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Woman ordered to pay $28k to Sudanese immigrant for racial harassment

Judith Webby news

The Human Rights Review Tribunal ordered Judith Webby (aka Castle) to pay Tarig Elhassan the damages for ‘humiliation, loss of dignity and injury to feelings’.

Elhassan, a Sudanese muslim rented a room in a house from Webby in early 2017. He is a qualified and experienced telecommunications engineer, having also taught at university level in his native country.

Elhassan moved in on 25 March 2017, paying two weeks rent in advance. Although there was a stipulation in their ‘flat-house sharing agreement’ that the flatmate must be working full time, Webby was happy to allow Elhassan to move in while he looked for a job.

On 29 May, during the month of Ramadan, Webby sent Elhassan a text giving him two weeks notice to move out as he hadn’t found a job. She also told Elhassan that he was not allowed in the house from 9am to 5pm.

The following day Elhassan had a job interview on Skype at 2pm. Having already paid the rent in advance, an argument took place, which Elhassan recorded on his smartphone. The conversation formed a major part of the Tribunal’s evidence, parts of which have been reproduced below:

‘I hate immigration. It has done nothing for our way of life, except bring it down to a third world country, like yours. You won’t be happy until we’ve got the whole – like Britain. Britain is now paying for their immigration. [indecipherable] got Muslims bombing the shit out of them, killing innocent people, ok? America, got Muslims, they’re bombing the shit out of them too, and it won’t be long before it happens here. [indecipherable] planning it in there….

No, no. But your people do. Your people do. And we don’t hear the Muslim population all rising up condemning the people that are bombing and killing babies, children. No, we don’t hear the – we don’t hear the Muslims saying how terrible this is, never. I have never once heard the Muslim hierarchy, ever. And I am not politically correct and I am the first one to say I hate immigration. Ok, because I’ve lived on this planet long enough to know and most people hate it. They might be nice to your face, but behind your face, they’re not. And I’m not a politically correct person and I couldn’t give a shit, because we have freedom of speech in this country. If I want to say it, I can say it. Ok? Don’t you piss on in there – you stay there. No bond. You’ll be out of here on Sunday, or you will not get any bond back. You want a bond, you want to argue it, go to the Tribunal. Ok? Disputes Tribunal. You ain’t get nothing. Now go away because your big fat ass irritates me beyond belief. You think, because you’re a male, who comes from a third world country that is used to dominating women, that you’ll do it here. No you won’t, sunshine. No you won’t, because every morning I wake up and I see your car out there or other cars, it makes me feel physically sick. It’s affecting my health. Ok? So get your lazy ass back in room and go to sleep. It’s what you normally do. I don’t know who’s paying for you to be here. I don’t know apart from Donald Trump who can afford to pay rent. It doesn’t work. You are the laziest – I can’t believe it, I said to some friends last night, here I’ve got a guy in a room here, who comes from a war-torn country where half the population are starving, trying to eke out something out of a dust bowl, and the other lazy bastard is in here, lying on his backside all day, waiting for someone to come and give him a job. Yeah? Don’t come out here, don’t move outside the door, don’t move outside the door because this room is off-limits to you, ok? Everything is off-limits. I cut the internet, believe me, I’ll cut the power. [indecipherable] … think you’re gonna win, mate, you’ll never win with me. Not a good idea to upset people who owe you money. Always best I find. I’ve [indecipherable] in a very successful business – thirty years – I was too nice to people who owed me money. When I get the money, then I can be awful. I don’t think you’ve been blessed with a – with a – with a – with a brain that you were born with. Don’t come outside here, those doors are closed. The minute I hear them open, I’ll be in your room, chucking your stuff out. In fact I’ve got my brother who’s a cop coming over tonight. Wanna face him? He hates that his sister’s health has been affected. He said “I don’t even know why you let these mongrels into the house”. He’ll be more than happy … to have a little chat. A little chat. Off duty. Get out of my house.’

On 15 August 2017 the Disputes Tribunal ordered Webby to refund Elhassan’s $400 bond payment. Webby is yet to pay it.

Full decision download.



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    • She openly stated that Africa is the way it is because of Africans. That’s not allowed.

      You aren’t supposed to notice that everything between the Kruger National park and the pyramids of Giza is a barren wasteland of warlords, child soldiers and modern day slaves. You aren’t supposed to notice the tent cities around Notre dame cathedral and the faecal matter now floating in the Seine. You’re not supposed to talk about how night market rapes and knife attacks and “trucks of peace” have become routine occurrences in England, Germany and Sweden. You’re not supposed to worry about all the Christian churches mysteriously burning down all across Europe.

      Nope – Immigration is the best thing ever! New Zealand definitely needs MORE MORE MORE! It’s what the establishment want, after all. A future free of pesky white people who ask questions like “what about my rights/ is this vaccine safe / how will more taxes fix this” etc.

      Be happy if a lazy North African moves into your home and sponges off you, drives you to the edge of sanity then records you at your worst so he can cry oppression and get a big fat NZ govt-approved payout.

      Just paint your face like Heath Ledger and laugh hysterically while it all burns down around you.

  1. She states

    Bombing killing children…

    Really we live opposite her and she is a bully to all our children, calling them names and being racial to most off the people down our street. She even tries to run us down with her car!! Horrid horrid woman.

    She is still also renting rooms see many leave within a few weeks.


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