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George Floyd’s killer avoids death penalty

Derek Chauvin news

Derek Chauvin has been given 21 years in prison after a federal plea deal eliminated the risk of capital punishment being imposed.

Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer who was convicted of murdering George Floyd in an incident that sparked race riots across the US, has been sentenced to 21 years in prison on federal civil rights charges.

US District Judge Paul Magnuson handed down the sentence on Thursday in St. Paul, Minnesota, ordering a prison term at the low end of the 20- to 25-year range in Chauvin’s plea-bargain agreement. The ex-cop will get credit for the time he’s already served in jail, meaning he will have 20 years and five months remaining on his federal sentence.

Chauvin was convicted of murder and manslaughter charges last year in state court and was sentenced to 22 and a half years in prison. He will serve his state and federal sentences concurrently, meaning he won’t have to start over on one after finishing the other.

The 19-year Minneapolis Police Department veteran pleaded guilty last December to deprivation of civil rights under color of law. Magnuson approved the plea deal in May, ensuring that Chauvin wouldn’t be at risk of receiving the death penalty, the maximum sentence possible if he had been convicted at trial.

Chauvin, 46, agreed to plead guilty in the federal case on the condition that he would serve his time in a federal prison, rather than a state penitentiary. The deal requires him to remain incarcerated for at least 17 years, whereas he could have been eligible for parole from state prison in less than 15 years. However, federal prisons in the US are typically safer and less crowded than state prisons.

Chauvin kneeled on the back of Floyd’s neck with the suspect pinned to the pavement for more than nine minutes during a May 2020 arrest that was caught on video. The incident sparked Black Lives Matter protests, some of which turned violent, leaving dozens of Americans dead and causing billions of dollars in property damage.

Members of Floyd’s family had urged Magnuson to give Chauvin the maximum sentence of 25 years. During Thursday’s sentencing hearing, Chauvin said he wished “all the best” for Floyd’s children, but he stopped short of apologizing. He spoke for less than two minutes and offered no explanation for his actions.

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Source:RT News

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  1. George Floyd’s killer = fentanyl.

    This was established as fact during the trial, as was the fact that you cannot strangle someone by resting on the SIDE of their neck where no wind pipes are (I would have died years ago playing pile on with my brothers or during school rugby practice).

    But whatevs, I’ll just f*ck off with my common sense and logic ????????‍♂️

  2. He’ll be out in five to seven years on parole, most likely for good behaviour.
    This is what most of law enforcement now faces; trying to restrain a drugged-up suspect with numerous warrants out for his arrest, and due to negligence on the part of the arresting Officers not paying attention to their methods, death then results.
    Then, BLM & ANTIFA under the guidance of Red Book Communist Operatives, then supply crude weapons (bricks, Molotovs, small arms, etc.) to assist in the rampaging that has destroyed livelihoods and businesses.
    Those arrested under similar circumstances seem to always enter into non-compliance due to anti-social behaviours.
    The article by RockaBoatus over at the Unz Review says it all, as does black Minister Rev. Dr. James Manning at ATLAH via his video titled ‘The Problem with Black Folk’
    The biggest danger to Blacks in America is another Black, with their impulsive behaviours and non-compliant attitudes that often play out in violence.
    The stats in Chicago over any given week-end confirms this…!

    • It may be even before that…
      The SCOTUS passed a law that exempts Law Enforcement from any and all liability re death under detainment, death resulting from resisting arrest, warrantless searches, destruction and seizure of personal property, etc.
      This article is available over at ‘The Rutherford Institute’ and is written by John Whitehead.
      We are seeing this here in New Zealand, with John Key signing off on warrantless entry into private property when one is not home…!
      And now, we see at this moment on Newshub Nation, David Parker has shared everyone’s wealth and records with the IRD!!!!!!!!!!!!
      How’s that for a Violation of Privacy?
      Who gave him that authority? Where was the Ombudsman and Attorney General?
      I wonder how the Banks will be implicated in this IF they allowed Parker to take the info without the Customer’s permission…?
      Make no mistake; this is an attempt at wealth confiscation that probably had tax exemptions anyway!
      One of the last things that a tyrannical government will do before it collapses is to loot the treasury, personal wealth and steal assets, before the bankrupted system is replaced by ‘Universal Income’ but only after you give / sign away any and all of your wealth, assets etc to the NWO Zio-Communist Government!!!


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