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26 people arrested in Latvia for celebrating Victory Day

Victory Day Latvia news
FILE PHOTO © Sputnik.

Marking anything other than “Europe Day” in Latvia is now a crime against democracy.

More than two dozen residents of Latvia were arrested on Tuesday for violating a law against celebrating the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany. The EU and NATO member’s police even seized a “Russia” jacket from a man in a wheelchair, and arrested another for wearing Soviet medals in public.

By 11:30 pm local time, Latvian police reported a total of 26 arrests, 38 misdemeanor citations and four criminal cases, according to the news outlet Delfi.

While most of the cases were recorded in Riga, the capital, multiple arrests also took place in Daugavpils. In one incident, a senior citizen described as “looking too young to be a veteran of WWII” showed up wearing a jacket with Soviet medals. When police told him to take it off, he resisted arrest.

Five people were arrested for laying flowers with “symbols of military aggression” at the Freedom Monument in the Daugavpils Victory Park. They were charged with “public use of symbols glorifying militaristic aggression and war crimes.” In the same park, police forced a man in a wheelchair to remove his jacket because it said “Russia.”

Two Russian-speaking men were detained at Dubrovinsky Park in Daugavpils after giving an interview to TV3. Their offense was expressing the opinion that fascists had returned to power in Ukraine, with EU support.

Last month, the Latvian parliament banned Victory Day celebrations as “belittling and undermining the values ​​of Latvia as a democratic and national state, including the division of society, the glorification of war, military aggression and totalitarianism, as well as a false interpretation of historical events.”

Latvians nonetheless turned out in droves to lay flowers at cemeteries and memorials. Most of the arrests and citations involved placing flowers at “prohibited places,” where Soviet monuments once stood before the government in Riga had them destroyed.

Along with its Baltic neighbors Estonia and Lithuania, Latvia joined the EU and NATO in 2004. About a quarter of its 1.8 million residents are Russian-speakers, who often face discrimination. The Baltic states used to be part of the Russian Empire until 1918, and of the Soviet Union in 1940-41, and again between 1945 and 1991. The Baltic republics have insisted that the Soviet period amounted to illegal occupation, and have glorified those who collaborated with Nazi Germany as patriots.

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Source:RT News

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  1. to Harry Jensen
    US and UK high finance supported the armament of Nazi germany and hitler, throug the BIS ( bank for international settlement: implemented to pay to france the war damages of WO1).
    Nazi germany ” lost the war”, bu not europe.
    The same finance/politicians who helped Nazi’s to come into power provided the ” Marshall help” on the condition of a ” federal europe”. That is the EU. Nobody will contest in europe the influence of Germany within the EU . Germany totally subservient to the USA.
    Ms von der leyen is a US agent and does not defend the european interest.

    But read ” the tower of basel” by adam lebor. Extremely well documented about the political role of the US, UK and its bankers and how the BIS still manipulates currencies to influence worlds events.
    Hopefully with the BRICS and dedollarusation, its influence should wane.
    About Adam lebor; he has done a remarkable research and his book in comparison to the work involved is cheap.
    A must read if you are interested in history and who are the actors behing the screen of worlds events


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