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US 2020 election was non-transparent and easy to ‘rig’ – Putin

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Russian President Vladimir Putin © Sputnik / Sergei Savostyanov.

The Russian president reflected on the contested 2020 US presidential vote when discussing referendums.

Elections in Russia’s new regions were honest and transparent because people showed up to vote in person, unlike the voting by mail in the US, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday.

Speaking at a meeting with municipal educators in Moscow, the Russian president brought up the 2020 American presidential election as an example of what democracy should not look like.

“It’s probably possible to falsify anything. Just like the previous elections in the US were falsified through voting by mail. Well, it’s clear what voting by mail is. They bought ballots for $10, wrote them in, and without any supervision from observers, tossed them into mailboxes. And there you go,” Putin said.

His observation came in response to a question about the voting in Kherson and Zaporozhye regions and the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, four formerly Ukrainian territories that joined Russia in 2022. No one forced people there to show up at the polls, or barred them from doing so – they simply voted with their feet, Putin said.

“What is this, if not democracy? Democracy is when people express their will,” the Russian president said.

Multiple US states changed their election rules in 2020 to allow voting via mail-in ballots, citing the Covid-19 pandemic. The final official results showed Democrat Joe Biden winning 81 million votes, the most ever in US history, over the incumbent, Republican Donald Trump.

Trump has challenged the election as “rigged,” pointing to various irregularities in half a dozen states as well as the mail-in ballots that were impossible to audit. The Democrats and most US media have denounced anyone questioning the 2020 vote as an “election denier” and insisted that everything was perfectly legitimate.

According to a February 2021 account in Time magazine, Biden became president because of a “well-funded cabal of powerful people” who were “fortifying” the election by “working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information.”

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Source:RT News

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  1. Plain as day that election was stolen. Anyone who believes a senile creep unpopular career politician like Joe Biden got 81 million votes, the most ever in history, more popular than obama and clinton, is just nuts. He couldn’t even get 81 people to turn up to his rallies.

    • In addition to that, we watched LIVE on Al-Jazeera AND on TVNZ1 the votes get swapped!
      Trump has been told via the Mar-A-Lago website’s contact page NOT to allow the Kushners back into the White House, and are to be excluded in the Presidential Cabinet and Executive Branch.
      He has yet to condemn the Israeli actions of war crimes, genocide, and the gross violation of Human Rights.
      Trump has been told to ignore the Zionists, and to go forward for the American People, Veterans especially!
      He has also been ASKED to see IF Tucker Carlson would like to be Trump’s running mate…
      Veterans and Trump supporters, as well as ex-Law Enforcement-types (who left due to the Israeli methodology of ‘Police Training…) are well armed and ammo’d-up, and have already formed-up their cells to support Trump in the event that ANTIFA, AIPAC, ADL, BLM, the SPLC and ACLU foment disruption to the upcoming (s)Elections.
      They are ready to act!!!

  2. The last few elections had big turnouts 128-129 million cast ballots. 2020, 155+ million ballots came in (26 million excess ballots) even though many stayed home?
    THEN, you have the “ballot runners” bragging of making $40,000.00 USD in one night!
    If Trump gets elected, it’s curtains for these people. He MUST be stopped at ALL COST!

  3. Putin knows! I believe that President Putin is a “white hat”.

    Evidence of election fraud has already been gathered. I think “white hats” are just waiting for more baddies to fall into their trap.

    However, it is easy to see the election was stolen by considering this through the prism of common sense:
    President Trump created energy independence, low inflation, no international wars and a secure border. Resident Biden created energy dependence, high inflation, allowed international wars and a wide-open border and internal chaos with illegals all over the place. We are meant to believe that the US population voted for this? I don’t think so!


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