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Watch: Coronavirus is probably ‘the biggest cover-up in scientific history’ – US Senator

Republican Senator Rand Paul has been at the forefront of Senate investigations into the COVID pandemic and mRNA vaccines.

Paul was speaking to Jackie De Angelis of FoxBusiness, where he provided an update on the Senate investigation and his plans for a 2024 Presidential run.

‘The entire pandemic came from a lab. The fact he [Fauci] approved the research and funded the lab would draw culpability to himself, culpability to the NIH, culpability to all of these people who made the unwise decision to send money to China to do dangerous research. So that’s why they steadfastly resist this.

‘But if you look at the early emails, when they first discovered the sequence, the RNA sequence of this virus on January 31st of 2020, they are quite frightened. There’s harried emails going back and forth at 2.30 in the morning, and all of the initial scientists are saying to him ‘Holy cow, we’ve looked at the sequence and it looks like it’s been manipulated in the lab. In fact, it has a cleavage site – this is the way the virus ‘cleaves’ or gets into the cell, that we don’t see in nature typically, and that the Chinese last year asked us for money to do exactly that research.

‘So, all kinds of alarms and bells went off for a day or two. And there was another couple of emails where Dr. Collins and Dr. Fauci were talking about how ‘they are science’, and saying that ‘wow this would be really damaging to science, and to NIH, and to all the taxpayer money we get, and also to themselves personally, so they began a cover-up.

‘I think it’s the biggest cover-up probably in the history of science, and we will get to the bottom of this, because I promise you there’s going to be a paper trail, and there’s not been any interest from Democrats. But should we win in November, I will use every bit of subpoena power to get every bit of data. We will bring Fauci under oath, we will bring all of those scientists under oath, and we will get to the bottom of this.’

When questioned about potential conflicts of interests for scientists who framed the pandemic response and also received ‘vaccine royalties’ Paul said 1,800 scientists received a total of $193m dollars in such royalties. Fauci was refusing to confirm if these scientists also sat on vaccine ‘approval committees’ – government bodies tasked with forming vaccination and mandate regulations.

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  1. Spike protein is so well organised which can happen oinly with the gain of function. The later variants show the natural way the reguarilty artificially introduced breaks down. Globalists agenda is well known but f anyone points out the facts, they get called as “conspiracy theorists” by the corrupt MSM propagandists, which itself a confirmation that the covid scam is manufactured on pushed on the world population.

  2. *second biggest scientific coverup, after polio vaccines in Africa led to AIDS. They deny it to this day, just as they’ll still deny the origins of The coof 40 years from now (as well as the vaccine adverse events).

  3. I’ve noticed that the bedside manner of the “covid trained’ nurse is quite brutal. One such ‘nurse’ laughed right in my face when I exclaimed about the pain from the stick- up- the- nose covid test. More what I’d expect as a prisoner of war, unfortunately. I guess it’s a data war, with a chance to catalogue everyone, everything and their dna.


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