured/brainwashed to get jabs last time.
    Chance of me getting another jab?
    A bit, fat ZERO!

  12. Being one of the experts in this field, I’d like a private consultation with this doctor. Where does he live?


    This way for your 14th safe and effective gene-therapy bio-weapon booster.


  14. lol we don’t need to worry folks – Michael Plonker isn’t talking about New Zealand! He’s talking about some other place! 😂😂😂

  15. I went to a public lecture at University of Canterbury where Professor Plank was one of the speakers. Managed to speak of his modelling for 20 minutes without once mentioning the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) of covid which is the most important parameter in any alleged dangerous pandemic. His modelling had no credibility from the start. A disgrace for him to be described aa an epidemiologist.

    • That’s ficken outrageous! Another fake zombie. Greedy little toads. Spouting the fake narrative to get people jabbed up.

  16. Professor (LOL) Plank must as thick as 2 short planks If he remotely thinks anyone believes in this ‘Covid’ BS anymore. The Govt. are pushing a worn out record. The increase in ‘Covid’ cases is caused by the jabbed getting sicker and shedding their crap on to everybody else. The PCR; tests and masks are just a total scam. They contain crap to make you sick. Do not take any so called ‘PCR’ tests do not take any jabs just say NO NO NO – FO. The worm has turned on the ‘Big Pharma’ and ‘Elites’ money making scam. Remember no jab was ever mandated for Politicians ? No they were bribed to push the whole agenda – the NWO depopulation agenda that is. Remember Luxon electioneering in a certain hall walking off stage not answering any questions when cornered about the ‘Vaccines’ ? No they sat back collecting while families were being maimed and Genocided !. Self serving free loaders they knew exactly what was going on. They just made one mistake’ they paid off the parents (to shut them up and make them go away) of the poor young innocent children whose propaganda smashed parents bought in to be jabbed that passed away. The give away is that they knew exactly what caused their deaths. There was no informed concent to the parents or the child the Govt. just keep spruilking the ‘safe and effective’ narrative. In doing so they violated the Nuremberg Codes and are therefore guilty of Crimes against Humanity. For the sake of our children grandchildren and future generations we must in our time Prosecute and hold them all to account. Every last one of them.

  17. Not only but did you know the only penalty for violating the Nuremburg Codes is hanging, and that all those guilty of pushing the propaganda at the 1946 Nuremberg Trials were also hanged

  18. When it is realized that all the men who have been vaccinated have damaged sperm, I will gladly “get to know” some unvaccinated beauties in order to do my solemn duty to save humanity. I’m the man, not too shabby, ready and willing. Unvaccinated me! After all, humanity must continue. It is a difficult choice, but someone has to be brave in this situation. It could be the most difficult mission of my life. I have worked out how to seduce the beauties with great chat up lines like, “What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?” and take them out for a great meal of fish and chips with curry sauce and mushy peas. They will be so impressed that they cannot resist. After that I will show them my 8-inch telescope (a Meade refractor) so we can watch the stars together. Very romantic. I think that will work.

    • Being sarcastic here, of course, but reproductive effects of the vaccine are very serious. It’s bad enough people being maimed or dying. However, once our reproductive “vitality” is affected then it becomes an existential threat to humanity. Men’s sperm is damaged and also the women’s placenta can become calcified. I read a while ago that in some of the vaccine tests, most pregnant women after taking the vaccine gave still births. I dread to think what it will be like going forwards in 5 or 10 years from now.

    • Yup fill ya boots Mark. A similar mission crossed my mind. Blue eyes are a recessive gene which people seem to forget. It has a way of coming back and back and back. Even my good ole ginger dad was thwarted thinking his progeny might have olive skin with his brown eyed girl. Nah.

    • Hahaaaa…. you know Anon, the faries at the botom of the garden are real and this Covid/Bird Flu/Masking crap is not….
      and yet, I see the boxes of stupid masks being loaded for free in our local patika kai again, just across the street from our local scam (doctors) clinic…. and they dissappear and I see sheeple in cars wearing them again…locally here and so they will fall again but this time, many many more of us will not. Those who saw thru the rubbish the first time will not obviously because they have a function set of brain cells but it’s all the newly arrived who have seen death and maiming of those around them… Rory Nain’s death hopefully will not be in vain, neither will Sarah Barns, hopefully. Peter McCullough is saying they are PCR testing the chickens and soon it wll be tried on us again… the farmers are being paid for their destroyed stock and so will comply and so they can push up prices of food to the sky…no more eggs, chickens or milk and meat as cattle are now part of the targets too.. all in time to declare no elections in the US maybe as well? An emergency? Oh yeah, I bet that’s part of it… Luxon better learn how to talk next time he is asked…

    • I’ve been to Alcatraz but not as an inmate. I went there as a tourist. I suggest the Nuremberg courthouse followed by the hangman noose.


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