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Is it safe to protest in our country anymore? An ordinary person’s reaction to Ardern’s speech about the protesters

Look at the video here and ask yourself are these the dangerous conspiracy theorists that Ardern describes, who she has dedicated herself to protect us from?

People who came peacefully to discuss the hardships brought about by the Mandates. They thought they would be heard in our democracy. That simple. They were not.

Ardern’s dehumanising them and claiming they are not kiwis was all she spoke of in her description of this event on Wednesday. She claimed the violence was of their making, violence so disgusting she said with apparent passion – she had “no words for it”. As she said this, she emphatically nodded her head as if she imagined she had agreement already for the supposed profound truth she was expressing. But that is her own assumption and likely not what the majority believe. For sure, what she continued to say was a walloping overkill as described by those who actually saw it. Live feeds throughout the day by many speak to deeper truths.

She mentioned that they did not go in earlier ‘because children where there.’ And yet – she could have stopped this on day one if compassion and leadership were actually a high priority for her. The hypocrisy hits the heart powerfully because this is not the NZ way. It is not the NZ way to put kiwis down in order to carry on her own agenda without talking with them. She is supposed to serve us all not deride those who merely point out how much suffering mandates have caused to a huge number of people. The urgency of dropping these mandates was clear in the context that mandates are no longer necessary in our current situation and current knowledge. Everyone can get and spread the virus despite vaccination – so it makes nonsense of the whole strategy. We have also moved away from the pandemic stage of the most dangerous strand of Covid 19 to a very mild Covid 22 one. Overkill, and being in a time warp are very normal conclusions to make right now. It doesn’t require much intelligence to get that, especially when it is the trend to drop mandates all over the world.

People do protest when they are not responded to on urgent matters. Its normal in a democracy. To be responded and listened to is a fundamental right. And if anyone has acted unlawfully I have to say to Ardern that the finger points backwards even more clearly now because of these peaceful protesters being falsely labelled violent with crazy ideas. Even during the protests – the mandates for the police and defence force have been declared illegal in the courts. No mention of that by Ardern in light of the mandates being the whole purpose of this protest. I wonder why?

Instead in her speech, she focused on condemning these people as dangerous conspiracy theorists aiming to divide and hurt this country. She focused also that the police were “brave ” because of the violence shown to them – an extraordinary bias when the live feeds were not viewed by her yet – except from one’s mainstream media may have supplied.

Not once a reference to the mandates, I repeat that because its absence is beyond belief.  It was a propaganda burst, and no doubt there will be more to come. It was in essence a continual deplorable rant about the protesters being full of conspiracy theories, hell bent on destruction, and dangerous to the country. All this distraction was created by demonising them. That is so far from truth that is has made me and many weep. It is an alarming trend given the echoes overseas. She has given a clear message that this is how she will manage protest, and this is a steady erosion of our rights. Like Trudeau she stands staunch with arrogance like the emperor with no clothes – as if what she says is admirable, true and represents what her country is feeling. She is more than out of touch, she is the danger to our country’s freedoms.

The example of America which fed the world with these memes shows how you can erode democracy insidiously with simple things: like persistent PR (she has even called PR ‘propaganda’ herself in an interview) with avoidance, silencing, claiming to be the one source of truth – and with demonising. Such governments, and now our own, use the conspiracy label like they used to use the terrorist narrative: to instil fear and silence opposition. (Yes, that’s the real imported element we should be afraid of.) Of most concern is how they can “justifiably” clamp down on whatever group they want to with new laws to so called “protect” people from dangerous groups. There is no imported conspiracy elements in the protesters. Some entered at the end but were nothing to do with the people in this peaceful protest. Ardern knows this. With false horror and undercurrent glee the MSM jumped on it, and Ardern has used it for all its worth. Live feeds show this.

So my question today is, rightfully, how can anyone feel that this country is a safe place to protest anymore?

They managed to drown out the pure reason these kiwis came. They came to talk to mandates and the vaccine injuries. They were not a small group of New Zealanders, there were thousands across the country and at parliament. Did she not see the aerial views? They stood on the steps of parliament and watched this planned event unravel. They stood their ground about free speech and their responsibility to listen – and felt staunch in their tactics to incite this situation and ignore the plight of people who trusted them to do the right thing.

The government celebrated it, compassion not anywhere to be seen. They called them “rivers of filth”. They didn’t “hesitate” to go in because the protesters were violent and dangerous – they did not go in because they were peaceful, and it would appear morally wrong to do so. It was morally wrong.

They hyped up the “dangerous violent” theories and created the violence themselves with full support of the mainstream media (MSM) bar a tiny drowned out few. “There was no pepper sprays” she said, no violence from parts of the police at all. These strong-armed police were so “brave” to stand up to these frightening people that this country can not condone them as legal protesters. Can you believe that distortion? Really? This utter overkill in her speech? The officers in riot gear ripped down the tents with no respect for possessions. Stomped on them without checking if there were people inside, threw items away with force – pushed elderly over, pepper sprayed people even as they just stood watching or whilst trying to move out. One elderly man pushed over broke his hip.

Yes …an officer got hit by an orange and an empty bottle of water. What courage he had to take that onslaught so unprotected in his riot gear? How much of our money did this huge display of political and police force cost our country – when Jacinda could have stopped this in seconds. She is supposed to be a good listener and compassionate. But this shows that her government it not to be trusted as the one source of truth that she repeatedly declares.

The fire made a huge impression of violence at the end – it happened with a tent being ripped down at speed by police knocking over a generator which caught the tent alight. This is the moment the infiltrators came in and fed the flames. I do hope that a fair inquiry happens over those acts of violence which where nothing to do with the main peaceful group. They kept the place clean and unharmed and the police turned it into a war site – there is no justification for destroying personal property and making that strewn mess. No time was given to collect their things, they were just pushed and bullied along. There is no way they can justify pepper spraying innocent non-violent people – or even those with their backs to them.

The feeds have identified the small group (all with masks) who did the hurling of wooden bricks and items and were shouted down by the protesters to stop. Who were those infiltrators who ruined it for them? Everything till this 22nd day was peaceful until violent others stole that peace. The protesters had trusted that with their peaceful and loving stance, and with patience – that the PM would come. This is exactly how the government wanted to see it end, and actually Ardern – I have no words strong enough for this.

In response to March 2nd we saw how our PM and media works. A very sad day for New Zealanders. It is now more urgent than ever to talk truth to power and do it in a way these protesters did. With heart truth peace and persistence. Even if you are staunch now by her encouragement – soon the lies of the PM and her conspiracy theories will be apparent and show what this event really was: a cry for these mandates to stop. A call for her reflection on the living reality of it, and to take note of their illegality in the current state of events. They are no longer scientifically or socially required. They do great harm.

Is opposing mandates a frightening conspiracy theory Ardern? New Zealanders have nothing to fear from these brave people asking important questions to power. Nothing it all. Can any of you remember once in this 22 days Ardern refer to the mandate issue? Well done Jacinda – that is how diversion politics works. This is not New Zealand; this is the divided New Zealand she and her government are creating, one that closes doors to normal questioning, and muddies the water of what is fact and fiction.

Please pray for the broken hearts of good intentioned kiwis who are suffering from the mandates – and more so – for those protesters who have been appallingly treated and wounded. Even their possessions they brought here were smashed and wrecked by the police who would not simply wait for them to retrieve them and go. It is amazing no one was killed. It was an overstep of power and I hope claims are made.

Sigh. You can say this is a pro protest rant and convince yourself of that. But no 10-word text I am afraid can talk to the truths silenced yesterday. Thank you protesters, we all know this is not over. There is no such thing as failure in the pursuit of truth.

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  1. You speak what is in my heart bro. You are right that there is no safe way to protest in NZ now that Ardern has smashed our democracy, ignores our Bill of Rights and now only spouts lies and division – backed up by her private army (once called the NZ Police) and her obsequious propaganda puppets (once called the NZ media).
    Perhaps the only options remaining for NZers who will not bow down to worship her is violence (not recommended to achieve positive results) or prayer. So I pray God will bring His judgement on Jacinda Arden and those that knowingly enabled her corruption and criminal acts. That her lies and deceptions will be exposed, that she will be personally accountable for all that violent, harmful and corrupt acts upon innocent NZers. Even so, God’s grace and mercy are still available to her – but I think she rejected God a long time ago. She stands in the shadow of her demonic masters and will share their judgment soon.

  2. Wonderful account of how things are. Us average kiwi’s have lost confidence in the NZ police, and I can see times coming when the police will call for the public help ,but nothing will be forth coming

  3. If comrade Arden thinks that standing in a podium shaking her head and clucking her tongue in disgust at the peaceful protesters is the end of this, then she really doesn’t know nzders at all. Remember we are kiwi warriors ,strong , and persistent we never give up!!!!! This first protest gives us insight on the government and media’s workings and behaviour. We are learning. We will regroup with crucial knowledge we have gained. We will not be discouraged. That’s not who we are. So come together nz this is not the end, it’s the beginning. We will go and talk to ex veterans and glean from their experience and knowledge. Rise up!! We have the power as the people. We will dust ourselves off and push through, we will let the government know that the people have spoken. We will not hide in our homes and give up. Gather together, stay off social media and plan our next move. Many people are starting to wake up it’s only going to grow in size with huge numbers of pissed off kiwis. So Kia kaha get back on the horse, gird up your loins and get back out there. We can do this nz

  4. The PM and her government have to deflect because the truth is uncomfortable.

    Between 14 February 2022 to 4 March 2022, the number of unvaccinated people hospitalised with Covid rose by 27%. Over the same period, the number of fully vaccinated people hospitalised with Covid rose by 910%.

    The PM would be well aware of these numbers. She is well aware that there is no justification for vaccine mandates. She likes being in control.

  5. Such telling footage in this video, pause at 2:03, of MSM camped in protection of balcony at parliament while police are doing their dirty anti-social work on NZers with flags raised below. Says it all, doesn’t it? Were these media all part of of Adern’s paid-off media team “of $55 million tax-payer dollars”? While Jacinda’s cousin our police commissioner receives a cool $700 000 pa of tax-payer’s dollars.

    Even previously die-hard Jacinda/Labour fans are fast losing faith in MSM and the police. Viewing them for what they are: misinforming and deluded agents of the WEF/big pharma/banking cabals/cohorts; who intend stripping us all of our property, freedoms and rights – except themselves, naturally – until we become prisoners or slavish adherents in the cruellest most inhumane system humankind will know : the transhuman social credit system. Wake up NZ, wake up! Coming soon to a house near you.

    Seems this media and police corps are utterly ignorant and still have not learned the lesson’s history teaches. They may feel powerful, now, because of their present roles, but they’re mere playthings, puppets, and will be easily cast aside by those who control them. That a ruling unjust power is always eventually overthrown and those working with/abetting it are later identified and usually face considerable consequences, loss of reputation for starters, for causing, fomenting and perpetuating injustice.

    What is injustice?

    1. the quality or fact of being unjust; inequity.
    2. violation of the rights of others; unjust or unfair action or treatment.
    3. an unjust or unfair act.

  6. For a national leader who worships the UN, Ardern is the model hypocrite. She’s walked over the Bill of Rights and danced around the issue of mandates, choosing to not communicate at all with those who have been crowbarred out of their employment and relegated to third class citizens, all under the ever plausible smoke and mirrors of a public health crisis. Once we get past this omicron gig we will need to know how the $60b has been spent. We need the suicide rates published and we need to take into account the social damage that’s been caused unnecessarily. We need to know why medical experts who have been struck off the register were struck off. Why have rugby teams from [at the time] heavily infected Australia been allowed into NZ on a charter flight paid for by our government? They were fast tracked whilst seasonal orchard workers from unaffected Pacific islands weren’t allowed into NZ. Why have over 26,000 businesses gone under? This has been an attack on the middle class by a socialist government and an attempt to condition us to feudal life. The vaccines finish their clinical trials in 2023. Forced medical intervention has occurred – fine for those who are happy to have taken it but for those who aren’t, well, there you go. As the next two years roll on it will be apparent why the government was so intent on enacting the euthanasia legislation. Some will want to avail of it.

      • Hey troll, quiet down – we can smell the mRNA on your breath, and trust me it aint pleasant. Jabber fools like you need to grow a pair of nuts, instead of hiding behind furniture all day with your little facemask on, waiting for Cindy’s next press conference and notification you’re due for your next booster. There are 18 people in my work. 15 are off work due to COVID, 14 of them are 2x or 3x jabbed – only one of them is unvaxxed and she has mild symptoms. Now, if I took the polio jab two or three times in 8 months, I’d kinda expect not to actually get polio. I visited 3 other workplaces last week and it is the same – many of the staff are off ‘sick’ with COVID, and almost all are 2x or 3x jabbed, most mandated to take it. People who have been jabbed are pissed off. They know they’ve been sold a lie, done their duty (reluctantly), but got no protection. The idea that opposition to the vax or the govt is just a small group of ‘anti-vaxxers’ is crap.

  7. You may as well say Facebook and twitter are going to lose a lot of people due to hate speech regards this tyrant because so many people have had enough
    and it’s going to get bigger as more people wake up
    You can lie and lie but the truth always catches up on you

    • The worst hate speech comes from the govt supporters. In fact some of the MPs lead the charge. ‘Great unwashed’ and ‘rivers of filth’ ring any bells.


  8. Her speech was a joke, but you can only perpetuate a lie until the real world starts to wakeup to whats being played out on the TV, is not whats happening in reality. However, the sad fact is their elitist plan has worked, in as much as they have managed to poison what “appears” to be the majority of humanity, and only time will tell just how this will affect the health of those who trusted their governments word that they were doing the right thing to protect themselves and their fellow man. I feel sick to my stomach everytime i see that parasite speak, and then have the gaul to tell us to be kind to one another while she is quietly sterilising, maiming, or killing our friends and loved ones. Those “real kiwis” who had the guts to protest for the freedoms of not just themselves but for all of humanity are true modern day heroes, and they had every right to be pissed for the way they were coerced into retaliation by violent thugs that have the cheek to call themselves police who are supposed to protect the peace and the order of the community. Stay strong and remember, we are the many, they are the few.

  9. This is absolute BS. These people trashed our city, harassed businesses, intimidated and spat on citizens (especially women and school kids) forced schools and the university to close, poured sewage into stormwater drains, tried to burn down heritage trees and buildings plus spread disease. No one in Wellington was sad to see them being given the bum’s rush – our only regret was that it wasn’t sooner.

    • What a pack of drama Llamas. A wee bit of a disruption for a few self entitled bedwetters. We should just stop delivering goods to Wellington. See how you so called greenies manage without your soy lattes and bog roll for a few months. On yer bikes.

      What a truly toxic place it is. It really is the a*hole of the north island. The people who live there are largely existing in their own echo chamber.

    • It happened in the area where all the filing cabinet buildings are. More came of that protest in results than any group of policy analysts could produce huddling in a corridor in a decade. Wellington runs from Miramar to Pukerua Bay, pretty much. It was only the Parliament area that was inconvenienced for a while and badly trashed when the professionals showed up. Get to grips with the fact that the people there were the ones who could get there.

  10. Many in Wellington were saddened that they were not only moved in, but also not listened to and treated with disproportionate force and violence. I talk to many people each day in Wellington and there was a support for the anti-mandate message.


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