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China signs new Pacific deal

China Samoa news

Samoa will cooperate with China on projects yet ‘to be determined’.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has concluded his visit to Samoa on Saturday, after holding a series of talks with top officials on issues of “mutual interest and concern,” and signing a bilateral agreement on economic and technical cooperation.

“Samoa and the People’s Republic of China will continue to pursue greater collaboration that will deliver on joint interests and commitments,” Samoa authorities said in a statement on Saturday night.

The Chinese delegation headed by Wang Yi paid a visit to the head of state, Afioga Tuimalealiifano Vaaletoa Sualauvi II, and Prime Minister Hon Fiame Naomi Mataafa, before signing at least three official documents – including an “Economic & Technical Cooperation Agreement for projects to be determined and mutually agreed between the respective Countries.”

Few details emerged about the new deal, but the talks reportedly covered the topics of regional “peace and security,” in addition to such issues as climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Samoa also praised Beijing as its key development partner in infrastructural, healthcare and agriculture projects, while the Chinese minister noted that both countries share “similar historical experiences and face common development tasks.”

“Under the current circumstance of unilateralism and hegemonic bullying, China is willing to consolidate unity and cooperation with developing countries including Samoa, jointly safeguard the legitimate rights of developing nations, and insist on true multilateralism,” Wang Yi said, according to the foreign ministry’s readout of the talks.

Wang’s trip follows the signing of a bilateral security pact with the Solomon Islands in April, which faced intense criticism from Australia and some of its Western allies. As part of the new diplomatic mission, the Chinese delegation has once again visited the Solomons, as well as Kiribati and Samoa, and is now headed for Fiji.

In the meantime, Fiji’s Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama held a “wonderful meeting” with Australia’s top diplomat Penny Wong, who was dispatched on a rival charm offensive by the newly-elected government in Canberra.

“Fiji is not anyone’s backyard – we are a part of a Pacific family,” Bainimarama said on Twitter on Saturday.

Australia’s new Labor government has vowed to “step up” its own presence in the Pacific after making China a major campaign issue during the recent race. Penny Wong previously blasted the Scott Morrison government for weakness toward Beijing, saying the deal with the Solomon’s occurred under his watch and created “the prospect of a Chinese base less than 2,000 kilometers from Australia’s coastline.”

Chinese officials have repeatedly denied any plans for a military base on the islands. However, Beijing is seeking to offer “significant” economic and security deals to the Pacific nations, according to a draft document leaked to the press this week.

Source:RT News

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  1. I’m so glad our so-called western leaders are focussing all their collective energy on bankrupting, censoring and force-vaccinating their own citizens instead of keeping an eye on the REAL growing threat in the world

  2. Both NZ and Australian leaders cannot look after their own citizens. Unafforable house prices for decades and no real effort was made to improve the housing. Bankers and real estate companies exert too much influence on politicians of both sides. Manufacturing activity is restricted to niche commodities which can be exported. Those products are beyond the reach to many kiwis and Aussies. Duopolistic supermarket chains make excessive profits largely selling dry goods, often imported as against selling fresh local produce. Items with long shelf life is what is sold. Younger population is socially engineered with American shyte, gaming, social media, porn and over medication including anti-depressants. Most cant afford to buy new cars and the majority has to survive with used car imports. There is a huge wealth gap in both countries, and about one in five are secure, often the older age group. Australian are blessed with natural resources and yet most of them are controlled by foreign interests.

    Both NZ/AU can only provide lip service to Samoans. Exploit them for seasonal work or pick the bright ones for sports so that money can be made by MSM and sport loving rich including Globalists. These sport teams are not national teams but rather companies who work for their bosses. Yet they created false pride in public supoorting “their teams”.

    On the other hand, Chinese improved their standard living like no other country, produce millions of scientists and engineers and it is only a matter of time they surpass US in terms of economic and military strength. They do treat all countries with respect on equal footing. China is not a war monger like US and did not engage in regime change and plots to control and bully small nations.

    Both NZ/AU are just producing useless woke warriors, lagging in science and technology education. They do not create enough jobs for scientists and engineers but rather create woke jobs in social front. Health system has declined a lot and most money spent end up with big Pharma. Samoans cannot afford to put all their eggs in one AU/NZ basket and they have to diversify.

    • An amazing analysis- very accurate 100%!
      So then what will happen when China enters the Pacific Island Nations?
      You may see behaviours similar to the islands that they created via dredging next to the Philippines in the South Pacific.
      How does this play-out for New Zealand?
      Well, right now, the gangs in Aotearoa now out-number both the total Defence Force personnel and the Police combined!
      If / when a gang war goes totally hot, and the government cannot control these elements, then look for NZ to call upon China to offer security on NZ soil (and with that comes the round-up of dissidents who have been on the SIS / GCSB / Police Intelligence radar for some time) while quashing the gang violence.
      Hand in hand with that, comes forced Free Trade Agreements that will no doubt favour China in full, and this may include the deportation of ‘harmful elements’ or ‘alternative conspiracy-theory types who are un-vaccinated’ within New Zealand that both New Zealand and China will ship off to the mainland for slave labour, as we are seeing with the Ughurs and Falon Gong.
      The same situation is similar in Australia.
      Many NZ & Australian Citizens are now leaving these nations to go elsewhere out of fear of falling under a totalitarian, authoritarian regime similar to Hong Kong, and soon Taiwan.
      The writing is on the wall, and it’s in Mandarin!

  3. Each nation, cultures within a nation, evolved over time. In the process of creating a unipolar world, much of the abuse of citizens within a country is happening. China is not trying to replace US in terms of hegemony. They clearly stated that there are for a multipolar world with countries friendlier to each other. Acts such as regime changes, wars for stealing oil and other natural resources should be buried under the stand. Americans do not trust diplomacy and friendships but rather their big military industrial complex, big tech and big pharma to enslave nations. We can be an ally to US but that does not mean we will be secure and prosperous. If we remain neutral and look after our own citizens first, we will be more secure and prosperous.

    • This artilce is nothing but a propaganda for US, which has noit signbed the law of the sea and has nothing to do with Soiuth China.


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