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‘Stuffing New Zealanders’

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Stuffing New Zealanders

Dear Sir,

There has been much said in recent days about the state of reporting by MSM in this country. They are of course not alone in their obfuscation, when it comes to the Covid-19 narrative in particular. Many are of the opinion Governments and other parties are in collusion on this matter, the language being the same the world over as numerous examples show. There are clear and definite lines of communication and persuasion, which emanate from the same source. This is no longer up for debate.

While our television, radio and press, via traditional means or on-line, attempt to bring us the news they believe matters, and some of it does, there has been for some time an apparent deliberate stance, to shape the narrative in keeping with government lines. This is most noticeable with one in particular, I am of course referring to the Wellington based, Stuff.

Their constant, and there is no other word for it, attack on many New Zealanders is worrying at best. Never in all my years a Kiwi, have I witnessed such ill will aimed at a section of New Zealand society, if indeed the people from all walks of life who make up Voices for Freedom could be deemed a section.

It is the purpose of reporters to do just that. It is not their bailiwick to cast aspersion, to taunt, or present a false account to their readers. Their continual myopic assault on good people whose aim is to build strong and co-operative neighbourhoods, to offer support for those in need, and bring fairness to the forefront, can only be measured in terms of abuse, not only of journalistic credential, but of the people they go after. It is reminiscent of all dictatorships who wish to browbeat citizens into submission. That it should come from an independent commercial enterprise is disturbing in the extreme, the reason can only be due to direction by another party.

Stuff is a law unto themselves, naturally driven by money, some of which the Government pays. That they bow to Jacinda Ardern, gives them free reign in all they do, and permission to go after whoever they judge abnormal when measured against their own morality; a morality clearly wanting. In adopting this posture they are denying valuable and important information to their audience, knowledge that could save lives, indeed enhance its quality. The irony being they ask for financial support for their ongoing deceit, the unwitting reader who pays effectively placing a noose around their own neck. But such is the mind of the media psychopath when all is said and done.

So, Anna, Nadine, Paula, Michelle and Keith Lynch to name a few, you have the responsibility to do your job properly, to report on what is actually true, not what the Prime Minister and others tell you is true. It is time for you able people to remove the scales from your eyes, to see the world as it is, and to bury the hatchet of judgement. You need to understand the world has moved on, masks, mandates and lockdowns no longer the issue it was.

You can start by asking the Government why it persists in maintaining a climate of fear, when Corona virus is just that, from which the majority recover as they do the common cold. The mRNA vaccine is the problem, not the virus. This is now common knowledge.

For my part, peaceful living is the better way but others are not so forgiving, the guillotine option having appeal. Many now regard you as a joke; others as evil, still others angry at your style of journalism and so-called reporting. If push ever did come to shove, the people rise up and violence ensues, much of the blood will be laid at your door.

It is time now for some common sense, and an appeal to all in the responsible position of informing the public on matters, which affect our daily lives. It is down to you to restore the balance now lacking, to be as good as you know you are; to report the truth, to listen to others, to give them a chance to tell you what they think and why, and to be open to good evidence, backed by reliable science when it comes to personal health choices.

In closing I will leave you this question to consider. How is it, that leading infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists, in their tens of thousands, have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of prevailing Covid-19 policies, and have signed a declaration to that effect can be wrong, when a $1 media company, at the arse end of the world, can be right in all it says and does on Covid-19 and all it entails?

It’s time to play nice…


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  1. Thanks James great piece

    You reminded me. Stuff were going down the toilet when they were purchased for $1. I can remember journalists there pushing out the begging bowl

    What deal was done behind the scenes? Certainly the walls they’ve put up around themselves do not stop the stench of their betrayal seeping out.

    While I applaud your call to have them honour themselves and their profession I think they have gone too far in the prostitution of the ethics and values journalists should uphold.

    And should there be a reckoning, as seems more and more likely, then I’m sure they will stand by Jacinda….. not likely aye.

  2. Well said James. I fully agree with your sentiments.

    I am generally quite a peaceful person, I go about my life being law abiding and looking after my family.

    However I have now realised why people in the past had public humiliation via stocks and more other permanent solutions. When the level of corruption is from the very people WE pay to supposedly look after us, there will NEVER be forgiveness amd they truly deserve whatever comes their way if they remain silent on it. Silence IS complicity.

    The cat is well and truly out of the bag now. We can all see the lies, the corruption, the reckless spending. These people don’t have a conscience (except Dr Sharma who clearly does) and they need to go.

    • Yes, Anon silence is the worst we can do. We are indeed in an interesting time to put it mildly, and I had never imagined it would get so bad, so quickly. All we can do is live by example, but in doing so, stand for what’s right. To do nothing is to live on our knees, and my knees are way past that. LOL…

  3. STUFF is hosted on Global Big tech servers. User data is harvested and sold. London based interests, linked MI6/8, are behind, who also control the garbage Guardian. Feeding close to 500 pigs is a big venture which cannot be supported by advertisements and readers. Being a media mercenary to Globalists, cheaper running costs are guaranteed by Big tech, and also millions from Jabcinda during the pandemic in the name of Covid awareness etc. They have to increase the number of unique visitors, and so they bring out explicitly sexually themed articles from time to time. Yet, STUFF readership is declining over the years in line with similar media outlets in UK/US. When the Globalist are weakened, STUFF will again go bankrupt. Waiting for that great day 🙂

  4. James you are spot on. I’d like to add that the the likes of Stuff cannot tell the truth for the following reasons:
    1) They have promoted a lie for too long. That lie has facilitated a crime against humanity which they endorsed. If they were to now start telling the truth about the ‘vaccine’, mandates etc, it would become apparent they were/are party to a criminal act. Therfore, the more the evidence and support mounts against their crime facilitating narrative, the harder they try to shout down the increasing glearing truth.
    2) These people are arrogant. The liberal media, political, business and academic élites’have an enormous arrogance and disdain towards the general populace. They do not perform journalism as a service to the community. Egotists and narcissists do not understand the idea of serving the community and its interests. Look at the PM, she is a perfect example of this sort of self-serving arrogance. No, these ‘journalists’ primary driver is to talk down to the population with the goal of envangelising their sick ideology.
    3) These poeple are evil at heart. People who like putting others down and who do so at the expense of the health of the population are morally corrupt to the core. They drive an agenda which comes from their overlords in far away places like Davos. They seem to get a sadistic pleasure from breaking down society and causing immense suffering at all levels. I am starting to think that the act of destruction and the notion of harming others is what gives them their kicks.

    • Hi Anon,
      You raise some good points, and I tend to agree they are beyond the tipping point to backtrack now, but hope springs eternal. As to arrogance you are on the money, having worked in the industry I know it is true. We are certainly up against it being a global conspiracy. But with the Platform, and good folks like Chantell, and of course DT, shining a light in dark corners, we have at least a voice.

    • You raise a good point regards that so called elite (in their own minds at least) taking pleasure from peoples / society’s misery. It is the mindset of a psychopath. Killing is not the primary objective. Creating fear and helplessness is. They have to be seen as ones only hope.

      However they should also be aware there is, and always have been people in every society in history that eventually stand and ultimately prevail over fear and evil. The human spirit. It should never be under-rated.

      Time to stand. Time to push back.

  5. UK Government confirms COVID Vaccines are deadly as they reveal Mortality Rates per 100k are lowest among the Unvaccinated in all Age Groups


    When does deliberately ignoring, concealing or lying, and being paid to do so, the hard data and undeniable science about the damaging and fatal effects of the COVID 19 injection, eventually lead to charges of culpable homicide?

    Time will tell. It always does.

  6. Hi James
    I couldn’t agree more – you can add Nicholas Boyack to your list of corrupt Stuff reporters. He’s currently out to vilifile good people standing for local body elections. The other friend of Paula is Louisa Cleave. Their type of journalism is destructive and adds no value to our society. Good kiwi’s, with already enough on their mind, are being vilifiled by these arrogant try hard “journalists”. Innocent people who want a fair say and stand up for our democracy don’t even get a chance by tax payer funded MSM. I’ve already lost a good friend through all their nastiness and destructive reporting – I don’t want to see other good people buckling under their pressure of being publicly marginalized, when a person is already downtrodden by government measures and labelled as a second class citizen in their own country. These people need to think about what they’re doing and search for the last drop of compassion in their hearts for their fellow citizen – their neighbour, their aunty, their midwife, their nephew, their colleague. If they don’t stop, Nicholas and his friends could well be done for defamation or worse.

    • Thanks for your post. Agree there’s a lot more stuff “reporters” to add to the list. It seems the whole organisation is arrayed against the truth of what’s really going on out there. Sad to hear the loss of your friend, the media can be vicious, I speak from experience. But it seems Stuff have taken it to another level. Keep the faith, the truth will win out in the end. ????

  7. Stuff reporters are a bunch of vultures, who need to live with themselves…
    There was a circulated photo of a vulture waiting for a starving Sudanese girl to die and feast on her during the 1993 famine in Sudan.
    The photo was taken by Kevin Carter, a South African photojournalist who later won the Pulitzer Prize for this ‘amazing’ shot (edited and left out here because of its inhumane posture).
    Kevin however lived just a few months to enjoy his supposed achievement because he later got depressed and took his own life!
    He was savoring his feat and he was being celebrated on major news channels and networks worldwide for such an ‘exceptional’ photographic skill.
    His depression started when, during one of the interviews he granted (a phone-in program), someone phoned in and asked him what happened to the child.
    Kevin replied, “I didn’t wait to find out after this shot as I had a flight to catch…”
    And the person replied, “I put it to you that there were two vultures on that day; one had a camera.”
    His constant thought of that statement led to depression and his ultimate suicide.
    So, are you too a vulture?
    In whatever we do, we should let humanity come first before what we can gain out of the situation.
    Kevin Carter could have been alive today and even be more celebrated if he had just picked that little girl up and taken her to the United Nations Feeding Center where she was attempting to reach.
    In all we do, let us always think of others and how we can be of benefit to humanity.
    How we can lend a helping hand and wipe tears?
    And when we seek knowledge, wealth, or even elective office, let us think of how we can use it to benefit the people most.
    A New You is possible.
    A New Nigeria is possible.
    Archbishop Prof Sam Zuga (copied)

    • No one chooses evil because it is evil, they choose it as they mistake it for happiness…

      Yes, it can be a cruel world out there, it truly is a testing place. What sets us apart is how we respond to it. Thanks for your comments, and be a dove… ????

  8. Half of the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm. But the harm does not interest them.
    T.S. Eliot

    That’s one thought on the matter.

    I regularly wonder how those who promote harm through their positions and efforts, will one day answer their children and children’s children, nieces or nephews, friends and whanau, when asked : ‘What did you do when all those people died or suffered lifelong because of that covid injection, that only profited its manufacturers and advocates – when the truth about this must have constantly confronted you?’

    Will they say:

    I didn’t want to face or publish the truth otherwise I’d, we’d, lose face and have to rescind my/our position.

    My pride and shame were too great to admit my harm, smearing and bullying of others for what was quickly exposed to be a scientifically unfounded, profit-led and highly untrustworthy source of information.

    My leader/boss and colleagues would be displeased with me and I would no longer be part of their club of eventual shame.

    It was more important I buttered my bread, did as asked and obeyed those who paid me.

    I tried to please or impress others above or around me to keep their ‘respect’ and shallow allegiance.

    I am, was, supremely unintelligent, lacking in integrity and compassion for others, so simply regurgitated the party’s line – despite the evidence of human suffering I was constantly presented with.


    History is littered with the reputational carcasses of those who knowingly denied, lied, hid and obfuscated critical public truths, and in so doing misled, abused, profited from and knowingly harmed others.

    To say now that one does not know that : 1. the pharmaceutical covid 19 injection is hardly effective in preventing said viral infection or symptoms, and 2. it is causing deaths, short and long-term health problems and permanent injuries – therefore considerable suffering to people – is like saying the Holocaust never happened.

    Tides of hard, uncomfortable and incontrovertible scientific data and evidence are being increasingly released for the world to see.

    No amount of govt and media disinformation can hold back these floodgates.

    And those involved know they cannot any longer claim ignorance. Only full responsibility for their respective roles, words and actions.

    • It ocurred to me at a free people’s last night talking with an exUK migrant-
      1. NZ is behind the rest of the world in Covid response, Injection rollouts, mandate removal, injured compensation, universal masking by about 6 months.
      2. NZ is steadfastly in the grip of one party politics and unopposed Covid Response Regulations and Race based policy making.
      3. NZ PM is well documented as having completed 180 degree turns on all preCovid reassurances against the above policies.
      NZ will be the last nation implementing controls in the world by 6months, whilst the rest of the world ditched Covid controls.
      NZPM is now being widely globally reported as being draconian, authoritarian, out of date, out of touch, and unkind.
      NZ will be the last working record and living statute of Covid Medical Apartheid for all the world to see, hear and caution against in realtime for 6 months. Sweden should be first to cast a pebble.
      The result will be not just catastrophic for the PM, and Labour but also for the Health Experts, Govt depts, Media, Unions, Industry and their proponents as history judges those who ignored the unprecedented harm perpetrated against unsuspecting kiwis.
      All those in the next 6months who enter the record, be aware the world is watching and the time is now to call out, present, document, and live stream the blind ignorance of furthering of harms well after the world moved on.

    • Well said. Yes the same oath that a lot of doctors need to be reminded of lately, should apply to those who can so easily touch our lives… first, do no harm.

  9. This is nothing new. The press in general have always been a bunch of desperado wanting to get their article front page no matter the consequences to others.
    They have always made up completely fictitious tales about anyone they could. And have always been in the pocket of advertisers corporates and politicians

    What has changed in the last 10 years and in particular in the last 3 years is that the few true investigative journalists that existed seemed to have vanished into thin air. No one is printing their stories or they have all been silent.

    Press live for a sensationalist story. It’s gossip at best. Always has been.

    What we should be asking is why editors of big publications are not printing articles by investigative journalists any more.

    Could it perhaps be because all the major media outlets have been absorbed by Blackrock and Vanguard?

    Until we fix the root cause the press will continue to reflect only what benefits their masters.

    Independent journalism is dead. And the fact that Stuff claim this on their website is an absolute and complete fabrication

    I think they are now to be classified more as writers of pulp fiction, gossip columnists or perhaps they are just straight up propagandists?

    One thing I know for sure is that they continue to hammer nails into their own coffins as the value of press type media lessens and dies.
    And as it’s dying it just gets more and more desperate.

  10. Hi PLFWB,
    I used to be one also and worked in the industry for several years. You are of course on the money with your view on its present state of collapse, which has been going on for quite some time now. They have become desperate, manufacturing headlines that grab the sensation seeker. And they will always be with us. But we have good folks like here at DT to provide balance and cover the stuff we won’t see on Stuff. Thank God for that…

  11. I never read Stuff or the MSM so I’m immune to their dialogue. I hope more people follow suit. It only works if we are willing to listen and believe.

  12. RNZ media mercenaries claim

    The occupation came with a human cost: the creation of fear, mistrust, resentment and divisions in communities. As a result, the physical walls may yet go up around Parliament, but perhaps the most dangerous impact is the mental walls that go up and leave people marginalised.


    We all know the “projection” and “false flag” cynical propaganda.

    It is the illegal MANDATES that came with a huge human cost:the creation of fear, mistrust, resentment and divisions in communities. NOT the occupation. Shame on you soul less media mercenary.

  13. Jabcinda sold close to 10,000 hectres this year after The Overseas Investment (Forestry) Amendment Act 2022. Gloablists are buying up land everywhere. Some of the NZ land will become foresty instead of food producing. Both National and Labour are selling thousands of hectres very cheaply when land for housing is scarce and people cannot easily own a tiny piece of land for housing. NZ is just a colony; part of the Truman show.

    • Hi Anon,
      Yes it is certainly looking that way, and your use of Truman Show a good analogy. We are living in a media controlled environment for sure, and the people blinded to the truth of our reality. Of interest, did you know the maker of that movie, Andrew Nicol is a Kiwi who grew up in Kapiti where I live. He has made some excellent films, Gattaga and Lord of War among them… Cheers.

  14. Type “died suddenly” into your browser’s search, and see how many people of all ages are reported to have recently “died suddenly.”


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