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Watch: Ardern says resignation was to reduce ‘friction and tempo’ and ‘good for New Zealand’

Ardern resignation news

Jacinda Ardern made the admission in a John Campbell report on state propaganda unit 1News tonight.

‘I remain absolutely clear, and I want to reinforce, that I did not leave because I felt I was been given too much of a hard time.’

‘Sitting in the back of my mind was this question and belief that perhaps my departure might bring the tempo, the heat, the friction that had come into politics, that it might take it down a peg. And, if it did, that would be good for New Zealand.’

Legacy mainstream reports at the time of Ardern’s resignation placed the blame for the shock announcement squarely on buzzwords like ‘mysogyny’, ‘sexism’, ‘hatred’ or ‘vitriol’. However, the former Prime Minister’s explanation undermines this view, admitting that she had become a hugely divisive character and that her departure from the top job was the best thing for the country.

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  1. Jacinda Ardern and her sidekick finance minister Brown were thrown out of office by their own party. She was a hated loathed Prime Minister simply because her policies caused severe hardship for the average New Zealander. Absolutely everything from the super high inflation, medical staff crisis, potholes in our roads. The ignoring of her own economic advisors. We have all had enough of this endless woke nonsense. That includes racist policies giving our natural resources away. Each and every New Zealander has a right to those resources. Skin colour should never come into it. Ignoring the plite of seriously ill people from the so-called vaccination. It’s all coming out now and it doesn’t look pretty.

  2. Division raises it’s ugly head again.

    On a different note but within the scope.
    Over 100 million Americans have damaged their hearts due to the fizzer vaccine. Pfizzer have bought up CO’s which make the heart medications. Evil and contemptuous.

  3. Most of the world can tell the difference between a man and a woman. Clearly, NZ leadership STILL has issues.

    • They changed the actor who stands at the podium, that’s all. The bosses behind the curtain are still all the same people. This is still THE EXACT SAME government that turned us into a stricter, gayer version of North Korea.

      “Oh gee Shaun, I don’t really have a pre-formed response to that…”

      That was classic Jacinda he channeled right there. The confusion in the eyes as they try to cook up a bullsh!t non-answer, the palpable fear you can hear in their breaking voice as they know their bosses are watching, the awkward stumbling over words until they finally summon from memory some asinine lefty talking point they deliver like smug 17th century French royalty. We peasants are all so blessed to hear their holy wisdom.

      Classic Jacinda.

      • We dont get to elect the Leader and whoever does can change the leader at will, is that how democracy works? I thing we need a President that can block policy that Parties have no mandate for or are a product of Coalition talks that also can claim no mandate or violate our Bill of Rights or the 1948 UN Human Rights Charter.

    • And she was re-elected on promising not to impose compulsory mandatory jabs.

      An evil liar who will undoubtably spend the rest of eternity in Hell.

  4. She may be leaving but the apartheid, corruption and stench she introduced will take a lot longer to get rid of as seen by the recent behaviour of the replacement PM, ministers and MPs and the conduct of the parliamentary staff.

  5. Nah, She Resigned because her boss klaus schwarb has other things he wants her to do……..she has proven she does not give a crap about this country or it’s people, she has been groomed for decades to be a nothing but a globalist puppet.

  6. Good riddance, youwill not be missed. Dont let the door hit your butt as you leave. The damage that your policies have done to NZ society will take years to repair. i will never forget and never forgive.

  7. An evil psychopath masquerading as ‘being kind’.

    A truly nasty inhuman and inhumane piece of work.

    Don’t come back Jabcinda.

  8. Yeah blame everyone else but yourself like usual.
    She has direct access to the PM of NZ and will NOT be giving up trying to influence policy on your ability to free speech.
    Its not over in her mind and she still thinks everyone else is the problem and she didn’t have enough power to cancel everyone that does not agree.
    She will now direct your ability to speak from behind the PM it seems.

  9. Well, I agree, it was good for New Zealand but it will be better again when the Labour cabal is gone completely and ideally NEVER gets re-elected…..utter disgrace……..

  10. I got bitten by a cat and the infected area ha growing puss underneath, it is nothing compared to the sepsis that Ardern has spread through New Zealand.

  11. The Great Pretender.
    She was the highest political bullshitter and liar NZ has ever seen.
    She and her idiots broke everything they interfered with.
    Without doubt the worst prime minister in NZ history.
    She just ran out of lies. She could see, that we could see her, for what she really is.
    She’s absolutely decimated NZ. What a disgraceful effort.
    Not in my lifetime will this country recover from the crap she dished out, and the damage she caused.
    All the while trying to appear like
    ‘miss goodie two shoes.’
    Save the planet; save the people; save the starving kids.
    BE KIND. Yeah right.

    She was the Great Pretender. A woman who, throughout her time as prime minister had no idea what she was doing, and pretended that she did.
    Then had to jump ship, before having to own up & explain.

    • Rich, I hear ya, but have you considered that she actually implemented her very idea she had, that she was vey well doing what her ideas were? The ones that were fed to many others by Klaus Schwab/WEF, feeding also right into any upper-coming psychopath’s egomania.
      And further, now think about what the replacement is.
      And what will be the alternatives (vomit) in Nov.
      It will be a long road ahead but we will walk it.
      Feels like a storm coming.?

  12. So, she wanted to cool the temperature down a little because of her WEF policies . . . only to step straight into another UN position with an equally boiling point temperature. Of course, this was all planned long ago.


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