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Israel launches massive attack on Gaza

IDF warplanes bombed the Palestinian city in “revenge” for rockets fired from Lebanon.

Israeli planes began bombing Gaza in the early hours of Friday, after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed the Palestinian group Hamas for Thursday’s rocket attack from Lebanese territory.

“The IDF is currently striking in Gaza,” Israeli Defense Forces tweeted at 12:21 am local time, promising more details later.

Palestinian media outlets reported that Hamas air defenses have been activated. There were no reports of casualties so far. Videos shared on social media showed explosions lighting up the night.

“We will strike our enemies and they will pay the price for any act of aggression,” Netanyahu said on Thursday, after some 34 rockets were fired from southern Lebanon. No one took responsibility for the attack, but the IDF blamed Hamas, a militant Palestinian group headquartered in Gaza.

Israeli media called the attack the most serious escalation since 2006, when Israel attempted to dislodge Hezbollah from southern Lebanon. That war is widely considered a Hezbollah victory.

According to local media, Hamas and Hezbollah have placed their long-range rockets on high alert, and may strike at central Israel in response to the IDF bombing.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, whom Netanyahu fired last week but reinstated after public backlash, has instructed the IDF to prepare for “all possible options of retaliation.” All IDF personnel were reportedly recalled from leave and the units near the border with Lebanon placed on high alert on Thursday.

Media outlets in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem have speculated that a strike on Gaza was certain, while another operation in Lebanon was highly likely.

Earlier this week, Israeli riot police arrested hundreds of Palestinians at the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, disrupting services during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Some Palestinians had flocked to the mosque after reports that Israeli settlers were planning to ritually sacrifice a goat there.

Previous clashes at al-Aqsa, in May 2021, triggered an 11-day conflict between Israel and Hamas. It eventually ended in a ceasefire mediated by Egypt.

Just last week, Netanyahu faced mass protests organized by the liberal opposition, which called for his resignation over the proposed overhaul of Israel’s supreme court.

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Source:RT News

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  1. The Jews will not let these people live in peace. They are continually evicting them from their legally owned homes and humiliating them so thousands of Jewish settlers can build homes on other people’s land. I wonder what Balfour would say if he came back? Many Jews have left Russia and the Ukraine to return to Israel as the population in Israel swells. Perhaps the Russian Jews could have gone to the Jewish Autonomous Oblast – Birobidzhan – and have added their manpower to the Russian army but, apparently not. I don’t know why the Muslim countries don’t help these poor people.
    God was asked – will there ever be peace between the Jews and the Palestinians?
    Not in my lifetime, he answered.

    • Maybe the question should be, will there ever be peace between the Goy and the Jew? the answer is, No, not even if the Jew rules all Goy the Jew will never be satisfied.

  2. This is a ‘Wag the Dog’ diversion away from the criminality of Netanyahu and the on-going Israeli protests.
    Check the pattern of Gaza or West Bank Attacks that coincide with Israeli domestic problems and corruptions.
    The Zionist methodology of stealing land goes hand-in-hand with J3wi$h-owned BlackRock trying to steal the pay-outs from the French Retirement System by ‘raising the age of retirement’ so that one works longer resulting in minimum retirement pay-outs due to a shorter lifespan from age 70+.
    The Talmud is an instruction book on exploitation, and how to steal for the purpose of exploitation enforced by Noahide Law, as noted by each and every U.S. President signing-off annually on the same in the presence of Orthodox Rabbis in the Oval Office.
    As for the U.S. Police State? ALL U.S. Law Enforcement are trained now by Israel, having practiced on the Palestinians!
    Everyone had better hope and pray that Russia wins the war in the Ukraine, and the coming war in Europe, because if he doesn’t, the Holocaust of the Goyim will soon follow just as promised by Nikita Kruschev, aka Solomon Perlmutter, a Zionist J3w from the country of Georgia!

    • just read ” the trigger” by david icke.
      1000 pages😱😱 for a non native speaker.
      But i recommand it. An eye opener to understand how ultra zionists operate world wide. Nasty

  3. If the Zionists would leave Al Aqsa alone, and stop unwarranted attacks on Palestinians to drive them from Jerusalem, it will be better for all concerned. But they are by nature a provocative people so they must live with the consequences…

  4. I urge people to join Telegram Platforms, Intel Slava and Intel Republic. The vids will horrify you. Cowardly Israeli soldiers and police armed to the teeth striking muslims in prayer.

    There is no doubt there are good Jews around the world. Groups like IJV in Canada, media companies such as the The Gray Zone routinely bring out the injustices of Israel but the world remains silent.

    The problem is all the western governments are infiltrated by satanic Jews and are in their pockets. Israel controls America and America continually vetoes any action at UN or UN Security level. Russia also seems to be an Israel puppet because of the large number of Russian Jews.

    The biggest cowards are the Arab world. The Sunni Arabs are a bunch of eunuchs, infact, some believe the Al Saud family are crypto Jews.


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