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Ukraine issues new ban on Russian language

Russian language ban

Kiev has removed a range of courses from the national school curriculum.

Russian language and literature courses will no longer be taught in Ukraine, according to an updated curriculum posted by the Ministry of Education on its website on Tuesday.

Among the courses excluded were ‘Russian and Foreign Literature’, ‘Russian language for general educational institutions with instruction in Russian’ for grades 5-9, and instruction in Ukrainian or Russian for grades 10-11.

While nearly all Russian and Belarusian books will be dropped from the school program, the ministry notes that it will allow some works by authors who wrote in Russian but whose “life and work were closely connected with Ukraine,” such as Nikolay Gogol and Mikhail Bulgakov.

According to the updated curriculum, foreign literature courses in Ukrainian schools will now focus on works by writers such as Jean de La Fontaine, O. Henry, Anna Gavalda, and Joseph Roth.

The ministry also announced that it will be updating history courses in Ukrainian schools “to take into account new historiographic developments.” Specifically, it will update courses on Ukrainian and world history for grades 6 to 11 to include the ongoing military conflict between Kiev and Moscow.

Last month, Ukrainian officials introduced a new stage of the law on ‘Ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as a state language’, which introduces fines for speaking Russian. The law applies to workers in institutions such as government agencies, education, science, and media.

“Citizens of the country must use the Ukrainian language in all aspects of social life,” the commissioner for the protection of the state language, Taras Kremen, explained, calling on people to report offenders to local law enforcement.

Russian is a native language in much of Ukraine and predominant in many cities in both the east and south of the country. However, Kiev has been taking steps to outlaw its use in most fields.

Moscow has expressed concern for years over the clampdown on Russian. Last September, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that “discrimination against the Russian language in Ukraine has reached the scale of a disaster.”

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Source:RT News

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  1. so I guess NZ will be next huh followed by the removal of all Russians – I can see it now. MoE is a joke – they have lost all credibility, especially after removing a child’s right to education in Tokelau. Aren’t they suppose to be nurturing children??? No wonder people are removing their kids from this unjust system. Take a look at yourselves MoE, disgraceful!

    • And to top that off, Luxom will NOT be allowing kids and young people who are on the Autism Spectrum to receive Disability Sickness or Youth benefits. They are to be excluded, thus violating their human and social rights!
      Vote for the Outdoors and Freedom Party- especially if you have a child or young relative who is ASD.
      As it stands now, there has been a push to get rid of ASD kids out of the schools, thus denying them their right to an education.
      Chris Hipkins is an ignorant shit who chose to ignore the rights of New Zealanders who are on the Autism Spectrum.
      And not one of those NGO’s that purportedly are there to help those on the Ausitm Spectrum have yet to speak-up about what is happening right now to these kids and ASD youth, and LUXON JUST CONFIRMED HIS WORSENING POLICY IN THIS REGARD!
      Vote for the Outdoors and Freedom Party so that ALL New Zealanders are treated with respect, compassion, equal rights under the law.

  2. The banning of the Russian language, ethnic customs and culture are only a part what led to the 9 year war in the Donbass region.
    The ethnic Russians in the Donbass region are suffering both Genocide and Holocaust implemented with Holodomor!
    This is similar to what happened in 1917-1953. Aleksander Solzhenytsyn confirmed that those who imposed Zionist-Communist rule over both the Ukraine AND Russia were neither Russian nor Ukrainian; they were Khazarian Georgian J3w$!!!
    Read Solzhenytsyn’s last book titled ‘200 Years Together’, on this very subject. & BTW, this book is now banned in several Western Nations due to Zionist control over publication houses.
    The Donbass residents refused to give in to the Zionist genocidal monster Zelensky, who is demanding the entire erasure of the Russian Donbass residents. They have suffered immense loss for over 9 years now with 15,000 dead, as a result of Ukrainian sniping, shelling, and infantry ground ops by the Ukrainian Nazi AZOV Battalion!
    Make no mistake; this is what Greater Israel is all about, as dictated by Kissinger, and reinforced by both Poroshenko and Zelensky with their lying, subversive and deceptive ‘State Craft’.
    This coincides with what the Talmud teaches, and what Noahide Law is all about!
    The Russians are NOT the bad guys here, and neither are the greater Donbass residents.
    The reason that the Russians are being portrayed as the ‘bad guys’ is due to the MSM being owned by those who are mostly J3wi$h! (see Jim Traficant’s exposure on the Deep State Israeli / J3wi$h control in America).
    As it stands, and for what it’s worth, the West is on the wrong side of history this time around.
    And rest assured, Vladimir Putin will NOT allow another Zio-Communist J3wi$s-led overthrow of Russia to happen again, which in the near past caused horrific misery under the Red Terror, and the murder of 65,000 Russian Orthodox Christians.
    Read what the goals are for ‘Greater Israel’ and then compare it to Talmudic-led and Noahide-enforced Law that we see today, especially in the Ukraine and specifically, the terror that Poroshenko and Zelensky have unleashed in the Donbass Region.!

  3. You mean, 65 MILLION…not 65,000.
    You must be tired from all that typing and wading thru the lies of the MSM to get to the truth!
    God Bless Vlad Putin and the Russian People!!!


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