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Dentist writes to Chris Bishop over alarming health issues since COVID jab rollout

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A Wellington-based dentist has penned a letter to MP Chris Bishop, voicing serious concerns about an alarming rise in health issues and deaths since the rollout of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine.

The dentist, who has over 18 years of experience in the region, highlighted a significant increase in cases of pericarditis, cancers, and heart attacks among his patients.

The letter was shared on Twitter by NZ and the mRNA (@HopeRising19).

“Two patients had ongoing pericarditis suffered from the first shot, now symptomatic for over two and a half years,” the dentist wrote. He detailed specific cases, including a woman in her 40s diagnosed with two different breast cancers despite no family history or comorbidities, and another woman in her early 50s diagnosed simultaneously with breast and lung cancer under similar conditions.

In a particularly distressing account, the dentist described a woman in her late 40s who had suffered three sudden deaths in her family in a single week, with two relatives dying in their sleep at a young age. He also cited official statistics showing an 83% increase in heart attacks in Wellington over the past year.

“Why are you not talking about this in parliament?” the dentist questioned, urging Bishop to address these concerns publicly. He warned that as more information emerges globally, continued silence on the issue in New Zealand could be met with significant public backlash.

The letter underscores the growing apprehension among some healthcare professionals regarding the potential side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine and calls for greater transparency and discussion within the government, as disease and excess death rates continue to rise post rollout of the experimental gene therapies, marketed to the public as ‘COVID vaccines’.

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    • Correct, it’s a lost cause. This letter will be met with nothing but utter radio silence. They already know all about it, they knew what they were signing up for even while it was happening. They all took the money anyway.

      They’ll just continue to ignore all the letters, information requests and parliamentary petitions we throw at them. “No representation” is one of the pillars of 21st century democracy, dont’cha know…

      And even if you put one of them on the spot in front of a camera or call into whatever sh!tty mainstream radio show they’re on, all you’ll get is a snigger of derision and a patronising insult. Something something misinformation…😒🥱

      Forget it, the Covid-jab fight is over. Those who avoided it get to advance to round 2, those who didn’t…too bad.

      The criminals are NEVER going to hold themselves accountable for it. All that matters now is being prepared for “THE NEXT PANDEMIC”™️ that they keep threatening us with.

    • Totally agree. Can’t wait to see the carefully crafted reply from Bishop’s legal team. My guess is.

      Thank you for writing. I will have my team looking into it. 2 years go by and nothing.

  1. MOH staff secured jab exemptions early in the peace. They knew what was happening,
    The whole jab issue just isn’t going away.

    • You must of been someone more important than mere admin like myself. Tried all sorts of reasoning and every turn was a brick wall. Bitter? Yes always.

  2. Full credit to this Dentist for highlighting their concerns. I am surprised at just how complacent New Zealanders are with this dire situation. I have lost 3 friends in the past 12 months and another 2 have serious heart issues and a number with newly diagnosed Cancer. (all under age 60). Too many young people are dying or receiving diagnosis that simply do not fit with their pre vaccination healthy status. These are the ones who have been checked out.
    How many are yet to be diagnosed?
    New Zealand had an opportunity to undertake pre and post vaccination vast clinical trials as we had the benefit of data of all countries who vaccinated and reported ahead of us. There is ‘no excuse’ for Medsafe to have limited their reporting of serious adverse reactions in the early stages of the vaccine rollout as they would have been well aware of what was to come. The NZ Medical Council also had a role in ensuring Doctors were kept up to date and should have encouraged accurate diagnose and active reporting of the issues of concern. Instead they sent out a guideline effectively precluding any Doctor from speaking out in relation to the vaccine or face disciplinary action.
    I am not sure what it will take for all New Zealanders to wake up and demand answers. Maybe a few transparent statistics of numbers of newly diagnosed patients and numbers on waiting lists would be a good start to grasp the significance and magnitude of the problem.
    The overwhelmed Health system continually in crisis and the necessity for substantial increased Pharmac funding tells a story. I am sure the Insurers and Funeral Directors can also verify the depth of the issues we are now facing.

  3. I have lost count of the number of people I know who have got cancer in the last year. 16 have been buried so far this year, all 50s to 60s. Many dozens are battling it where before the needle it was relatively rare for me to hear someone had it.

  4. I hate to say this, but I think this issue will only get worse over time. To use an analogy, put the wrong type of oil in cars. The Porsches, Ferraris and Lamborghinis go first because their engines are stressed the most, then the “pocket rockets”, then the family cars, then the cars that are driven by grannies go last.

    The people whose bodies are stressed (the performance athletes) are dying in large numbers – 10 times what the average before 2021 was. Pilots are suffering and have chest pains and PR intervals of up to 300ms when previously 200ms was the maximum and 300ms was regarded as “require pacemaker” territory. Average people are “dying suddenly”. People who have never had cancer are seeing something wrong, going to the doctor who says they are at stage 4 and then dying a week later from “turbo cancer”. We are 3 years into this vaccine saga and so the vaccines have had 3 years to damage people’s bodies. How bad will be 10 years out? I dread to think. For some people it must be like being on death row and waiting to be executed: They know the vaccine has harmed them and can’t do a God-damn thing about it.

    The sooner this problem is acknowledged means that, not necessarily a cure for the vaccine damage, but something to minimize it can be found. Something to minimize the suffering and the death. The sooner “someone in the know” steps up, the better.

    • I agree Mark. It definitely won’t be the Immunologists nor the Haematologists, nor the Neurologists, nor the Cardiologists or the Oncologists in New Zealand who will break the silence.
      The problem is clear in that to acknowledge Covid vaccine causes injury would then put every vaccine in the spotlight. This is something our Health officials, Medsafe, CARM and IMAC appears to have worked incredibly hard to protect over decades.
      The only way this can be unravelled is for individuals to obtain their pre and post vaccine medical records which is also becoming increasingly difficult as many Practices have changed computer systems over the past 3 years. This means that records may not transfer over to all ‘Manage my Health’ patient accessed systems however, the GP will likely have the full record. Additionally Medical records are only required to be kept 10 years and one day since the last consult. In ten years time there will be no records available to create the causal link. The Govt will be breathing a huge sigh of relief when this day comes.
      I am surprised that Pharmacy given vaccines are not all appearing on the patient accessed system. A relative has had four but only two appear on her Manage my Health immunisation record and sadly she too has been recently diagnosed with Cancer.
      Let’s hope Malaghan Institute or alike can come up with a solution. Now that would be world leading in taking advantage of the current Health crisis.

    • Quite frankly Mark, if I were terminally ill due to the government-sponsored, ‘mandated’ bio-weapon known as the ‘Covid-19 Vaccine’ by Pfizer (the government had the Pfizer report from Global Research forwarded on to them very early on by ME and could have stopped the genocide when all of this crap began…), Astra-Zenica or Moderna, I would go after those responsible in ways I can’t write here.
      After all, if I’m already dead with a known turbo-cancer, heart problems, etc, what do we have to lose????
      Take note also of the population that has finally realised that they were lied to, duped, and now are behaving as though these are their last days on Earth…probably because it’s true.
      And to think that the Communist bitch of a former PM who orchestrated this is now $51 million richer than when she first arrived in ‘office’.
      And Baldy is being coached by the Zionist Bankster and former PM John Key…!
      I recognised the con job when I saw it, and got my GP to do both mask and vaccine exemptions for our entire family.
      Other Kiwis have been too trusting or fearful of government to hold it accountable, but that time is rapidly approaching when those who are terminally ill and have nothing to lose will start to go after those responsible. And when they do, it will be as a Lone Wolf-style ops that comes as a rude surprise!
      The only political entity that I know of that has fought the corruption on a radial basis has been the New Zealand Loyal Party- a Party that gets no mention in the Zionist-controlled media, and who’s leader, Liz Gunn was attacked by the NZ Police at Auckland Airport.
      Note also that when the protests at Parliament went down 2 – 3 years ago, the NZ Police were just as abusive and permanently injured several people.
      No ACC Comp is forthcoming for them either, and no Sickness / Supported Living benefit either!
      The elderly in this country had better shake-off their inner enforced mentality of compliance and see what is going to happen to their adult children and grandchildren, and then realise that walking around with their hands behind their back (a conditioned response to complying with the system lest they get caned from an earlier time at school…) and priding themselves on being compliant to a government that wants us all dead as per Zionist Globalist plans does not suit their being in any way, shape or form.
      Being made deliberately ill (terminally) and being elderly means that they have nothing to lose in retaliating against those who mandated this crap, and are STILL IN PARLIAMENT WITH NO APOLOGIES NOR REMEDIES!
      The CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, is responsible for develolping the Covid vaccines and boosters, and he is a Veterinarian, NOT a proper Dr. or GP. In fact, he mixed dead cow offal with cattle feed that resulted in Mad Cow Disease that has crossed over to humans via beef supplies in part.
      Henry Kissinger made remarks about eradicating the *populations (*non-J3wi$h Gentiles and Goyim of course) at the World Health Organisation’s ‘Council on Eugenics’ on the 25th of February 2009, stating that vaccines should be used to kill most of us off, while those attending the conference would make millions of dollars on their Pharmaceutical Stocks and Options. This also included ‘Blood Products’.
      And then there are the Satanic / Luciferian Adrenalchrome Guzzlers. We know who they are as well!
      We take a daily dose of Vitamins D3, C and Multi-Vitamins, along with Bio-Zinc and 150mg Aspirin. We have Hydrochloroquine on standby, and Iodate Tablets in the event of nuclear war.
      In doing so, our health has remained stable, with no jabs or mask wearing, and THIS is why the government /PTB / NWO wanted to outlaw health supplements and homeopathic methods.
      The vaccinated populations are now awake as to the fact that their governments have conspired to kill them, and in another year according to the Deagel Forecast for 2025, the payback will be a bitch once the trends of war, disease, famine, and political corruptions are recognised!

    • They can’t tell the truth now. Their currency is lies, an empire of bull****.
      They’ll go to the gallows still lying

      • …as they did in Nuremberg. No one recanted. The kakistocrats, together with the compliant, and the conned, and the legion of nodding medical, nursing, pharma jabsters, those that remain guilty of instigating and perpetrating the historic and perniciously unethical, unpredictable , sickening and murderous assault that still continues (that fact alone being evidence enough given an extant mountain of research and data), they will never stop. They will need to be physically removed from their offices, place of work and homes. In the end they may come to fear those with nothing left to lose?

  5. The WHO’s Pandemic Treaty.
    The proposed amendments to this Treaty – among other threats to public freedom, will:
    Require surveillance of online information and censorship of information deemed “misinformation.”
    Require health documents proving vaccination status that will be used to restrict access and travel.
    Force extreme lockdown measures.
    I assume we all know what this means and how compliance will be ensured. We watched the police in action here for 3 years. There are many other enforcers in reserve.
    This is how the vax promoters will shut down any and all information about adverse effects of the Covid vax and whatever results from what they plan to do regarding Disease X – the new pandemic. This is why ‘they’ are in such a hurry. As the questions and sudden deaths from populations increase, so those weaklings in positions of power will capitulate and see the Treaty as necessary protection.
    Funding for UN agencies’ budgets usually comes from member countries set contributions i.e. the million dollars which NZ just donated to UNRWA. The case of WHO is quite different. WHO is funded up to 87% (the precise percentage depends on the year) by the private sector, of which Big Pharma, including the infamous GAVI – the “Vaccination Association”, with their offices just across the drive-way from WHO – and by other interest groups, like Big-Tech, Big-Finance and Bill Gates.
    Therefore, WHO, created in 1948 as a Rockefeller initiative, is not a real UN agency.

  6. Respect to the brave dentist for standing up.

    Unfortunately we all know how this ends.

    He will be be vilified, slandered, attacked, cancelled, ruined and ultimately ignored.

    However he will be on the right side of history unlike our current dismal corrupt government.

  7. My neighbor the hair dresser: “There’s a lot of stories being talked about at the shop. Vaccinated people seem to be always sick with one thing or another” (She’s vaxxed as well and having heart and liver issues).

  8. At this point I’m certainly encouraging all politicians and bureaucrats to get injected as often as possible with their life-saving ‘safe and effective’ gene therapies.

    Good riddance to the woke cretins.

  9. Never got the jab as evaluated the spin and draconian measures as corrupt, eventually got CV19, felt a bit rough for a few days.
    Soon after had a regular check up with my doctor, and mentioned I had covid a few weeks back and was all good.
    That was a mistake, he said you need to go get a pcr test, I said why, I am good as, no reply. That afternoon I missed 3 calls from healthline, never answered them, he had obviously informed them, that was on Friday. Over the weekend my wife and I got 2 calls, one from the doctor and one from his nurse to enquire if we were okay. I had already told him we were both fine.You could say they were just doing their job, but I strongly suspect they registered all that and got paid for it

  10. Stay away from doctors if you can.
    Don’t enter into dialogue with any govt. entity, including and especially police.
    Yes, it’s got to that stage.
    After all, they’ve tried to kill us ( and succeeded in some cases).
    And notice euthanasia is made easy ( fast tracked), so if it all gets too much….

  11. not only the medical establishment ( except a few) is rotten to the core, but even worse the same applies to judicial system protecting ” interests” that are not the population’ s best interest


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