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Watch: More shocking footage emerges of jab victim Casey Hodgkinson

One month after the jab she's still suffering

More shocking footage has emerged of jab victim Casey Hodgkinson struggling with the effects of her Pfizer jab.

Video originally posted on her mother’s Facebook and now uploaded to Btichute shows Casey in spasm fits and pain.

In a Facebook post today Casey’s mum told followers that her daughter had been going through this for over a month, and that doctors were altering medical notes.

More to follow.

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    • +1 for what Grainy Video said.

      How is it that this is being reported literally nowhere except anti-vax/conspiracy narrative/tinfoil hat outlets. Also interesting that this case appears on literally no credible NZ sites.

      Are we sure that Casey’s reaction isn’t just a natural reaction to have a crazy anti-vaxxer as a parental unit?

      • I would love to hear your definition of credible.

        Of course, if you spent 5 seconds using web search tech you’d find tons of information on her from all manner of “incredible” sources.

      • Firstly, no one who is opposed to the Pfizer jab is “anti-vaxx”. Look up the 2018 definition in the Oxford English Dictionary of the term “VACCINE”. Basically, vaccines “IMMUNISE” while the Pfizer jab does not.

        Secondly, thousands and thousands of people have had adverse reactions but like my stepdaughter are being told it is “stress” or “heavy lifting”………or some such other BS.

        We now know that during the clinical trials of the Pfizer jab there were over 15,000 adverse reactions reported and this is documented in the paperwork Pfizer have to the FDA which the FDA have been forced to release 50,000 pages a month.

        Moreover, we also know now without any doubt that despite Ardern, Doomfield and Dipkins insistence, the Pfizer jab DOES ALTER DNA in one’s liver. This has potential very serious long term effects due to mutation. This is documented in a peer reviewed Swedish study released last month.

        So even if you were one of the “lucky” ones who had no adverse effects, you are not out of the woods yet so I shouldn’t be the nasty little person you clearly sound like you are from your comments.

      • Oh by the way, when Jacinda pays the media lots and lots of your money to tell a story or not to tell a story, that is exactly what they do….

        Mainstream media have well and truly lost the right to be described as the “Fourth Estate” but hey, keep reading nanny Herald and Stuffed up for your latest Peyton place style news.

    • Have you thought about getting off your backside and doing some research? If you did, you would quickly find this sort of thing.


      After you have listened to Roman, go and read the documents yourself – he provides the links in his presentations.

      You can also read the recently released Swedish report that demonstrates that the Pfizer jab (and any other rMNA jab) alters your DNA in the liver, causing possibly very dangerous mutations.

      You can then start here:


      But I still cannot understand why anyone would trust a politician’s medical advice and commentary from a media that have been paid by that same politician? Have you not heard of the term “second opinion”? Anyone listening to Jacinda Ardern wil, find themselves deeply in the poo and NZ now is deeply in the poo if you have a quick glance around you.

      I get that you probably got the jab and are really worried that these sorts of reported adverse effects might actually be true……….Well, they are true and worse they were true during the clinical trials, which means every single thing your doctor told you about the mRNA jab is not the truth either because he or she could not possibly have had the proper information as we are now seeing.

      You’re very welcome.

  1. It looks fake to me. The other video when she was in the zoom call with others looked genuine, but this one to me doesn’t. Maybe I’m wrong?

  2. This is true, I have seen other videos of her before and after the jab and she is now in a completely different state of health. The mainstream media are banned from reporting these.

  3. sad that anyone would think that this is fake. There are many more of these cases being covered up. People need to wake up and open their eyes. This girl needs support.

    • It demonstrates how truly nasty some people are, but we must remember this is fear exhibiting itself. Likely there are thousands of people out there who got the jab to be part of Jacinda’s team and suddenly are worried Jacinda is in a different team.

      Well, they should be very, very afraid.

      As we now know, the situation is so far worse than we thought. Systemic corporate level lies and lies by omission AND commission have occurred.


      Similarly, Jacinda is lying when she says the current economic crisis is caused by Putin and co. It isn’t. It is caused by her systematic shifting of energy production to foreign sources, shutting down capacity of the Marsden point oil refinery, and the massive import of Indonesian coal to keep the greens happy.

      When are we all going to wake the hell up?

  4. Nz government is covering up ANYTHING negative to do with covid TRIAL VACCINE,,,,. LOOK AT WORLD NEWS MANY PEOPLE HAVE HAD BAD REACTIONS. Nz government heading towards Communism. Don’t trust ,looked at international studies. I’m sorry if you negatives have had the shot.,,,,,!,,,,,!,,!,

  5. for all the non believers, ask yourself this, what has she got to gain? what has she got to lose? she will not get compensation from Pfizer, they have full immunity against anything going wrong with this Drug. The chemist even got her to sign an immunity form. what has she got to lose….if she is proven to be fake, she would be dragged through the courts and would have many fines placed on her, perhaps even jail time. weigh them both up and answer the question. would you be prepared to face the consequences of being found false? I am sure that Casey wouldnt either.

    • Some people just cannot handle logic. If this was fake, poor Casey would have a tough time keeping this up for a couple of days, let alone for weeks and months.

      But had they done just a teeny bit of research, even for self-preservation reasons, they would have seen many, many videos of the same symptoms from overseas which the NZ LSM don’t show in their whitewash of this whole sordid affair.

      My thoughts are with Casey and her family, that poor Dunedin lad’s family and the thousands of others suffering from adverse effects of the jab who are unrecognised by our “health” systems. I also feel for all of those who have yet to experience the after effects of these jabs now we see the real data being released.

  6. GOD bless casey stay strong. the almighty jesus is close to returning and he will take away all evil off this world and give paradise to all who have faith in him..and destroy all who dont..


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