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Watch: Newly released footage contradicts Jan 6 Committee and legacy MSM ‘Capitol Riot’ narrative

Thousands of hours of footage not previously available to the public was analysed by Fox News journalist Tucker Carlson and his team.

The video evidence contradicted government and US legacy media narratives on the events of January 6 2021, where a crowd of protesters had gathered in the Capitol precint in Washington DC following the disputed 2020 US Presidential election.

Carlson claimed the new footage showed the House Committee set up to investigate the events of that day (known as ‘the Jan 6 Committee), as well as the legacy media, had lied to the public about what had happened.

News reports on the day falsely claimed that 5 police officers had been killed by protesters. Mainstream media pundits and top Democrats immediately characterised the protest as a ‘deadly insurrection’ when the thousands strong crowd was in fact largely peaceful. High profile protester, the so-called ‘Q-Anon Shaman’ was labelled a ‘violent attacker’ and ‘white supremacist’ who had stormed the government buildings, but video showed that he and others were in fact non-violent, peaceful, and had been given a guided tour by security officers.

According to Carlson, the video showed very little about the events of that day that was ‘violent or organised’. It was mostly ‘peaceful chaos’, he said.

Reporting on the death of police officer Brian Sicknick, a Trump supporter, was also false. Footage showed Sicknick alive and walking around Capitol Hill, even waving the crowd to come inside, when according to legacy MSM he had already been murdered by protesters outside the building. The Jan 6 Committee also knew of this, said Carlson.

Democratic party investigators who saw the Sicknick tape hid it from the public because it ‘would shatter the fraud they were perpetrating on the country.’

Political commentator Jimmy Dore analysed the Tucker Carlson revelations in a recent video posted to YouTube.

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  1. That said, images like words out of context can say anything and confort lies.
    We live in a weird time and since covid mass manipulations of public have been done with the help of mostly western (main stream) media.
    Trust your common sense and stay away from the hysteria as the goal is repression

    But i know ( hi,hi) that many ” democrats” ( do-gooder-pretence) are furious about what tucker carlson have revealed.

    • This isn’t images and words out of context though. That’s what the Dems and their J6 committee did.

      This is ACTUAL context. This is the rest of the dots being connected to offer people the full picture, the truth of what happened.

      Dems and their media minions are furious because once again they’ve been caught in yet another lie, just like their lie of the “most secure election in history”. Just like their lies about a “pandemic”, “safe and effective” vaccines and an “existential” climate change threat. Everything is a lie atop another atop another with these people. And THEIR duplicity influences other governments (like ours for example) to behave just as egregiously

  2. There is some footage of Nancy Pelosi exasperated and feeling cheated out of her moment that Trump did not take the bait and turn up there as well! As if he would! Just so he could get arrested? She is such a desperado.

  3. They stole that election, blatantly. Then they staged a fake “insurrection” with agent provocateurs and a few hapless protesters who still mistakenly had faith in their right to have their political grievances addressed (much like what we faced outside the beehive last year).

    From there, the media industrial complex got to work, feigning righteous outrage, shunning and shaming and censoring anyone who dared call this blatant coup out for what it really was. But we all saw the cell phone clips of men with mysterious ear pieces wearing antifa masks and hoodies to hide their faces, deliberately smashing doors and windows where other bystanders were peaceful. We all saw the election night metrics, the unexplained “pauses” in counting and the fucking VIDEO EVIDENCE of people tampering with ballots and scanning secret ones from boxes beneath desks.

    Like him or hate him, Donald Trump was robbed of an election he legitimately won, and his people were deprived of the presidency they voted for. The most powerful country in the world is now being run by an unelected cabal who write teleprompter lines for a geriatric Alzheimer’s patient pretending to still be cognisant. Nothing the professional liars, politicians or media scumbags say can make us unsee that.

    Now go ahead and watch nothing be done about the people rotting in federal prison for a hoax. And watch them pull more of their subversion tactics in the run up to 2024.

    • Yip and we meant to all suck it up.

      “Cause that’s how we teach you a lesson making sure you don’t forget it just so you know how hate feels and treachory feels, so we can laugh in your face and humiliate you and congratulate ourselves, and look how wealthy we’ve all become. But wait we’re phillanthropists too. We give money away”

      Philanthrocapitalists and Philanthropaths is what they are.

      Good comments Unquaccinated🦆👍

  4. Nancy Pelosi is a wicked witch. She deliberately divided up Donald Trump’s SOTU (State Of The Union) 2020 speech into three piles and then ripped them up in February 2020 and tried spell casting in order to attempt to harm President Trump. President Trump is protected, and the evil ones do not seem to notice. The evil ones now have a limited time on Earth as their masters have been cast out. Their lies will not prevail. Humanity is waking up to their manipulation and wickedness. The J6 committee are of the same group of evil manipulative people. They have jailed innocent patriots that should be free and in a just society would be set free. It is clear that Antifa were at J6 and infiltrated to cause problems and the patriots tried to remove them. George Soros has some explaining to do given his funding to all these “social” programs and NGO’s.

  5. 2016 was a “hold your nose and vote” election. Nobody liked Hillary, Trump was politically unknown (I didn’t vote). However, I watched the Democrats spend 4 years trying to disenfranchise the vote of fellow Americans! That’s when I realized, “They can’t be bargained with, they can’t be reasoned with, they don’t feel pity, remorse or fear and they absolutely will not stop…EVER, until they are eliminated!” 👏👏👏👏👏

    • They told me Trump was mysoginist, a racist, and a biggot. Turned out he wasn’t.

      I was told Hilary was cool and down with it. Turned out she wasn’t.

      We soon learnt she was a sore sorry ass looser. A greedy little philanthropist. Actually a philanthropath.

      I saw the word today its months old though. On Margaret Anna Alice’s substack.

      I saw a whole lot of people don’t like dem too Harry. 👍


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