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Macron dissolves French parliament after huge election defeat

French election news

The move comes after the president’s party was trounced in voting for the EU Parliament.

French President Emmanuel Macron has dissolved the country’s National Assembly and called on Sunday for a snap general election, following the release of polls predicting a disastrous performance by his Renaissance party in the European parliament election. Macon’s allies look certain to be roundly trounced by the right-wing National Rally party, led by Marine Le Pen.

Explaining his decision, the president said he could not act as if “nothing happened,” admitting that the projected election result did not bode well for his government. Macron also warned about the apparent rise of nationalist forces, calling it a danger both to France and the EU as a whole.

According to exit polls and early projections, National Rally, led by Jordan Bardella, took around a third of the vote. At the same time, Macron’s alliance scored only around 15% of votes.

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Source:RT News

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  1. Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally is set to win around 31.5% of the vote, compared to 15.2% for Emmanuel Macron’s Renaissance party, according to exit polls.
    Does Le Pen have any answers?
    I doubt it
    The opposite side of the same posterior

    • Maybe check on her answers.
      The rise of nationalist forces happens because Macron IS a danger both to France and the EU as a whole.
      The same phenomenon happens worldwide.
      The people are waking up.

    • Answers or no answers I would rather see the arrogant pig be demolish. Surprised he hasn’t ordered troops on the ground.

          • Even more respect for her.
            You’d need balls of steel to even try to take over the steering wheel for NZ.
            Apologies to Liz Gunn for ‘the balls’ analogy or putting her in one pot with Le Pen 🙂

  2. Let that be a wake up call for our own New Zealand MPs. There is no question that New Zealanders are headed towards the minority parties. wouldn’t it be fabulous if the loyal party held the balance of power. Right now the majority parties hold a significant percentage of the public vote .New Zealand has ignored the vast majority of people who want an unlimited investigation into the Covid jab, the damage to the immune system and cause of death. I do not envision labour to return to power next election. I do however believe the minority parties will decide New Zealand’s future.

    • Well, if the colossal earthquake in Europe’s elections are any indication, people DO wake up. The megalomaniac arrogant polit cabal is shaking in their boots. The NZ division is just really slow and daft. Many have no clue of what’s coming:

  3. People have had a guts full of the greedy, wasteful, US lap dog, war mongering, globalist neo con party’s. I hope to see the new party’s rise in New Zealand as well but sadly, New Zealanders are slow learners……..

  4. The political class the world over, are all on the same side, they just have use believe that they are in opposition to each other, what ever the out come, the political class win.

  5. French immigration policy is decided in Bruxelles : 4 millions legal immigrants per year + thousands illagals

    This is the one responsible for it.

    The european parliament has no say about it
    The French government neither.

    Marine Le Pen won t change anything.
    Further, the current national debt has attained hights never seen before and i doubt very much Marine LePen will be capable to restaure the finances of France .
    Debt bought by larry fink ( blackrock) .
    Most of TV channels are now in J**** hands as is ” Le Monde” now, one of the most important papers. They make the ” opinion” and were the one who promoted Macron as president.
    So in my view, it is a trick to show ” how” Le Pen is” incompetent” in view of next presidential elections in spring 2027.
    What Le Pen could do if she had guts is stopping financing the war in Ukraine.
    Larry Fink is a frequent guest at the Elysee. Probably owns much of french debt. He also “bought ” assets in Ukraine.

    One should watch very closely what larry fink is doing in New Zealand and whom is ” his friend”

  6. Macron does appear to be a highly unusual globalist p*rvert.

    Marrying his mother who turns out to be a bloke. Allegedly.

    Oh well, takes all sorts I suppose.

  7. Cool.

    Evil creepy nutcase gets voted out.

    The obvious question being,:

    Who in their right mind would ever vote for this evil creepy nutcase?

    Asking for a friend.


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