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NZDSOS: Mixed messaging around Monkeypox

Monkeypox propaganda news

New Zealand has reported its first two cases of Monkey Pox in the past few days, with neither case linked.

Alarmist media have reported this throughout New Zealand, creating fear and confusion. Is it contagious, dangerous or just another rash? Sceptics may ask if the cases are real or just fictitious imaginings of government or media. If the cases are not fictitious, do the infected people have any symptoms, or is public health just relying on a positive test? A New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) spokesperson has recommended people be alert to the way the public is being manipulated by propaganda.

“These include conditions creating uncertainty, isolation, emotional manipulation with repetition thrown in for good measure,” said the spokesperson.

Articles in the media include statements designed to be reassuring such as – ‘reassured the public’, ‘safely manageable disease’, ‘no need for the public to panic’, ‘very few deaths from monkeypox globally’, ‘many infected people get better without treatment’, ‘self-limiting disease’. However, they then go on to sow seeds of doubt, stating ‘Monkey Pox can be fatal for up to one in 10 people’, ‘more severe in children’, ‘World Health Organisation considering whether the outbreak should be called a public health emergency’, ‘large, visible lesions, blister-like sores’.

We’re left wondering if it is mild and no cause for alarm or serious and dangerous?

“Government psychologists are working overtime again, we are witnessing more free-floating anxiety and no hard truths to anchor to,” said the spokesperson.

NZDSOS is aware a number of people suffering from blistering rashes following Covid-19 vaccination. Shingles is one example of this (usually localised to a particular part of one side of the body), but there are other rashes, likely auto-immune phenomena, occurring as well.

“It is important to remember the more people that rush off to be tested, the more ‘cases’ there will be. Be curious and wonder, how reliable will a test be? Bearing in mind, PCR testing can pick up almost anything if enough cycles are done,” said the spokesperson.

The PCR inventor, Dr Kary Mullis, stated his test was virtually useless for standalone diagnosis. “It doesn’t tell you that you’re sick”.

“A test on its own is meaningless and prior to Covid, doctors knew that,” said the spokesperson.

Currently, the New Zealand Ministry of Health is already exploring options for access to smallpox vaccines for targeted prevention in certain situations and advising some second and third generation live-virus smallpox vaccines can provide protection against the virus.

“There is deliberate confusion as to what to think. A person can not make sensible decisions when they are paralysed by fear, uncertainty or doubt,” said the NZDSOS spokesperson.

Last year a Monkey Pox war game took place. It is interesting to note the first ‘actual’ case was reported this May, within two days of the start of the scenario outbreak.

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  1. Working in Jabinda’s typing pool is hard yakka. As any experienced detective will tell you, from time spent with suspects and criminals, maintaining a lie is a very hard thing to do. Sooner or later the cracks will begin to appear. So we must at least be a little impressed by the typing pool’s tireless application to their vital task. If not for them, we would be completely in the dark about Monkey Pox and every other ill we currently face.

    If not for their dedication, we would not know about mask safety and the importance of getting a regular top up of mRNA to keep us safe and well long into the future. That they have taught us to keep our distance from loved ones, is to be applauded. Who else by Jabinda’s loyal typists would have thought of such an important thing for our emotional and mental well-being. May each and every one of them get what they deserve…

  2. I know a couple, both are vaccinated. One has had shingles 3 times and the other has had it twice – all in the last 6 months. They are otherwise fit ‘healthy’ active people.


    I think not.

    Monkeypox is likely just a cover up for a vaccine induced condition.

    • Monkeypox has been around for a while, the first recorded case was in 1970. It is the same genus as cowpox, raccoonpox etc. One way of transmission is male to male sexual activity, it can also be spread by droplet spread and lack of personal hygiene, like hand washing. It is a pox virus, not a coronavirus, so association with coronavirus is unlikely.

      What is not unlikely is the messaging we will now have to deal with will subtlety link to two in order to build unwarranted fear in the community. Like most pox illnesses, most people recover from infection within a few weeks. But we will be told this is Magilla Gorilla out to get us, which is rubbish.

      Keep calm and carry on….

      • Did I say it was coronavirus? No. It’s a pox. closely related and presenting in a very similar manner to chickenpox (varicella zoster) and herpes type viruses. As I said, the couple had shingles which is herpes zoster. Shingles is a reactivation of varicella zoster. People who have had the vaccine are getting shingles- a LOT. So they are getting pox like lesions – who is to say they aren’t being diagnosed as Monkeypox?

        I don’t believe a word our media or medical professionals say any more.

        You go talk to Jacinda about it, she’s looking for people to scare.

        • I might also add that people normally get shingles when they are run down or when their immune system is compromised. Many doctors have warned that the vaccines are causing peoples innate immune systems to be detrimentally affected the more vaccines people have.

          It’s no surprise therefore to find out our hospitals are struggling to cope this year AS MANY OF US PREDICTED MONTHS AGO. And we are just armchair sceptics who spent last years lockdowns reading scientific papers and listening to highly qualified experts while everyone else allowed themselves to be brainwashed by the govt and mainstream media and watching dumb reality TV and dumbing down American and UK trash shows, local “ docuganda “by paid govt shills.

        • Yes, you are wise to be skeptical of anything coming out of the Prime Minister’s sole source of truth department as are we all. And yes we are seeing a great variety of effects from the mRNA jab including shingles, which is nasty stuff. I also know of people with various side-effects, which of course the powers that be deny is linked to the “vaccine.” We know this is untrue. But the last thing I want to do is be in the same room as that witch so I won’t be talking to her, I will have my say at the Ballot Box. And if you for one moment think she can scare me I must remove any doubt from your mind. She does not. She is all mouth and trousers, and occasionally a skirt. Cheers…

          • Join the club James! I think she and her colleagues have totally underestimated the loathing hate that has been quietly forming in living rooms all over this country from even people who previously supported this govt.

            Soon they won’t be able to go anywhere without being heckled.

  3. Manufactured viruses are a surprise to those who manufactured them in the first place, let alone the public and the self claimed fake “experts” in the health, government and media.

  4. I am appalled at the seemingly great number of people who still suck up the trash fed them by talking heads.
    Have they not ever read
    The Wizzard Of Oz ?
    Or heard from friends who can and do think outside the mandated box?
    I am disgusted at the talking heads who show no signs of sleepless nights or any other signs of remorse at pushing agendas designed to shorten people’s lives and make the young infertile.
    Perhaps when all this began they too were ignorant of the truth. Maybe. I can see no way that by now they could remain so.
    I have set my phone alarm to go off at 1:00pm each day. Then I pray that TRUTH will once again be sought-after by Kiwis throughout this nation. From East to West, from North to South, and in all our dominions may people want to know the truth. May our Journalists vie with each other to find and present the truth..
    “Just the facts Maam.”
    Remember that refrain?
    Reporters ought to discover and present the facts..
    Leave it to the editors to present opinion.


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