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Shaw says ‘much greater urgency and scale needed’ to achieve ‘net zero’ future

James Shaw news

The Minister for ‘Climate Change’ was reacting to draft advice released today by the Climate Change Commission.

Shaw described the Commission as ‘independent’ but it’s own website states it is committed to ‘climate action.’ Some experts believe ‘Net Zero’ policies will only result in mass global starvation, as the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, which is critical for plant life, is dangerously low.

The advice contained 19 draft recommendations, some of which include:

  • Accelerating EV charging infrastructure roll out to keep up with demand.
  • Bringing new renewable electricity generation online faster and making sure local lines companies are able to support growth.
  • Scaling up efforts to move industry away from coal and other fossil fuels.
  • Preparing for the rapid roll-out of low emissions technologies and practices on farms.
  • Retrofitting buildings so they are healthier, more resilient, lower emissions and cheaper to run.
  • Avoiding new installations of fossil gas where there are affordable low emissions alternatives.
  • Making it much easier for people to use public transport and active transport.
  • Improving the capture of methane at landfills.
  • Accelerating Iwi/Māori emissions reduction by allocating resources directly.
  • Sorting out the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme and the role of forestry.

‘It is encouraging the Emissions Reduction Plan has laid the foundations to bring about transformative change. However, true climate progress can’t be just about setting targets, we have to step up our actions with much greater urgency and scale if we are to achieve a net zero future,’ said Shaw in a press release today.

‘We also know we need multiple wins to get to net zero, so it is important we don’t rely too heavily on carbon removals from forests to do all the heavy lifting. This is where existing work in decarbonising our state sector and industrial processes can really make a difference. We cannot delay delivering and extending these areas.

‘The Commission also emphasises that any lag in policy implementation could significantly impact on our ability to meet Emissions Budgets 2 and 3, so the case to act is more imperative than ever.

‘The Commission‘s analysis also shows that delaying key actions, such as transitioning to electric vehicles, could result in GDP falling by 2.3 per cent in 2050. This makes it crystal clear that the cost of inaction is much more than that of action.

‘When the Commission released its first emissions plan advice in 2021 it concluded there were achievable, affordable and acceptable pathways for Aotearoa to reach net zero by 2050. It is encouraging to note that this is still the case,’ said Shaw.

Image credit: Pixabay

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  1. Hello higher prices 👋

    Hello food shortages 👋

    Hello future blackouts 👋

    Richer politicians and poorer citizens soon, no wonder they’re all so “COMMITTED” to the scheme (scheme being the operative word as always).

    Dream small, aim lower, aspire to less. That’s the message they want us all internalise.

    The future will be shitty for us, and it’s our own fault. We should all just be grateful they’re here to save us.

    It’s amazing how honest and open their contempt for us is now that elections have been abolished. No fear of the common man, hence no respect for the common man.

    Keep it up guys, keep it right up. Don’t worry about historical precedents or anything, this can only end well for you 👍

  2. The Climate Commission is about as much use as a greens co-leader.
    If they think that they can have any effect whatsoever on climate they are completely out of their minds. All they are likely to do is screw the economy and turn our country into a third world country. Look what happened in Sri Lanka and is happening to european countries with their energy shortages.
    The whole AGW scam is just a means of fearmongering, blackmail and corruption and Shaw is just a useful idiot being used by the labour cult and the IPCC because he has not the intelligence to do any research.

  3. How do they explain the diverse scientists that make a mockery of their political shenanigans? Senior scientists are on standby for a Maunder Minimum–cold, like when they had ice fairs and skating on the Thames. Dilgent records have been kept since then.
    Atrributing everything to global warming invites misguided action. Polar bears are happy, the Queensland coral is better than ever. Too much attention is given to trying to extract advantage out of distorting facts. Is Kiribati beeing swamped by sea level rises? NO! the main island has a max height of 2m above sea level. Tides swamp it and the excessive population pushes the thin coral island down. Science is being replaced by propaganda.

  4. I am yet to see the detailed studies backing these claims the Climate Change Commission are making Mr Shaw. Aoteoria can do what it likes as for New Zealand I for one do not consent to unsubstantiated draft recommendations being put forward. Not until an independent and trusted study is made on the mining of minerals used in lithium EV batteries and the impacts on the environment. The whole process of EV battery manufacture and its impact on the environment. The safety of EV batteries, fire hazard reports would be a good start. The impact of disposal of EV batteries on the environment. The environmental impact of pine forest plantations, the long term effects on the soil as a starting point there. I could go on

  5. Shaw. Previously employed by monsanto, one of the most prolific manufacturers of toxic poisons on the planet.
    Shaw. Working for the most corrupt groups on the planet: WEF, UN, WHO – all owned by a few oligarchs.
    Shaw. Betrayer of the people he and all in parliament purport to represent.
    Shaw. encouraging more destruction of the planet through mining for lithium and not discussing EV’s dirty little secret – slave labour of young children.

  6. EV cars charged by electricity, which is itself generated by coal, oil, gas and nuclear (in some countries). EV car batteries that necessitate digging out 200 tons of earth to make an EV battery which lasts only 7 to 10 years. Then 95 percent are thrown in landfill. Only 5 percent are repurposed for low-load applications such as LED lighting in remote areas.

    You think they will allow you to charge your EV whenever you want? They will not! What if you do not meet your social credit score, then perhaps you will not be allowed to use your own EV at all because they will activate the remote cut-off over 4G networks.

    Then there are the 15-minute cities where you will need your “papers” just to leave them. In future, your papers will be a digital certificate with all your vaccine data. You will not be allowed to leave the 15-minute cities unless your vaccines are up to date and your social credit score is high enough. They had these 15-minute cities in Nazi Germany: They were called Ghettos. The Jews had to show “papers” in order to leave and most could not leave.

    The WEF agenda is pure fascism, but it is also quite clever in the sense that now they do not require Gestapo or Waffen SS to enforce it. They only need to restrict your social credit score, or stop you working if you are not vaccinated, or stop you driving your EV for any reason. Then your own house becomes your ghetto. You could end up starving to death in your own house with society at large not noticing and not caring. We’re not there yet, but if the WEF get their way, we will be …


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