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Watch: 8 staff working for Aussie senator Bob Katter suffer jab adverse reactions, including 2 deaths

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A video circulating on social media of Australian politician Bob Katter gives a disturbing picture of the dangers of the experimental mRNA medication.

Katter, from Queensland, claims that of his 8 parliamentary staff who all took the jab, 2 died, 2 are physically crippled for life, 3 have suffered life-long health issues, and one went straight to ICU and is in a critical condition.

Said Katter to a crowd, ‘So don’t tell me there’s no problem if one small member of parliament’s office has 8 in 8 weeks there is one huge problem!’

‘There are fives ladies working in our office that are expecting babies, or are closely related. There is no person on this planet that can force a pregnant lady to have something that threatens her child!’

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  1. I urge everyone to get together to stop this onslaught.
    We must never accept the unconstitutional conduct to use the Australian Defence Force against Australians including those of Aboriginal origins. We are one people regardless of our origins and we must guard against any act of TREASON/TERRORISM and must hold those offending legally accountable.

    This document can be downloaded from:
    I may add that Bob Katter ought to check how many others using the same batch of the so called “vaccines” had adverse reactions? Also, what his office selected to have those so called vaccines from a special batch while others in the Parliament may have had them from a different batch? This, as in the USA it has been shown that most batches have 1 or 2 complaints (80% of the complaints) while some batches have 1,00 or even 5,000 complaints and deaths.


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