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Cyclone Gabrielle – Crime prevention a priority in cyclone-hit Eastern district

Cyclone Gabrielle crime news
Sgt. Philip Rowden speaks with two tourists in Napier CBD. PHOTO SUPPLIED.

Police operating in flood-affected areas of the Eastern district are carrying out reassurance patrols day and night following Cyclone Gabrielle, as more officers are deployed to assist.

The addition of the Police Eagle helicopter is a hugely valuable asset to protecting our communities and enhancing the response capability.

“We have extra officers from across the country who are working in with colleagues from Civil Defence, the Defence Force, and other responding agencies, to help Tairāwhiti and Hawke’s Bay,” Eastern District Commander Superintendent Jeanette Park says.

“I’m immensely proud of our officers and the partner agencies they are working alongside. A number of those on duty have also been affected by the cyclone.

“We understand people are worried, and Police have significantly increased staffing levels to provide reassurance. More than 100 additional officers have been brought into the district, including to areas that have been cut off.”

The Eagle helicopter is equipped technology that not only assists the Civil Defence response, but will also help officers track and locate offenders, or vehicles of interest.

“People are hurting, many are still without power, and or are unable to go home. Part of our response is being on the streets and in vulnerable areas, deterring the people who want to take advantage of this disaster.”

Between 14 February and the morning of 18 February:

  • Officers have logged 992 prevention jobs that include providing public reassurance, patrols and vehicle stops in Hawke’s Bay.
  • In Tairāwhiti, 482 prevention jobs, including public reassurance work, reassurance patrols, and vehicle stops, have been carried out.
  • Communities will continue to have a very visible Police presence, Superintendent Park says.

“If it anyone takes advantage of other people’s misery during this crisis, our officers will investigate.

“This offending is low at the best of times. Targeting people in a crisis is abhorrent and we’re not tolerating it.”

“We urge people to keep reporting suspicious behaviour or crime. The sooner we hear about it, the faster we can respond.”

If you witness criminal activity or behaviour that is unsafe, please call 111 as soon as possible with as much detail as you can.

Incidents can be reported after the fact via 105.

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Source:NZ Police

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  1. As soon as I heard the Kathmandu store in Napier was ram raided and cleared out in the early hours of 15 Feb I knew this was going to be a big problem. The ankle bracelet system has failed because no power so we have gangs and criminals running amok. Put these peoples photos up and their names so we know who these lowlifes are.

    What I want to know is where the HELL are the army? Were the Navy? Fricken useless. There are stories of people protecting their properties with nail guns FFS. I hate all guns but to be honest it shows you how this soft on crime approach has created the necessity to protect one’s self. This is WHY we need guns. The govt only mobilises police to protect themselves like at the protest. The police are supposed to serve the communities NOT the politicians. The Govt has CREATED the need for citizens to arm themselves. You F’ing bunch of WOKE idiots.

    The response from the govt is weak and pathetic. For all the BILLIONS of money the Govt have wasted on Covid, and for what exactly? A 17% higher annual death rate? here’s a real disaster and what do the govt do? Donate $2 million??? I mean seriously? Jacinda gave Hillary Clintons foundation more money than THAT. What an F’ing INSULT. If you ever had any doubts about whether the govt cared about people, wonder no more. They have LITERALLY been laundering our money to pay themselves and their mates and families for the last goodness knows how many years.

    We pay millions of dollars for people to write reports about ‘climate change’ and flood management, riparian plantings, who owns the water etc etc and when it comes down to it all, there is NO WARNING for the residents and NO system. Why? LIVES HAVE BEEN LOST BECAUSE OF THIS UTTER INCOMPETENCE. Why was the Maori Girls school evacuated but not the other residents of Esk Valley????? This type of flood has happened before in 1938 FFS! How about study history??? DUH. who is in charge of Environment Hawkes Bay? STEP DOWN NOW YOU INCOMPETENT OVERPAID BUREAUCRAT!

    Are the local Maori who now claim the water gonna fix the damage their water did? Nah bet not. This is why no one owns it. Also, flooding has NOTHING ato do with 3 waters. It’s a WEATHER EVENT that has happened in the past.

    The forestry industry has a lot to answer for. Here we are, planting bloody pine trees on the hills for f’ing carbon credits and now the leftover logs have wrecked bridges and killed people. What have the Greens got to say about THAT? Who will take responsibility for this? These hills should NOT have pines on them. If this country wants to grow bloody radiata pine plant it where the Kaingaroa Forest is because THATS where they grow best. Away from people and rivers.

    Also, this has highlighted that we CANNOT rely on electricity. Without it we have NO communications, no way of paying for things and if you have an EV car then you are munted. SO, we must have fuels like petrol, gas and diesel for transportation, heating, cooling and cooking, we need fires, we need copper cables, we need water tanks and we need CASH. Why don’t we study history? The answers are ALL THERE!.

    So Chipmunk hippiekid, you can shove your f’ing podium where the sun don’t shine, don’t even THINK about bringing the election forward, it’s not about you and your inept bunch of colleagues any more, this is about New Zealand not f’ing Aoteroa and all the money wasted on identity politics and jamming te reo down everyones throats. We need all the time we can between now and October to get to get RID of Labour, National, the Greens and the Maori party. You are all F’ing USELESS. We need to focus on the people who have lost everything, we need to stop wasting money on bureaucracy in Wellington and spend it FIXING OUR INFRASTRUCTURE. We need UNITY for ALL. I almost wish something catastrophic would happen to those smug people in Wellington and shake them out of their stupor at what and who REALLY makes this country tick, and it ISNT Wellington. We could cut them off and starve them in a day they are that F’ing useless.

    Now chippie the chipmunk, get the F’ing army up there with their guns to sort the lawlessness OUT and deal to the gangs. Tell them looters will be shot. That’s a start. And don’t EVER EVER think about taking cash away from the people or forcing us to use electricity for everything. I will NEVER own an electric bike or car, shove that dumb idea. Dangerous and USELESS with no power. We don’t want to rely on the Government. Why? Because you’re F’ing useless and you’ve just proved it.

    Vent over.

  2. Growing crime is another symptom of the poverty and inequality successively bad govt policy and now the COVID scam, has inflicted on New Zealander’s. Regrettably people are now desperate , they see an opportunity, they take it.
    The biggest disaster is bad government, always has been.


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