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Watch: Tucker Carlson sacking – Kim Iverson analyses possible motives

Independent journalist Kim Iverson discusses the recent shock sacking of Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Iverson says Carlson was told of his sacking just 10 minutes before he was due to go on air. Speculation is rife in the legacy media and on social media over the reason why the conservative outlet got rid of it’s star performer.

Theories advanced for the sacking include:

  • a pending lawsuit from a disgruntled employee alleging bullying and harassment
  • this week’s $800 million settlement between Fox News and Dominion Voting Machines over allegations the 2020 presidential election vote count was rigged
  • Carlson’s anti-war stance
  • Carlson’s support of Donald Trump

Iverson discounted the disgruntled employee lawsuit reason because that case was against a large number of defendants, including top executives at Fox News. ‘But if you’re going to get rid of him because of this lawsuit, you would likely have to get rid of everyone else, because Fox News is likely going to have to settle this case,’ said Iverson.

When the claims of vote counting irregularities first surfaced, Carlson was quick to denounce the vote fraud allegation until there was sufficient proof for it.

Carlson was generally anti-war, but was known to be extremely hawkish when it came to China.

Iverson concluded it was Carlson’s support of Trump which led to his removal, as well as the angle he took on the Jan 6 ‘Riots’. Obtaining possession of the full Jan 6 footage had made Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch ‘extremely queazy’, forcing the media mogul to call a meeting of executives on the Friday before the sacking to discuss Carlson’s future.

‘That leads me to the real reason why I believe Tucker Carlson was fired. I do believe it’s because of the ‘second rise’ of Trump. I do believe that the powers that be are so completely frightened at the possibility of Trump taking back the White House, that they have shown us over and over and over again that they are willing to do anything to stop that from happening… So it makes sense to me as they continue their never-ending witch hunt against Donald Trump… that they will do anything possible, including removing some of the most prominent voices who have lifted him up.’

Iverson elaborated on her theory a short time later on Twitter, posting that Murdoch wanted to ‘make Trump a non-person,’ having donated large sums of money to main rival Ron DeSantis.


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  1. https://youtu.be/T_5CwiF-o8U

    Tucker: don t throw your hardcover books away. They can t disappear ( suggesting info does) .. what he says about controlled information is really worrying.
    But readers of DT know that already.

    The above link is only a small part of a longer speech. Laso to be foud on youtube

  2. Let’s hope that Tucker Carlson received a severance package in the millions, so that he can start his own network!
    Maybe Elon Musk can help with that? Or even Donald Trump?
    At the least, Tucker can appear on Bannedvideo.com, and Brighteon as well on a regular basis, and be a permanent host on Infowars.
    Time will tell…
    The reason Murdoch is ‘pivoting to DeSantis’ is to get him out of Florida and select (NOT elect) a shoo-in Governor who will reverse / abolish DeSantis’s policies statewide, while serving the huge J***** populations of Florida overall!
    DeSantis is also taking campaign money from the J***** contributors, so whoever becomes Governor of Florida, the Zionist Woke Policies J*** still win…, especially if RFK Jr. wins the White House, DeSantis will be gone from both the Governor’s Mansion AND the White House. The ever-dangling carrot of political and campaign promised that are being made to DeSantis by the likes of Rupert Murdoch only serve to manipulate the first-stage outcomes of the eventual ‘selections’ in the General Election held nationwide.
    And then, there’s the vote filtration of the Electoral College that removes votes, similar to the voting machines switching votes in real time from Trump to demented ice cream cone-licking, child sniffing pedophile and automaton zombie Bison…!

  3. Possible motives? too many to list, why now? Tucker was living on borrowed time, the why now doesn’t matter we all know it was over due. What now? Tucker will bounce back, the interesting thing will be what will he say next, will he up the ante? was he being muzzled? cant wait for the next episode of the NWO revealing itself.


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