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New Zealanders call for an immediate end to Crimes Against Humanity

Crimes against humanity opinion
Photo © Mary Hobbs.

Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time. If you’re right and you know it, speak your mind. Speak your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth. — Mahatma Gandhi

Over the last four years New Zealanders, along with millions of living souls all over the world — whether they had the government-recommended COVID-19 injections or not — were either frightened or divided by a continual stream of lies and propaganda. The chief culprits in NZ were the former government —regrettably endorsed by a weak opposition — aided and abetted by a mainstream media that was funded to promote the government rhetoric and lies. They needed little encouragement to trash those who — at great cost to themselves — declined to have the experimental injection and in many cases courageously spoke out against it.

Regardless of whether Kiwis willingly had the injection, or refused to take it, or were forced to take it under the threat of losing their jobs, their homes, and their families, our people were attacked — either physically, through the injection contents, or through mainstream media working in concert with government to mount a scathing singling-out of the unvaccinated. All manner of restrictions followed the advertised ‘safe and effective’ mantra and included lockdowns, mandates, loss of jobs, businesses, loss of family and friends, and loss of the ability to move freely in society and to be able to continue to run businesses, get a haircut, a driver’s licence, have a local swim, or be part of a sports team. The government and media continued to orchestrate a relentless campaign of fear to drive Kiwis towards the experimental injections and to intentionally escalate the divide between the injected and the un-injected.

The chief weapons used on everyone were fear and lies — through briefings from the ‘podium of truth’ and an unrelenting pressure that consistently sought to employ the age-old strategy of divide and conquer.

Those who refused the injection were indeed singled out and ostracised, yet those who received it were also treated abominably, with almost all of those who were subsequently injured, or bereaved, being deserted by the government. Most were gas-lit by doctors and medical staff who blatantly denied their injuries were anything to do with the jab. They were often sent for all manner of tests while red-herrings were chased to give the appearance of doing something to ‘investigate’ the symptoms, when they probably already knew they were looking at a range of adverse events from the experimental injection. Instead, they tried to persuade the injured they were suffering from ‘anxiety’ or that they were schizophrenic and, in at least one case, were erroneously put on psychiatric drugs to ‘cure’ an illness that wasn’t there, resulting in patients then having to battle additional side-effects from that medication as well. Many were treasonously allocated maladies they did not have, while the nine pages of adverse events [pages 30-38] that Pfizer were forced to make public were not given so much as a glance. That is, in my view, a particularly cruel and treasonous psychological torture of injured souls who had come to medical staff for help.

There was further trauma for those who never wanted it but felt forced to take it due to the mandates and the threat of losing their jobs and being unable to provide for their families. In addition to the belittling and denial of injuries related to the jab, they had also felt physically assaulted and medically raped when they felt forced to submit to it against their will. Many still find it difficult to speak of at all, because the perceived treason of most in the medical profession working in lockstep with government, feels just too much. And those who have had this jab — whether injured or not — and have since become aware of the nine A4 pages of possible adverse events that was kept from them at the time, quietly worry if they will face any of these injuries in the future. To put a patient in such a situation is criminal. Ironically, those who are demonstrably assisting the injured and bereaved today are mainly the medical staff who were ostracised, publicly humiliated, and de-registered but continue to strongly stand by their principles. You’ll find many of these wonderful souls at the NZDSOS clinic that has been a bastion of comfort and assistance for the injured and bereaved since it opened. They also take calls from anyone in need of assistance.

Medical staff still within the system may protest their innocence, saying they did not know of these side effects. Perhaps, but when your patient has had experimental injections, the total contents of which you did not know, why would medical staff doggedly persist with tests and assessments for other maladies, while completely neglecting to investigate if their sudden symptoms post-jab were related to the experimental injection the patient recently had? Was it because they were ordered to neglect the most senior principles of their profession by various medical councils who were working in concert with the former government and their off-shore masters, while the precious few who refused to betray the Hippocratic Oath, the Bill of Rights, and the Nuremberg Code, were harassed, ostracised, publicly censured, dragged through expensive litigation and de-registered? Shouldn’t it be the councils (MCNZ and NCNZ) and those that fell into line who should be held to account? In earlier times, the term for that was collaborators.

Even when the symptoms were acknowledged to be caused by the injection, the torture of those affected did not stop there. It was up to them to apply to ACC for compensation. You know, that bastion of comfort that a good deal of our taxes goes towards, to ensure that Kiwis, through accident —medical or otherwise — have their medical bills paid and the basics covered to help them through? But this government department with their slick advertising campaigns and empty expressions of care, weren’t there for so many injured Kiwis. They even put the burden of proof on these injured and traumatised souls, some so ill they could barely maintain the daily tasks of living. A quick scan of the qualifications of the Board members of ACC appears to reflect that most have qualifications in accountancy, law, investment, or former government-related appointments in MIBE, or they have expertise in commercial procurements, finance and banking. There is a doctor of medicine, although this seems to have equal billing to the qualification of a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard. All very corporate.

Where is the heart? Where is the compassion? Where are those on the Board that genuinely care for these injured souls? Possibly they do, but surely there must be at least some balance among the corporate Board that have actual one-on-one experience with genuine care for the injured and/or bereaved, so that every Kiwi is supported in the best possible way following their injuries. Surely responsibility must be taken for those injured, who trusted the government when they promised this experimental injection was ‘safe and effective’ which is blatant lie. Yet, there are still advertisements fraudulently touting it as ‘safe and effective’, and even recommending pregnant woman have it, too, and all while too many of the injured are shunned by the very department that should be assisting them.

Did the government know of the adverse events? Ultimately, the question always remained whether or not the government knew of the nine A4 pages of adverse events listed by Pfizer. (Pfizer didn’t plan to release this information for 75 years — but a blessed American Judge ordered them to do so.)

Since July 2021 we have known that the government did know, as the courageous nzdsos.com website made this clear in an article published on 15 July 2021. That article can be seen here. This information should have been nation-wide news, but it was heavily censored. Why is that? Why would a government and mainstream media censor such vital information? Why wouldn’t the MCNZ and the NCNZ want to alert their members to this? Why wouldn’t the government immediately order a stop to this harmful injection?

Crimes against humanity opinion

Additional proof that the former government knew was confirmed this week when it was disclosed by Doctor Lily Nightingale that the government was aware of the nine pages of adverse events before any experimental injections were given in this country. It is worth viewing this five-minute interview with Liz Gunn, of Free NZ Media. It can be seen here. (For further information, check out the two links below the interview as well.) In one of the OIA’s, in reference to whether or not the government was aware of the nine pages of adverse events, it stated:

“However, I can advise that as a part of the provisional consent for the Comirnaty COVID-19 granted in New Zealand under the Medicines Act 1981, Pfizer has provided the same data, albeit in a form that meets the company’s legal obligations in New Zealand.”

It also stated in part of the OIA, “Death is not a side effect to vaccination but a possible outcome of a side effect . . .” It doesn’t take a Rhodes scholar to work out that if the experimental injection had not been given, there would be no side effect from it, and no death as a result of the side effect. They write and speak in riddles. Dr David Martin doesn’t.

Because of the lies and fear-mongering broadcast by the government and media, many were terrified of those who were not injected while, sadly, some tended to inadvertently ‘look down upon’ fellow Kiwis for having received it, intensifying their sense of isolation. But others rallied around them, giving them a safe space and a platform to tell their stories and, very importantly, also providing compassion, assistance, understanding, and practical steps they could take that would help address their symptoms. They listened. They helped. They continue to do so. Some of those amazing souls can be found at www.nzdsos.com and, as mentioned, at the clinic they run, as well as at The Health Forum.

There are some Kiwis who believe the advertised treatment works for them. It is their right to choose, as long as they are explicitly told of all potential side effects and are able to make a fully-informed decision. Some have experienced little or no side effects, but there were different batches — some with severe adverse events, while others were apparently harmless. Russian roulette.

There were so many injustices in this country where both sides — the jabbed and the un-jabbed — were gas-lit and divided by government. But, for the health of each other, and our nation, it so important that we to move on together, vowing to turn away from any future potential government-orchestrated fear campaigns that threaten to come between us in the future — no matter how horrific the graphics or the staged videos are that may be used in an attempt to terrorise the world again. Never.

The government lied, and betrayed the trust of all New Zealanders in the worst of ways, so how are we able to trust them now in any area of government? If they don’t represent us, who do they represent?

Many thousands of Kiwis suffered adverse events. If they had truthfully been given all of the factual information in regard to it most would have run a country mile. Who wouldn’t? Imagine the lack of uptake if the government and doctors had read out the nine pages of adverse events before anyone received a shot.

There were countless numbers of Kiwis who uncontrollably sobbed as they put their arms out for the unwanted injection, which shows just how very far this was from informed consent, the Hippocratic Oath (First, Do No Harm) and the Nuremberg Code. For many it was indeed a form of medical rape.

Crimes against humanity opinion
Photo © Mary Hobbs.

When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall… think of it, always. — Mahatma Gandhi

This is a crime against humanity. All involved must be held to account. Proper trials must be commenced. Our people are suffering and the lies and torture must stop now.

But here we are in 2024 with a Royal Commission of Inquiry that still seems to have a person in charge of it who was at the forefront of the terrible lock-downs in Victoria under the WEF despot, Dan Andrews. Professor Blakely was appointed by the former government to ‘prepare New Zealand for future pandemics through lessons learned from COVID-19’. This statement seems chilling, for the only way one could possibly KNOW if there were to be ‘future pandemics’ is if one was aware of those orchestrating them wouldn’t it?

In announcing this Royal Commission, the former PM alleged that the COVID-19 emergency was the most significant threat to the health of New Zealanders and our economy since World War II. But that COVID-19 was to blame was a lie, for it has been well-proven that what was described as ‘COVID-19’ would put people at no more risk than that of a ‘flu. The threat to New Zealanders was the orchestrated fear, accompanied by the experimental gene-based therapy injection that was forced on the population and constantly touted as ‘safe and effective’. And again, that phrase is another shocking lie.

Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time. Conscientious objectors to vaccination should stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defence of their conviction. — Mahatma Gandhi

The Royal Commission of Inquiry is apparently the ‘highest form of public Inquiry, yet its terms of reference simply request that it, “. . . look at the overall response, including the economic response, identify what we can learn from it and how that can be applied to any future pandemic.”

Oh, please, pass the can of white paint and a brush. Let’s have a whitewash. The terms of reference appear weak, generalised, and achieve nothing. Barely lip service. There is no serious attempt to investigate the harm caused by the experimental injection that was enforced upon most through lies and pressure and without informed consent. The government has offered no safe space for the injection-injured and the bereaved to be able to communicate or be immediately compensated; no investigation of the orders of the MCNZ (Medical Council New Zealand) or the NZNC (New Zealand Nurses Council) to members that forbade them from providing negative information about the experimental injection, thereby throwing out the most sacred oaths in medicine and cutting off their ability to prescribe a safe alternative medicine recommended by world-renowned cardiologists, who are also calling for an end to the experimental injections due to the severe harm that has been caused. Nor does there seem to be any requirement for a study of the anonymised statistical information of the government that was made public by the courageous whistle-blower, Barry Young.

NZDSOS provides an accurate assessment of the Royal Commission of Inquiry here. They call for the government-appointed commissioners to be replaced and the terms of reference to be expanded to make it more meaningful by investigating, at the very least, whether the experimental injection was safe and effective, or not. They call for accountability and want those who were injured and bereaved to have a voice. And they call for it to be public. All vital points.

The Chair of the Royal Commission, Professor Tony Blakely and another commissioner, John Whitehead, were the only two government-appointed Commissioners. They were checked out by www.nzdsos.com. Chillingly, Professor Blakely stated:

“. . .that the purpose of the inquiry was not to apportion blame but to pick out the tools and generic lessons learned so that the country is able ‘to do the next pandemic well’ i.e. better contact tracing, better ability to do surge testing. He noted the tools will be different for the next pandemic because ‘we’ll be able to produce mRNA vaccines a lot quicker’ and ‘will have a better understanding of how to do managed quarantine at the border”

Business as usual then? The tools sound exactly the same. How can that occur before they have completed their Royal Commission of Inquiry? How can anyone trust this Inquiry with these intentions? Especially with the assumption mRNA jabs would be continued when so much damage has been caused. It seems a fact-finding mission on how to better round up the public for Act 2. Well, we don’t want them or their next terror-fuelled ‘plandemic’ accompanied by their shocking graphics that would again terrify the population and drive them into the ‘gas-chambers’ of the 21st century.

The NZDSOS assessments of the government-appointed commissioners can be seen here and here, and give cause for substantial concern. Surely, with this in mind, and the fact that New Zealand has a new government, the current members of this Inquiry should be replaced, with the terms of reference expanded to ensure the Inquiry is not a farce? Nor is the government bound to follow the advice of an Inquiry, so if it did result in a renewed affirmation that freedom of choice and all aspects of the Bill of Rights were to remain sacrosanct, the government could ignore it. And for the Inquiry to have transparency, as Alia Bland of Reality Check Radio noted, the Inquiry should not be behind closed doors, rather it should be transparent and broadcast. How can any New Zealander obtain closure without that?

The Royal Commission of Inquiry seems to have brought the foxes into the chicken house asking the chooks to come forward and confide in them about what was troubling about being injured, having loved ones die from the jab, being locked up, losing one’s home, family, business, livelihood, and to tell the commissioners “how they could do it better next time.” It is the equivalent of a rape victim being asked to say why they felt invaded — mind, body and soul — and how it could be done better next time. It is an extremely cruel form of psychological torture. And there is no trust. Not with any architects of the lockdowns as commissioners. This should not have to be spelt out.

There seems a glimmer of hope though, as the Deputy Prime Minister, Winston Peters, referred to this Inquiry in a speech he gave outside parliament, to NZDSOS on 29 February 2024, when NZDSOS presented him with an Open Letter to parliament calling for an immediate halt to the harmful experimental jabs. Winston raised the issue of the Royal Commission of Inquiry and said that in the last campaign when they went to Whangarei “ . . . we promised we will get rid of that Inquiry that had deficient Terms of Reference and therefore deficient representation by means of the inquirers themselves, because if the terms of reference were deficient, then any capable, competent person would have said, “ I’m not going to sit on that Inquiry.” And that’s why we ruled them out as well. And what I promised in Whangarei we will deliver on.”

Crimes against humanity opinion
Photo © Mary Hobbs.

Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state becomes lawless or corrupt. — Mahatma Gandhi

However, there has been some confusion between the Royal Commission of Inquiry and an Independent COVID Inquiry instigated by New Zealand First, as part of the coalition agreement. Subsequently, wider terms of reference (ToR) have been requested from the public and those are being sent to the RCI which seems to indicate there is just one Inquiry. A person within New Zealand First was contacted about this and asked to confirm that the Royal Commission is NOT the Independent COVID Inquiry. They said: “You are 100% correct and it is a vital and imperative point of difference. Further, NZF negotiated that the Inquiry would be independent in the coalition agreement, so National agreed.” The relevant excerpt from the coalition agreement was attached and stated:

“Ensure, as a matter of urgency in establishment and completion, a full scale, wide ranging, independent inquiry conducted publicly with local and international experts, into how the Covid pandemic was handled in New Zealand, including covering:

  • Use of multiple lockdowns,
  • Vaccine procurement and efficacy,
  • The social and economic impacts on both regional and national levels, and
  • Whether the decisions made, and steps taken, were justified.”

However, it appears this will be done within the RCI, albeit with different commissioners and with wider terms of reference that mean something, based on what Winston said in his recent speech and as stated in the coalition agreement.

The international battle has not only been for our bodies, but also for our minds and our souls. They want the lot. If you consider this statement too outlandish, check out what Schwab’s side-kick, Harari, says here. It’s just as the long-pilloried, but now internationally-popular, David Icke says: We need to look at where they are intending to lead us in order to connect the dots of the journey. Then it all fits into place.

Aside from the medical tyranny, and whether you’ve had the injection or not, they’re after everything, including our homes, our savings, our families and yes, even the shirts off our backs. Please also take a look at the book, The Great Taking, written by David Webb, that further explains the plans of the despots.(He was also interviewed on solutions.) Schwab (of the WEF) said: “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” What Schwab omitted to say though, was that he and his masters intended to own everything after, of course, disposing of the rest of us. Well, many of us have news for him and his associated cabals: That’s just not going to happen. We do not consent.

The next attacks planned for humanity include cyber-attacks that may take down banks and vital infrastructure as a means to ushering in digital currency, among other things that you won’t want to queue up for. Clips of Schwab describing this can be found here. Also, ‘Plandemic’ X has already been discussed at the last World Economic Forum (WEF) in Switzerland).

On a more positive note, increasing numbers of souls all over the world are uniting in the quest to ensure the protection of our Human Rights, our food sources, and our freedom from tyranny. Each day it grows. Love, compassion, understanding, communication, and the truth of what is happening, and why, are the bridges where we powerfully connect with each other, and those bridges are rapidly being built on sturdy foundations.

Crimes against humanity opinion
Photo © Mary Hobbs.

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. — Mahatma Gandhi

We need more courageous Kiwis like Barry Young, too. His story flew around the world because Liz Gunn had the foresight to simultaneously send it out to courageous national and international independent media and lone politicians — like Andrew Bridgen in the UK — who were taking a stand on the opposite side of the world. Sadly, the NZ government embarrassed itself by sending armed police to Barry’s home on a Sunday afternoon where they arrested him and put him in a police car while they bashed his door down and trashed his home under the title of ‘a search’ while Barry, having just returned from the supermarket, was ‘armed’ with nothing more than a dog-roll. But they hadn’t counted on public opinion swinging so strongly in favour of Barry. He is now rightfully greeted as a hero wherever he goes, because he was courageous enough to stand up and tell New Zealanders what he knew, because the thought of what could be done to him didn’t come close to the devastation to Kiwis that he was seeing unfold before his eyes, in his role as a statistician for the Ministry of Health. He couldn’t bear for any more Kiwis to be injured or killed. This is what integrity looks like. He cared.

Not all heroes wear capes.

The government would have been applauded if it had simply put out a statement saying that they were grateful to Barry for coming forward and would like time to thoroughly investigate the information and go over it with him. And, in the meantime, all experimental injections would be immediately halted. That would make sense for a government of goodwill that cared for every Kiwi, wouldn’t it?

Just as the courageous holocaust survivor, Vera Sharav, said: “Unless all of us resist, never again is now.” She is right, for it is in these desperate days we need all New Zealanders peacefully standing on the Front of this almighty battle for humanity to ensure it never happens again. There is no time to waste.

Yet, as mentioned earlier in this article, there are some hopeful signs of positive change with NZ First back in power as part of a coalition with National and ACT, as Winston Peters met NZDSOS outside parliament on 29 February 2024 and accepted an open letter detailing the many reasons why the ‘COVID’ injection must be immediately stopped. (The brief clip is worth watching.) He promised to read it and make sure it was given to parliament. In addition to his comments on how the Inquiry would change, he also admitted that in early 2020 he believed in the jab but later that year he was receiving scientific medical advice about it that deeply alarmed him. He told listeners that, “We will listen to better advice because I’m certain Matt [Dr Matt Shelton of NZDSOS] is telling me something that I’ve been studying in other jurisdictions, including the UK, on the question of whether or not there are things happening that need to be addressed right here, right now, hitherto unaddressed by this parliament.” He assured listeners they would look at it with a totally open mind uncompromised by positions they previously took. At last, there is a politician of Winston’s experience who is listening and says he will do what he is able to within the coalition.

We need each beautiful, individual soul — that Divine Spark within us all — to peacefully stand and simply say, ‘No. We’re not doing that. We do not consent.’ No, we will not administer experimental jabs that can harm and kill. No, we will not deny this ACC claim of this jab-injured soul, and we never will again. No, we will not take your experimental injections and/or spurious tests. No, we will not allow you to shun our children and remove them from their sports, deny their right to move about freely, or deny any of us our basic human rights ever again. No, we will not withhold the negative aspects of an experimental injection from patients. No, we will not withhold the information required for informed consent. No, we will not keep Kiwis from their loved ones and families, or force them to have unwanted tests. No, we will not allow anyone to stomp over our Human Rights as Sovereign Beings. And yes, we will support brave souls who dare to speak out and tell their truths.

We each have different strengths and abilities. We all approach major issues like this in varying beautiful ways, and that is just how it should be, for it weaves a wonderful, rich, tapestry with the same peaceful message — that we will not consent to anything that violates our integrity. None of us. Not the military, not the police or the medical staff, not the farmers, or the tradies, or the government employees, or the hospitality industry, or the mountain guides, or the writers, artists, sports men and women, or the retired. None of us.

We will support our injured and our bereaved. We will pick them up and carry them with us and allow them to help as they can, too, for that is the path towards healing for each of us.

Our country and our people — each Divine Spark — are too amazing for us to do anything else but look out for each other with love and compassion. We will peacefully speak out while there is breath in our bodies and good intentions in our hearts. We are all individuals and we peacefully stand for our freedoms together. We are the light that will never dim. And our love and compassion are the most powerful strengths of all.

They are few. We are many. Together we are Unstoppable.

Each of us having enough love in our hearts to speak out for our people, our country, and the world, and to peacefully not consent, will pave the way forward to a spectacular tomorrow that will enable us all to be able to live in peace and harmony.

Let’s get our country and our people back.

Crimes against humanity opnion
Photo © Mary Hobbs.

All photos © Mary Hobbs.

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  1. An excellent analysis of the greatest travesty of Justice, Freedom and Life itself in our time. Thank you Mary for your continued public defense and calls for Justice on behalf of those who have suffered physical, emotional, financial and personal loss through the perpetration of this crime by those who have been entrusted to protect and defend our people: government members, medical staff, civil servants including those police, councils, employers, teachers, business owners and all others who participated in enforcing the illegal, immoral and unethical administration of a substance that has caused so much death, disability, fear and impoverishment to our people and our nation.

  2. Your point that politicians on both sides of the house, ignored those they claim to represent. How the citizens of NZ were so badly let down, delivers a clear message that their commitment to the voters, is nothing more than lip service. That in itself should be questioned, who do we want supporting our best interests? How well the Marxist Govt hid the 11,500 jab exceptions they approved for their own health workers. Why was that I wonder? Don’t tell me there were concerns?

    • Thank you Rob. I agree, that point you make should be questioned. And, exactly! Over 11,000 exemptions for health workers while even those suffering from life-threatening injections after the first jab were not exempted from the second.

  3. Thanks Mary. I have to say, I have little faith in Mr Peters. This is a very pressing issue. The comirnaty rollout should have stopped back in early-mid 2021.

    Mr Peters surely knew about the concerns around these jabs when he made it into parliament, yet he has not taken the initiative to voice his concerns, or put a fox in the henhouse, so to speak. He just turns up on the 29th, talks platitudes and then what?! Hello, Mr Peters, people have been suffering and dying for coming up 3 years. Get a move on!

    The royal commission of inquiry is just a slap in the face with the compromised commissioners. How much societal and financial damage did lockdowns cause Tony? And thats who they get to conduct an inquiry? The guy causing the misery

    • I completely agree with you. Mr Peters is a camelian and will say whatever he thinks will get him votes…..

      If he was more aware later in 2020 after “more research” then why not speak up then, in or out of parliament he could have stood up then and called out the inhumane, abhorrent, premeditated treatment of Kiwis then… but no!! Why not??
      There are simply no excuses for his delay in addressing the damage this injection has done to everyday hard working Kiwis and if it really mattered to him, it should have been a non negotiable bottom line in the coalition agreement!! An opportunity conveniently missed. The so called independent enquiry campaigned upon by NZ First will not cut it, as it is unlikely to hold him amounts for his actions is it? I will not be holding my breath on this one.

      I have far greater faith in this enquiry where accountability is a key factor, and I strongly recommend kiwis get in and support this, transparent, independent enquiry being conducted with integrity and uncompromising compassion to achieve the beginnings of healing the damage to our country. Without accountability it will be impossible to achieve healing.

      • Totally agree.. he tells people what they want to hear to get votes.. wouldn’t trust him as far as I could kick him!!!

    • Thank you zaggaz. I completely understand.
      We know they know. They must immediately stop further harm and the medical council and the nurses council and others, must halt their shocking attack on the bravest doctors who steadfastly stood by their HIppocratic Oath.

  4. Once again, a beautiful, on point article from Mary Hobbs. The Royal Commission Inquiry as it stands is a farce. To make submissions and comment with your concerns/advice is like saying ‘this form of inquiry is enough to bring justice’ and by joves , I say it is not!! The degree of duplicity, coercion, harm and suffering caused by the covid measures were criminal and to accept anything less than the most serious sentence deliverable in our NZ legal system is unacceptable. If anyone should be extradited back to a country to face trial, its Jacinda Ardern. As it stands, I sadly cannot even refer to our legal system as a ‘justice’ system for thats not what it is providing, nor do we have a decent ‘health’ system, ‘education’ system nor ‘welfare’ system in the wake of this atrocious mishandling of the covid saga. They all fail to deliver. Mary said ‘when do we call this treason?’ I agree, when all of these areas and more have been so devastated by our government, really how can it be called anything else.?

  5. It is time we the people of new Zealand had something done I’m calling numeburg codes to stand up and listen to new Zealand we have been lied and the government now should stand on trial for treason to us the people let Reiner fullimach handle the list of the parliament people involved with murder treason and crimes against humanity. We are still under that codes let’s get this gone stop trying to stop my submit I have only just written this

    • Thank you Shirley.
      Yes, with it clear the government knew of the adverse events and to still be in parliament without putting an immediate halt on that jab and thus causing further injury is extremely serious. Each politician should stand and say they do not consent to the ignoring of the evidence.

  6. The medical council along with Ardern,MCNZ ,Judges,Doctors,Bloomfield,Hopkins,Baker ,Robertson ,must be charged for crimes against humanity

  7. Wow! What an incredible job you have done on the truth of the last four plus more years!
    It brings me back to the past , although it doesn’t feel that long….it’s just that so much has happened and it feels longer to me.
    So proud of you and keep up the truth!
    God bless you and NZ …Kia Kaha 💪🙏❤️✌️

  8. We need to look at journalists and politicians who went too far with the Covid injection propaganda.
    For example Clutha District Mayor Bryan Cadogan who advocated for mandatory jabs, which is a clear breach of the NZ Bill of Rights Act 1990:

    11 – Right to refuse to undergo medical treatment

    Everyone has the right to refuse to undergo any medical treatment;

    And the article creator and publisher Hamish McNeilly from Stuff.
    Advocating a breach of the law should be serious, especially when it is regarding a poison injection.
    We also need to look at whether they claimed an exemption, while at the same time pushing the poison jabs.

    Here is the full article:

    “Those who choose not to get vaccinated put people’s lives at risk, Cadogan said. “It is an untenable situation to think that you have the right to not vaccinate.”


    • Thank you Anon. Gosh! a mayor who also considers he can advise on an experimental medical treatment for every soul in the country!! I wonder if he may change his mind after reading Virus Mania and the section on polio…
      And I wonder if he is prepared to be personally responsible should Kiwis become injured or die as a result of following his medical advice for an experimental injection.

    • The Ardern Govt. were a bunch of self-serving freeloaders who were hand-picked to be bribed. They were corrupt and corrupted the Media with a $55m dollar bribe to tow the Govts. narrative. You see when any Govt is elected the men in suits arrive and tell them this is how it is going to be. By accepting this deal or that deal that will make you richer and your country sustainable or both poorer. No Govt. in the last 100 years has had the fortitude to refuse money. They have all been takers. And then ‘covid’ was created to profit a few and fulfill the agendas of other outside International NGOs. But they all crossed the line when they violated the Nuremburg Codes and they all must be held accountable. That violation is a War Crime and therefore a Crime Against Humanity. We must action this in our generation or our children will never forgive us. It is interesting to note that at the Nuremberg Trials in 1946 members of the Media that pushed the propaganda were hanged as well.

  9. By the way they cannot argue that things had to be different because it was during a time of “medical emergency”.

    The Siracusa Principles paragraph 58 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights:

    D. Non-Derogable Rights 58.

    No state party shall, even in time of emergency threatening the life of the nation, derogate from the Covenant’s guarantees of the right to life; freedom from torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, and from medical or scientific experimentation without free consent; freedom from slavery or involuntary servitude; the right not be imprisoned for contractual debt; the right not to be convicted or sentenced to a heavier penalty by virtue of retroactive criminal legislation; the right to recognition as a person before the law; and freedom of thought, conscience and religion. These rights are not derogable under any conditions even for the asserted purpose of preserving the life of the nation. 60. The ordinary courts shall maintain their jurisdiction, even in a time of public emergency, to adjudicate any complaint that a non-derogable right has been violated.

    There is mounting evidence now, of course, that the Covid jabs were indeed a medical or scientific experiment.

    And lastly, we should look at The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Article 7 – persecution against any identifiable group

    Article 7 Crimes against humanity

    (h) Persecution against any identifiable group or collectivity on political, racial, national, ethnic, cultural, religious, gender as defined in paragraph 3, or other grounds that are universally recognized as impermissible under international law, in connection with any act referred to in this paragraph or any crime within the jurisdiction of the Court;
    (g) “Persecution” means the intentional and severe deprivation of fundamental rights contrary to international law by reason of the identity of the group or collectivity;

  10. It is clearly apparent that the previous govt was totally complicit in this mass murder and injuring of innocent people who were coerced and bullied into being vaccinated with this horror bio weapon . Media coverage politians statements all leading to forced vaccination because of coercion from the govt down to employers

    • Thank you Ken. It is a difficult fact to confront isn’t it, but the light of truth is what will lead us to a more peaceful tomorrow..

  11. Truth, everyone needs to hear it! But no matter how buried it remains, truth will out! Thank you Mary for your wonderful articles and dedication, your words are paramount.

  12. “You will own nothing and be happy”

    If you think that statement is bad, it has since been upgraded and it now states “research has found that you don’t need to be happy to lead a full life”

    Buckle up people, and hold on tight, this show is far from over

  13. In this article Mary describes exactly what has happened to my son since he had 1 Pfizer jab. There appears to be no help for him. He has spent enormous amounts of money on medical specialists of the type Mary describes. He has lost his home and his job and must now live on a meagre benefit.. He recently succumbed to COVID and was bedridden. I requested Paxlovib anti viral treatment which was initially refused but given to me after robust insistence and he recovered after 24 hours of the treatment. This begs the question why is NZ reporting more deaths from COVID than motor vehicle accidents when we have a treatment that avoids hospitalisation and death

    • John, I am so very sorry that your son has been severely injured. It is so wrong and to see this inhumane treatment happen to your beloved son must be unimaginably difficult. There are wonderful doctors and medical staff who can help your son and will also listen with compassion. They can be found at http://www.nzdsos.com On the top right hand corner of that site is a button named ‘clinic’. Click on that and it should take you to medical staff who care, are effective, and compassionate. All of those qualities give immediate relief to the injured. If you have any difficulty getting through just get in touch with me via the Daily Telegraph.( https://nzdsos.com/ )
      You and your son are in our thoughts and prayers.

    • John, we sincerely empathise ….as we have had a similar experience with a different vaccine in the NZ schedule. We have literally been sent from Specialist to Specialist. We started with Dermatology, then eventually Immunology, back to Dermatology then Neurology then Orthopaedic then Vascular Specialists. We probably need Rheumatology next. Another relative has needed Renal, Diabetes and Ophthalmology Specialists post receipt of vaccine and multiple are now under Cardiology Specialists.
      We recently ‘paid’ for tests to help us unravel the health issues. We paid, but only to receive notification the request was ‘declined’. Apparently the test needed to be requested by a Specialist, if you are lucky enough to secure a face to face, timely appointment. At last attempt, this is at least a six month wait, at best.

      New Zealand was not adequately set up to implement a ‘without risk’ vaccination drive of the entire population and neither were any agencies made available for individuals with adverse reactions, hesitancy issues or genuine concerns regarding contraindications. This situation has not changed, albeit the Govt were and will be well aware of these failings. Every medication carries risk. The best this Govt can now do is acknowledge this and support those in need with absolute urgency!

  14. I look forward to the day when Ardern, Bloomfield, Hipkins, Baker, Robertson, the entire Medical Council of NZ (MCNZ) and the heads of all the medical colleges are brought to court for justice.

    This might take a while, but as more people die suddenly and their families are forced to acknowledge the truth, these people will be called to account, particularly when the nation realises that the MCNZ and the government knew prior to the roll-outvof the damage the experimental injection would cause. I hold the MCNZ and the government in the utmost contempt.

    I place the members of the MCNZ at the top of the list of the most abhorrent participants because their motto is “we protect the public and promote good medical practice” and they absolutely failed in this.

    Plus, remembering that all doctors swore an oath to First Do No Harm. Many of the medical council members are doctors and they have therefore completely shattered their oath by promoting an experimental gene therapy jab to pregnant and breast feeding mothers and to children. And they have continued to do this despite the glaring evidence of harms, including death, in these groups.

    In addition, the MCNZ continues to forbid doctors to say anything negative about the jab. They are maliciously continuing to ruin any doctors, professionally and financially, who stood firm to their Oath. Shame on them. Those on the wrong side of history will be judged.

    • Many thanks Alanna. You make vital points. And it is extremely disconcerting to read the MCNZ motto and see that they are in fact doing the opposite. It is so shocking. And continuing to forbid doctors to say anything negative about teh jab is appalling, along with their vicious attacks on the most courageous doctors in NZ who stood firm to their Oath and ALSO help the injured with compassion and effectiveness. Thank you.

  15. Thanks for another truth through facts article Mary. Let’s keep this going and growing the base of knowledge while demanding accountability. The term for those involved is still collaborator nothing has changed there. The minds of many are still in a cloud and they frankly do not want to push for clarity and justice. What is not understood enough is the depth of deception and the depth of the evil plan.
    There is no much to unpack in any inquiry and I have not seen a fair terms of reference that demonstrate any level of determination in this country yet. I have said this from day one, ” We are not going to get to the truth in this country, too many deny reality, we are reliant on the work of the organised patriot of the US” .when they win this battle then we can ride on their backs to victory because that is when the elites working in collaboration with the CCP and the Pentagon are truly stopped in their tracks.
    Where did the billions$ come from to run the C-19 scam in NZ? As MPs were telling me that we had no money prior to that. Suddenly we had money to pay business to shut down and society to stay home.
    The government and many bureaucrats did know about the 9 page Pfizer trials and what everyone needs to understand is that Pfizer is not immune to prosecution and that people who have lost loved ones and are damaged as a result of the jabs can prosecute and should prosecute now. Just like the Texas administration under the leadership of Ken Packston. Let’s follow their lead.
    The evidence is at our fingertips through the amazing work of Karen Kingston, Dr David Martin, Dr Naomi Wolf and many others.

    Keep putting pressure on and supporting any move for accountability. The tyrants are hoping we will all give up and walk away. Lets keep reminding them that we will not do that, Your acritical states exactly that Mary thank you..

    Again Mary thank you so so so much for keeping this alive. Many people are dead. Data just released out of the US show 1.1 million excess ,that’s “excess” dead gone since the roll of the jabs. The same report shows 10% of the population of the US have been harmed so that they cannot perform their normal life. And think about this, The US military were forced jabbed. Who protects the west I they are taken out from within?.

    • Thanks so much David for your valuable feedback. So many important points there.
      Great to have Kiwis like you out there speaking truth, too.

  16. Such an article has been a long time coming;
    As for “Oh, please, pass the can of white paint and a brush. Let’s have a whitewash…” Now that’s Journalism at it’s best, and so on point for our obviously troubled Ministry of stealth, and Govt enquiry parameters.
    Your talent of getting to the heart of a complex matter is becoming legendary.
    Its a sad indictment on society that people like you are needed to share the truths that our public servants themselves seek to hide;
    One can only hope that the awareness you provide will foster a much needed shift from sheeple mentality and a return to more alert ethical behaviour.
    Did what happened in Nazi Germany teach the world nothing?

    • Many thanks Owen for your valuable feedback.
      Yes, if as many as possible are able to share this article, and others like it, then we will get the word out to more and be able to alert them. There is definitely a groundswell building faster each day.
      The government knows. It is criminal not to take the jab off the market. They must act to do so.

  17. Your words, Mary are so very profound : ‘We need each beautiful, individual soul — that Divine Spark within us all — to peacefully stand and simply say, ‘No. We’re not doing that. We do not consent.’ The Divine Spark within us is why we are here, to help humanity evolve to a place of unity for all. We can do this! Thank you Mary for another insightful and heartfelt article. Every word you write shows depth of compassion and love for the human race. Blessings.

    • Thank you so much Ish. Oh! I so agree! about the Divine Spark! We can all do this. That Divine Spark within each of us, with the peaceful intent to move forward and create a peaceful and beautiful world is a wonderful goal and it is great to have souls like you working towards that. And thank you for the very kind words. It truly uplifts.

  18. Thank God for Mary and the Daily Telegraph for telling the truth without fear or favour. That shouldn’t be an exceptional thing but sadly for us now it is. Bless you.

    Rodney Hide

  19. Rodney, thank you so very much for these beautiful words. Bless you, too. As mentioned above, it truly uplifts and keeps us all going. Thank you for all you do on Reality Check Radio, too.

  20. Spectacular Mary. As usual. Well researched, well written. A treasure trove of vital information for your readers. Will spread this far & wide.

  21. My closest friend’s neighbour is a former high ranking member of one of the two main parties. He told him that they shipped in the PCR tests etc TWO YEARS before the dunDun DUNN , OUTBREAK of Covid.

    Let that sink in.

  22. Thanks Mary for this brilliant article.
    I have often pondered how Medsafe, CARM and IMAC can sit back and watch all of the debris unfold with clear conscience.
    Then again, they may well have kept their counsel for so long now (on all things vaccine) throughout the past 20 plus years, it may well take a changing of the guard in order to get ‘true perspective‘ of reality and transparent, honest reporting.

  23. A week later and no news Mr Peters doing anything with this letter, with all the info it has of harms.

    He has the medias ear, if he so desires. I notice none of them showed up last week, or did not report it

  24. Winston received the Pfizer report from Global Research, because I sent it to him and ALL of Parliament.
    They will not indict themselves, nor incriminate themselves.
    Chippy said that he was going to hunt people like me down for not taking the Covid jab.
    Jabcinda made millions of dollars from this…!
    Who else in Parliament owned Pfizer stock and options / derivatives?
    Like in the U.S., no one will be charged with the theory of treason, as a private corporation cannot charge an individual with the same…! THAT is how they will escape responsibility for the global genocide on many fronts and methodologies.
    Both the U.S. and most of the British Commonwealth are Corporations under Admiralty Law. No accommodations under this type of law allows for prosecutions based on treason or violating International Law.

  25. I so appreciate the time and effort you put into writing these pieces Mary.. your truthful and heartfelt expression is always articulated with such fact filled gusto.. I believe ‘the only way out is in’ and the information and perspective you provide gifts one the clarity to experience what truth really feels like.. it can be felt in your words.. and I am sure this feeling will motivate the readers – one by one – to stand tall and not allow history to be repeated in their inner world which in turn will have a ripple effect on their outside world.. they will find strength in their individual sovereignty and TOGETHER WE WILL RISE!!!
    We DO NOT Consent!!!

  26. Brilliant article.

    I agree, the disgusting evil woke murderous moronic communists must be held to account.

    We also need a national conversation about reintroducing the death penalty for those implicated in this horrific crime against humanity.

  27. Well said Mary.

    We live in truly evil times.

    Sadly the evil doers will never ever stop. That’s simply how they make their dishonest money.


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