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Pentagon in ‘panic’ after intel leak – WaPo

Pentagon leak news

Western officials have reportedly expressed shock at the level of detail made public about US spying efforts.

A recent leak of classified documents on Washington’s war planning in Ukraine has caused turmoil in the Pentagon, forcing officials to step up security, the Washington Post reported on Saturday, citing sources.

Several Western officials interviewed by the outlet said they were still trying to assess the damage from dozens of leaked national security papers which grabbed the public’s attention in recent days, with many wondering how the breach had gone unnoticed for so long.

While the first media reports on the story emerged only this week, a batch of the documents was shared on the Discord chat platform in late February and early March. The authenticity of the intelligence remains unverified.

Two US officials told the Post that the Pentagon leadership has “restricted the flow of intelligence” in response to the leak. One source described the measures as unusually strict, and a testament to “a high level of panic” among the top brass.

Both US officials and their foreign partners were “stunned” and even “infuriated” by the level of detail provided in the documents, which exposed how the US “spies on friends and foes alike,” the report says, suggesting the files could stir diplomatic unease.

A senior Ukrainian official told the Post that the leak had caused anger in Kiev, as the files provided insight into information it wanted to keep secret from Russia – namely “vulnerabilities related to ammunition shortages and other battlefield data.”

Meanwhile, a European intelligence official reportedly expressed concerns that due to the disclosures, the US could cut back on intelligence sharing with allies. While some of the documents made public were supposed to be shielded from foreign nationals, others had been cleared for transfer to the Five Eyes intelligence alliance, composed of the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The wide-ranging batch of sensitive documents, which made media headlines this week, provides an assessment on Russian and Ukrainian battle readiness and casualties, timetables for training and equipment deliveries, as well as tactical information on the conflict between Moscow and Kiev.

However, the true scale of the leak remains unclear, as on Friday the New York Times reported that a new trove of secretive American documents had appeared online, this time covering not only the Ukraine conflict, but also China, the Middle East and terrorism.

Image credit: Touch Of Light, CC BY-SA 4.0

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Source:RT News

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    • Really shouldn’t be surprised coming from the department that can’t account for trillions of taxpayers dollars. Probably too busy monitoring keyboard warriors for wrong think

  1. Russia is winning, via the Wagner Group, and Thank God they are, based on the Zionist / J3wi$h persecution of Orthodox Christians that J3wi$h President Zelensky is currently waging, exactly like the Red Terror in the 1920’s!
    You won’t hear of any pro-Russian successes in the Ukraine- it’s been blacked-out.
    Go to Hal Turner’s website and Veterans Today, and RT News. There you will find the actual reporting, as opposed to Zionist / Communistic censorship.
    DTNZ should be COMMENDED for being the only actual news source locally in Aotearoa!

  2. What is happening to the Orthodox churches is very disturbing. Can you imagine the outcry if it was the Russians doing this?

  3. See the movie titled ‘The Chekist’ made in the early 1990’s in Russia. It’s on ‘MoviesJoy’…
    That is what Ukraine is today, and it’s history repeating 108 years later.
    See also ‘Rabbi Schneerson Chabad 1994’ on how the Slavic War we see today is designed for Russia and the Ukraine to wipe each other out, making room for the J3w$ to re-take Khazaria after they were run-out of the area around 930AD due to their kidnapping, blood trade from sacrificed children, and severe criminal activities of the time!
    Ukrainians left their country not because the Russians were attacking; they left because they saw the abuses that J3wi$h President Zelensky and the previous Jewish President levied against Ukrainians, and now the outright war against Orthodox Christianity!
    Add-in the human trafficking / organ harvesting, citizens being used as guinea pigs in Bio-Weapon Research, and pedophilia / adrenalchrome harvesting, and one can see the blood trails!
    Go to Veterans Today, and read the horrifying history of Khazaria that Zelensky is trying to resurrect, all with the support of the Western Zionists and blackmailed Western Politicians!


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