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Watch: CNN just realises there’s a difference between ‘dying with COVID’ and ‘dying from COVID’

CNN expert enlightens panel on COVID death over-counting by health agencies.

The methods used by governments for counting COVID deaths has been a point of contention since the beginning of the pandemic.

For a long time the New Zealand Ministry of Health made no distinction between those ‘dying of COVID’ and those ‘dying with COVID’. This led to absurd cases where, for example, a man shot dead in a Wellington driveway was counted as a COVID death because he had recently tested positive. Under MOH guidelines in force from March 2021, a person was counted as a COVID death if they had the virus at the time of death, even if it was not the cause of death. Today, a COVID death is defined as one ‘attributed to COVID.’ It seems the simple matter of tallying up those dying from COVID as the primary cause is beyond the capability of New Zealand’s health bureaucrats.

Legacy mainstream media outlet CNN is no different. Resident medical expert Leana Wen, previously a pro-jab hardliner who has now softened her stance considerably towards the unvaxxed, explained to a CNN panel the difference between dying ‘with’ and ‘from’ COVID.

‘Doctor these are two separate things here – counting deaths and over-counting hospitlisations… I talked to a lot of health officials about this who were actually kind of sceptical of this claim you’re making, what is the actual evidence that these COVID deaths are being over-counted?’ the interviewer asked Wen.

‘This is the reason why this kind of transparent reporting is going to be so important. There is a way for us to look at death certificates and also look at the medical records of individuals prior to their death, and I think this needs to be separated into three categories.

  1. COVID as the direct contributor, the primary cause of death.
  2. Could it be a secondary, contributing cause – someone with kidney disease, COVID then pushes them over the edge to kidney failure, that’s COVID as a contributing cause.
  3. COVID as an incidental finding, for example, someone coming in with a gunshot wound or a heart attack, and they happen to test positive.

‘I think we need to separate out and look at the percentages of each. That percentage would have shifted over time as well. In the beginning probably a lot more people were dying with the primary cause of COVID. That probably has shifted…a lot of people are wondering when should we get a booster next… and the only way to understand is who is getting severely ill.’

Critics have long-argued the methods used by health agencies to count COVID deaths have led to misleading statistics that are then used by legacy media to stoke unnecessary fear in populations.

Twitter commentators responded with disbelief to the interview. The idea that medical bureaucrats and experts can create so much complexity and confusion over what should be a simple matter – the counting of people who have died of COVID – made many sceptical about Wen’s intentions.

‘What is she playing at? Why is she saying what we all knew two years ago but people like her refused to acknowledge? Why is she saying it now?’

‘All part of the controlled reveal.’

‘A million didn’t die from Covid. But the lie is too great to properly correct now.’

‘I don’t think anybody missed this Michael 🤦‍♂️ It’s a question that has been asked relentlessly by millions around the world since March 2020. There just was no large scale and transparent data provided to answer it.’

‘If only there had been millions of people exposing these lies from the very start.’

‘We’ve been saying it for 2 years but where called conspiracy theorist. The definition was changed to include death with Covid instead of death by Covid.’

‘We didn’t miss this and neither did the CDC. The media and big tech suppressed/censored it. According to the CDC, only ~5% of the “Covid deaths” were due to Covid alone. The other ~95% had, on average, 4 additional conditions or causes per death.’

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  1. It was a deliberate part of the illusion. I didn’t see it written in W.H.O.s “Vaccine Crisis Communication Manual,” but it was clearly part of the fear campaign.

  2. The ‘covid death’ figures are clearly entirely bogus.

    Anyone who dies within 28 days of ‘positive’ covid test is classified as a ‘covid death’.

    Obviously all government needs to do is test everyone every 28 days and then all deaths can be attributed to covid. The higher the rate of testing the higher the manufactured death rate. Easy peasy!

    It’s such a blatantly obvious statistical fraud.

    FYI. Check out Professor Norman Fenton on Twitter who shines a light on this criminal deception.

    • Since for 2 years dying WITH Covid was = to dying OF Covid, I think it’s only fair the same treatment be applied to the clotshots.

      But apparently correlation only equals causation when it suits your authoritarian globalist agenda.

  3. What is she playing at
    She is a CCP agent now CCP has stopped there insane lock downs they are trying to “minimize ” the damage


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