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Watch: Video of Fauci surfaces where he claims HIV can be spread by ‘close contacts’

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A video of a young Dr. Anthony Fauci giving an interview to ABC News in the 1980s has surfaced in which he claimed AIDS can be spread by ‘close contacts’.

The virus which causes AIDS (HIV) can only be transmitted by the exchange of bodily fluids, usually during sexual contact.

Daily Telegraph cannot confirm the exact date of the interview. The sudden appearance of AIDS in the 1970s and 80s caused widespread panic, especially during the early stages of the disease’s spread when wild conspiracies circulated about how it could be transmitted.

Here’s a transcript of the interview:

‘We may be starting to see, as we’re seeing virtually as the months go by, other groups that can be involved, and seeing it in children is really quite disturbing.’

‘You say, ‘other close contacts’, give me some examples.

‘For example, if the close contact of a child is a household contact, that perhaps there will be a certain number of cases of individuals who are just living with and in close contact with someone with AIDS, or at risk of AIDS, who doesn’t not necessarily have to have intimate sexual contact or share a needle, but just the ordinary close contact that one sees in normal interpersonal relationships.’

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