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COVID jab travesty: Teen cancer patient denied lung transplant passes away

Dazelle Peters news
Dazelle Peters in healthier times (L), and in hospital before her passing (R).

Dazelle Peters, a 17-year-old leukemia patient has passed away after being denied a vital lung transplant.

Her father, Josh Peters, confirmed her death on social media, expressing gratitude for the support Dazelle received during her battle with cancer.

The denial of the transplant was partly due to her refusal to get the Covid-19 vaccine, as hospital policies require vaccination to ‘optimise survival post-transplant.’ Dazelle chose not to be vaccinated, leading to her exclusion from the transplant waiting list.

The case has sparked significant debate and an outpouring of tributes. Prominent figures, including Aussie boxer George Kambosos Jr., paid emotional tributes, highlighting Dazelle’s bravery. The hospital claimed that vaccination status is crucial for ‘post-transplant survival’, while the Australian government clarified that there is no official mandate against unvaccinated patients receiving transplants.

The Peters family’s ordeal began with Dazelle’s collapse and subsequent treatments, which severely impacted her organs. Her choice to remain unvaccinated was respected by her family.

Social media erupted with outrage over the hospital’s decision, with many arguing that it infringed on Dazelle’s right to refuse medical treatment. Critics emphasised that vaccinations are not compulsory in Australia, and the hospital’s policy was seen as a violation of personal freedom and medical autonomy. Many expressed disbelief and anger that Dazelle was denied potentially life-saving care based on her vaccination status, calling for a re-evaluation of such policies in healthcare settings.

A a large randomised and placebo-controlled trial conducted in 2020, with 43, 548 participants was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, which showed that a two-dose mRNA COVID-19 vaccine regimen provided an absolute risk reduction of just 0.88%.

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  1. What an incredibly sad situation for this family.
    The flip side of this argument is that my kidney ‘transplanted’ relative who is double vaccinated managed to get Covid recently, therefore these vaccines do not preclude any patient from catching the virus.
    I am unvaccinated and managed to clear the infection within one week and the transplanted and vaccinated individual who also had IV antiviral treatment took ‘13 days’ to clear the virus (which also defies the recommended isolation period).
    There needs to be substantial more research before these Health officials make these dire calls (causing unnecessary deaths) on the premise of Covid vaccinations being effective and necessary. Simply shameful!

  2. Doctors don’t care about you.

    They will quite literally let you or one of your children die just to protect their financial interests and stroke their ego. HUGE God complexes all over that entire profession. They’re absolute evil incarnate.

    If it had been MY child left to agonisingly wither away like that, the doctor and his board of directors would all be on borrowed time. There would be Netflix documentaries made about me in the years to come.

    Filthy, rotten and corrupt profession, built on the misery of others.

  3. In my opinion, the decision not to treat this girl with her entitled treatment is nothing short of a premeditated murder.
    She is a brave individual and she has my eternal respect.

  4. The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has ruled that it’s not a vaccine, it’s a treatment because it doesn’t stop the (alleged) virus, it merely lessens the symptoms.

  5. This is a premeditated, deliberate killing of a beautiful innocent person with no justification. These doctors and the health authorities are utterly sick b******

  6. RIP Dazelle The Brave. The doctor’s however are yet to to find out that they are tomorrow’s fall guy’s, the reason being that they did not inform the public of the known risk’s and side affect’s of the so called vax.

  7. People should just boycott doctors and hospitals, stay healthy, roll the dice and accept the outcome.
    All they want to do is make money off of us.

  8. Over the last few years there have been many cases in many countries where people have been denied life-saving medical care because they refused the COVID vaccine. They subsequently died.

    They are denied medical care because the doctors believe there is more risk in recovery without the vaccine. However, without any treatment there is no recovery possible. What the doctors are showing is a “God complex” where they relish controlling treatment that could save life or deny treatment to end life. They are “king of the hill” and soak in their own arrogance.

    Can the Doctors be charged with murder for refusing to treat when there is no good reason? What SHOULD happen is the doctors would ADVISE the patient of the vaccine options – risk factors – let the patient decide, and then treat the patient whether they choose to have or not have the vaccine.

    I wonder where the Australian Police and Judiciary stand on all of this?
    Perhaps they are too busy strangling people or wrestling them to the ground for not wearing masks,


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