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BlackRock deal aims for 100% renewable electricity

BlackRock deal

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins and Energy and Resources Minister Megan Woods announced the deal today.

The pair lauded the agreement as a ‘first of its kind climate fund to back 100% renewable electricity.’

The goal of the fund is to make New Zealand one of the first country’s in the world to reach the goal of 100% renewable electricity.

Representatives of BlackRock were present at the announcement in Auckland today.

The $2 billion fund, ‘will not only decarbonise our energy use, but will also create highly-skilled jobs here in New Zealand, and opportunities to grow New Zealand companies,’ said Woods.

Hipkins called the deal a ‘game-changer’, adding that it will ‘accelerate climate action while growing our economy.’

‘New Zealand is now an investment magnet for capital that will unlock technology such as battery storage, wind and solar generation, green hydrogen production and more electric vehicle chargers across New Zealand.

‘We’ve already making significant progress on New Zealand’s decarbonisation transition, partnering with the likes of NZ Steel and Fonterra to reduce emissions while retaining jobs here in New Zealand,’ said Woods.

‘The New Zealand net zero Fund will look to crowd in investment from Crown companies and entities, including superannuation funds, and private sector funds to accelerate New Zealand’s transition to 100% renewable electricity.

‘This arrangement means we will get there faster, with opportunities for local investment in a low emissions economy. That will be a significant selling point for New Zealand businesses as consumers demand more sustainable products and services.

Luxon ‘welcomes’ BlackRock’s investment

National Party leader Christopher Luxon told 1News that his party would ‘really welcome that [BlackRock’s] investment.’

‘It underscores exactly what we’ve been saying, which is that the world is awash with investment opportunities for companies and funds that actually want to invest in renewable energy.

‘I think the major challenge we’ve observed with this government is around consenting. So it’s fantastic, the investment is up to being made in New Zealand, we fully support it.’

BlackRock – a corporate driver of ‘climate chaos’

Opponents of the deal point out BlackRock’s record as one of the world’s biggest corporate drivers of ‘climate chaos and ecocide.’

The company was one of the biggest investors in fossil fuel energy, including coal.

As of 31 December 2022, the company had over US$8.5 trillion worth of assets under management. Investments included major stakes in the world’s largest corporations, in a wide range of industries, from pharmaceuticals to media, and Big Tech.

There are only two countries in the world that have bigger GDP’s compared to the amount of assets BlackRock ‘manage’ – the USA and China.

ACT Party leader David Seymour criticised the deal, saying ‘New Zealanders don’t want to be subject to a ‘world first’ climate change experiment that will mean the government micromanages their lives.’

The ACT Party press release did not mention BlackRock by name. Unverified reports on social media claim former senior high-profile ACT figures helped to ‘facilitate’ the deal.

BlackRock – The company that ‘owns the world’

BlackRock’s size and the power, and the influence this concentration of financial resources creates has concerned numerous commentators for some time. It not only ‘owns the world’, but controls governments. The latter claim was exposed recently in an undercover report by O’Keefe Media Group.

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  1. Prepare for higher prices and rolling blackouts. They will shame us into shutting up about it too, it’s for our own good!

    At least we have our answer now as to what Jacinda the troll was up to when she met with Larry Fink last year.

    Luxon already a complete f*cking embarrassment as expected.

    Meet your REAL government, New Zealand.

  2. Completely sold us out to the globalists but Hipkins was bound to after his little outing to a recent WEF meeting. Nobody fits the term ‘useful idiot’ than this little worm. Kiwis will be paying this loan for generations to come just globalists agenda to have us have expensive unreliable power. What a disaster.

  3. Chippy has embarked on ‘cheque book damage control’
    A sugar coated response to the absolute mess Labour has left NZ in
    The candy man
    Frittering the future of this country away for his own selfish fiendish desires
    The problem is there is no opposition nor credible alternative
    There simply is no leadership
    As the revolving doors clownshow trundles on over the political landscape intoxicated with its own terminal dementia
    Which appears to be suffering from undiagnosed compulsive buying disorder syndrome
    Chippy is not the sharpest tool in the shed
    Who wanted to track people down and inject them against their will with a toxic substance in direct contravention of the provisions of the Nuremberg Code
    NZ truly is at the crossroads
    The gate is straight and the road is narrow

  4. When the Govt. go against the people yet again it’s just another reason to firmly believe that taxation with out real representation is nothing but theft.

  5. This is a recipe for making NZ less competitive via increased energy costs and more dependant on intermittent sources of energy. NZ already has a high proportion of hydro, which meets the criteria, but is also weather dependent. Not so good in droughts! Like what we may get during the coming El Nino, as opposed to the wet of La Nina, we’ve just had.

    Interesting that Blackrock is targeting NZ for this faddish fixation on net zero/100% intermittent energy, even as more and more countries, from Germany to the UK, come to their senses and are stepping back from the economic suicide cliff. They’re building coal and reinstating nuclear. No doubt worried about manufacturing fleeing to low energy cost countries and politician inflicted energy poverty…oh, and the effect of brownouts and blackouts on polls. China is opening 1-2 coal fired power stations a week, for a reason…even as the CCP admonish the West to continue shooting ourselves in the economic foot.

    China has a space program but are apparently a ‘developing’ nation? They know low energy costs equals competitive advantage and not just economically. They can’t build the world’s biggest offensive capabile military with windmills!

    Our politicians MUST ensure energy security as a priority! That means having a realistic mix of energy sources to ensure baseload energy requirements can be met, irrespective of what nature throws at us…Like a week or two of clouds and rain? I don’t want to see our landscape dotted with ugly white crucifixes that are anything but ‘renewable’ given the use of rare earths (often from child labour) and the coal fired energy it takes to make them…not to mention their bird killing capability.

    In the US many states are legally fighting back on Fink’s ESG muscling of other businesses and State Govts. They know this isn’t about the environment, but about power and control. Stymied there, maybe Fink is bored with having billions and behaving like a corporate mafia? Does he have ambitions to effectively ‘own’ an island nation? How long before our Govt has to do as told?

    Oops, there goes democracy…

    The depiction of Blackrock as a vulture is apt. It seems our politicians don’t know they’re swimming with a predatory financial equivalent of a Great White Shark. My KiwiSaver fund has signed up to Blackrock’s nonsense, no doubt in anticipation of all those taxpayer funds too. I’ll be withdrawing mine and investing in property.

  6. Blackrock is a Zionist organisation, and they go about purchasing mortgagee sale properties. Then, they send in their minimal refurbishment subsidiary contractors to do the needed property renovations.
    Then, they put the repossessed properties back on the market for a 45% increase in sale price!
    That, alongside áuctions”, is why property is no longer affordable.
    Blackrock is headed by a J***** CEO, and IF allowed into New Zealand, will then micromanage our lives via UN Agendas 21, 30 and 40.
    We will suffer the effect of Noahide Law via legislation, and we will all then be Palestinians on a global basis!
    Look up the portfolio of Blackrock, and see the hideous management structures and their insidious holdings that are there to ‘éffect change’ in compliance to the WEF / NWO ‘Tenents’ of the ‘Stakeholders’…
    We, the New Zealand ratepayers and çonsumer-base’will be paying for their programs to the point of bankrupting us all!
    Both Chippie and the deceptive John Key-coached Bald-Headed One are kowtowing to their Illuminati Zionist-Bankster Globalist Masters to achieve this, all at our expense!
    They will implement the open air prison via the :15 Minute Cities, and will enact martial law under climate stress guidelines.
    Get off the grid ASAP, get OUT of debt, and gather your coinage and, if you can afford to do so, get some tangible assets that you can barter with outside the sphere of influence that Blackrock, Vanguard and the other NGO’s that are illegally robbing us of our wealth, civil rights and the right to due process!

    • to Uboat
      If i were expelled from my ( mortgaged) house, i would burn it down so that the bank would get nothing out of it.
      Many folk torch their house – for example war in high karabach- when forced to abandon their home.
      I would do the same.
      There are many way to do it covertly, but to do it nevertheless.
      Nothing to lose. Nothing for vultures as blackrock

      • Burn it! ABSOLUTELY!!!
        Or, if moving to off-grid, strip the house of plumbing, wiring, fixtures, etc. THEN… burn it!
        My father in law did this when an un-named Council gave the structure he had built over to the Maoris based on land settlements, treaty settlements on the council level, etc.
        The family showed-up for the week-end only to find Maori patched gang members camping out at the location, with “This is our land now, mate!”
        The in-law and his sons ran them off, and immediately went to the petrol station, filled a 20 litre jerry can with petrol, splashed the place down, and set fire to the structure that he owned and built.
        No insurance claim was filed, as the bach wasn’t insured.
        But- the parasites were not going to get any illicit biased gain from my in-law’s hard work, toil and labour!

  7. I can’t wait for the time of reckoning, when all these parasitic and corrupt psychopaths will be arrested, tried and incarcerated for crimes against the New Zealand people.
    In times of great upheaval, history has seen many instances, where The People held Court.
    And sentiment of a people can turn quickly, when they realize that they’ve been shafted.
    What amazes me is, that not many politicians realize what’s coming for them. Jabcinda left the stench she created and has landed a job overseas, so will Hippy.
    But many others will not be so lucky.
    They still have to walk
    some road
    some time
    in New Zealand.


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